AVA Weapon Difficulty Guide

AVA Weapon Difficulty Guide by trainer771

Weapon difficulty/potential guide for the Beginner

Table of Contents
Grading System
Things to note when using this guide
Pointman Guns
Rifleman Guns
Sniper Guns


Firstly, this guide is made to directly address the issue of difficulty. This guide is an easy reference guide to help novices directly determine which guns are good for their skill levels and which guns may be too difficult or not worthwhile.

Secondly, this guide addresses the topic of “potential.” It gives a rating of how well a user may be able to use a weapon after gaining skill. After all, there’s two parts to a boulder on a cliff. One part is pushing the boulder over and the other is seeing it roll, turning potential energy to kinetic energy. The “potential” rating given to each gun tells how well a user may do in combat they get better. Therefore, it is important to invest in high-potential weaponry and avoid easy but impotent guns like the MP5K or the FN-FNC.

I put quite a bit of effort, so enjoy yourselves and try not to bash on it.

Grading system
Difficulty: A rating of how difficult the bloom and recoil is to control and how hard it is to land bullets on the enemy.
1) Very Easy. These guns can probably be cranked on fully auto for more than 10 shots but will still maintain its aim.
2) Easy. They may need to be bursted or tapped a certain way, but they are still very manageable.
3) Moderate. These guns start to lean on the tough side and must be played bursting or tapping.
4) Difficult. The high recoil or bloom of these guns makes kills difficult, and good accuracy is also a must.
5) Extreme. Only guns like the M14, Famas, and SA58 have this rating. These guns are doubtlessly the most difficult to handle and are only for the intense gamer.

Potential: A rating of how well it can do in the hands of a professional, regardless of its difficulty.
1) None. This gun cannot excel at all. Avoid using these guns.
2) Little. This gun will not be good. Do not purchase.
3) Moderate. This gun is an OK investment.
4) High. A pro will do considerably well with this gun.
5) Infinite. Anyone will never stop improving at using this gun. These are the best for intense gamers.

Things to note when using this guide

1. These values are very approximate and should be taken as plus or minus 1.

2. If you cannot tap, add +1 to the difficulty of the guns I specified as tap-only. If you cannot burst, add +1 to the difficulty of the guns I specified as burst.

3. “Difficulty” is determined by how hard it is to land bullets on the enemy. Nothing more than that. Difficulty has to do with the output end (shooter). Potential has to do with both output and intake (receiver) and how well it can do against other guns. This grading system makes the sniper rifle section really wacked.

4. The weapons were graded on difficulty with novices in mind. So don’t fuss over guns like the AKs and other relatively easy guns considering that they’re “hard” to a novice.

Originally Posted by trainer771
I tried to take a standpoint from when I first started playing AVA in rating the guns. After all, this is for noobs, not pros.

5. All guns with a * in front means that it is top tier.

Pointman Guns

Difficulty: Easy. Its low recoil and moderate bloom makes it a relatively comfortable weaon to get used to. Not really recommended though.
Potential: Little. It doesn’t quite cut it in Pub with its low damage and overall inferior firepower. Even pros will have difficulty excelling with this gun.

Difficulty: Difficult. Its slow ROF and high recoil will make novices struggle to tame this gun. It is advisable to have cover nearby to hide behind in case it tags. Most of the difficulty comes from the necessity to aim extremely precisely.
Potential: Moderate. Its low ROF will make it difficult for a user to make kills without sustaining great damage, but a good user can nevertheless aim well (for the chest) and fire under pressure to make this a potential headshot weapon.

Difficulty: Easy. The low recoil makes it a lazer gun, while the problematic bloom can be cured by bursting. The bloom suffers a considerable amount when moving, making this a rather impractical PM weapon. Add one to its difficulty if you like to move a lot or if you can’t burst. Don’t get it if you can’t burst and you move a lot.
Potential: Little or Moderate. Ever since it was badly nerfed by losing its penetration, it has become difficult to make good use out of its low range and low ROF. It is also one of the weakest PM guns with nothing to really boast about. However, one advantage many pros use is the excellent accuracy and stability, which can be used to get many headshots.

P90 TR
Difficulty: Moderate. The TR has twice the bloom of the P90, making shorter bursts a must. This increase in bloom makes the P90 lose the only good thing it had – stability and accuracy.
Potential: Little. Although modding it to TR unlocks a plethora of new mods, they do little to help even experienced players to have an avdantage over the P90. P90 is better than P90 TR.

Difficulty: Moderate. It has low ROF, making the recoil and bloom settle rapidly. The crosshairs are pretty tight for a PM gun, and the recoil is low when bursting. However, the bloom is big overall unless it is equipped with stability mods.
Potential: Little. Its damage, ROF, and range makes the UMP the “M16” of Pointman. It’s just too well rounded and too average with no stat to boast of. The UMP cannot exemplify the main trait of all PM guns: a high DPS. But all in all, the gun leans towards the longer ranged side – it has tight crosshairs, long range, and low recoil, but high bloom.

Difficulty: Difficult. It has one of the most recoil and bloom of all traineeranking weapons and MUST be bursted with. The low accuracy makes it unusable past 10 or 15 meters.
Potential: Moderate or High. Suprisingly enough, the ferocious ROF and damage combination makes it one of the most powerful foes within 10 meters. Within 5 meters, few guns can defeat the Uzi. The DPS is just so high. Note: putting a silencer on the Uzi does not decrease the range (bug?). Always use a silencer with the Uzi, since it lowers recoil by a little and makes it ninja.

Bizon PP19
Difficulty: Very Easy. It has probably one of the lowest recoil of all noncapsule guns. However, It has quite a bit of side-to-side, so watch out and try to keep your finger off the trigger once in a while. The bloom can also become problematic if you mod it with the mechanism improvement.
Potential: Little or Moderate. Its achingly slow ROF is a very defeating factor. However, the high mag cap, high damage, low recoil, and tight jumpshot crosshairs makes it a mobile headshot machine. If you want to use this for PVP, mod it to 35 damage, almost-max ROF, and 53 bullets. It gains 25% more DPS over an unmodded Bizon, albeit at the cost of instability and bloom.

Difficulty: Very Easy. Just as little recoil as the Bizon, and when crouched, the crosshairs go very tight. The crosshairs go wild if you keep firing for more than 15 shots.
Potential: Little or Moderate. The 28 damage makes it a peashooter of a submachine gun and seriously limits the user’s ability to excel. However, it is a good beginner’s gun because it has excellent stability and accuracy.

Difficulty: Easy. Though it has high ROF, the bloom isn’t bad and the recoil is completely manageable.
Potential: Moderate. The damage, ammo, and ROF combination makes it a potential field sweeper in the hands of an accurate professional if you don’t get outgunned. The only problem is its slight lack of DPS as well as low damage per shot, making it essential to make good use of its sprayability.

KBP PP2000
Difficulty: Moderate. Some recoil, low bloom, blazing ROF.
Potential: Little. If you chose to use the penetration mod, you’d better aim well. If you don’t, it loses its unique ability. The crosshairs are pretty tight and the recoil is rather low. However, the MP7 and Veresk completely outclass it.

Difficulty: Difficult. This is a very difficult shotgun with terrible recoil and excellent ROF, but high bloom. The ROF is severely limited by its high recoil.
Potential: Little. A good player will know to exploit the excellent fire rate but it has a meh OHK abilities even at point blank. The bloom can get really crazy, so by the 8th shot the spread may be roughly 5 meters wide at a distance of 10 meters. It is regarded as the worst shotgun and a troll weapon.

Difficulty: Difficult. The recoil and bloom makes either automatic or tap fire impossible. It must be bursted with; however, it becomes ok when bursted.
Potential: High. It has the best damage and range, as well as good penetration, ROF, range, and accuracy. Suprisingly enough, the gun had roughly 40% tighter groupings than what the crossheirs suggest (only when bursting!), making it an excellent choice for anyone who can master this relatively difficult weapon. You should use bursts of 5-6. Do not tap with this gun because the crosshairs rapidly expand when the button is released but settle for the first 4 shots.

Difficulty: Very Easy. It has super high stability as well as excellent accuracy, especially when crouched or standing.
Potential: Moderate. It’s nothing too exceptional. Its moderate DPS is made useful by its super high accuracy/stability, allowing for flexible range gameplay. However, it can be out-gunned in CQC by high-ROF weaponry.

Difficulty: Moderate. It’s a very accurate carbine, with some side-to-side recoil and moderate bloom.
Potential: Little. It’s rarely used but occasionally, it is used professionally at times. Many professionals take advantage of the versatility of this gun (excellent combo of range, damage, and accuracy), which makes them perform well with it. However, it is just too all-around (like the UMP) and lacks the top-tier firepower other guns can provide.

Benelli M1014
Difficulty: Moderate. Moderate recoil for a shotgun, fast ROF and decent close range OHK rate makes this shotgun easier to use than the Saiga-12 or FN TPS.
Potential: Moderate. I only gave this a “moderate” rating because there are other guns like the Saiga 12 and the FN TPS that can easily defeat it.

Difficulty: Difficult. Unnecessarily high recoil and bloom makes it “The Famas of Pointmen.” It’s trademark trait is the terrible accuracy, making it impossible to hit enemies.
Potential: None. The most troubling this is its unnecessarily huge crosshairs and high recoil. KAVA players call this gun the “dove” because it is a weapon of peace. When you see an M4Spectre user, you do not need to fear them because they come in peace. Yes, it has one of the highest damage/range combination of pointman, but the extreme recoil and crosshair size makes it an extremely difficult gun to use with little potential.

Difficulty: Easy. If you ever pick it up, you will find that it has almost no bloom and little recoil, albeit some pretty big crosshairs.
Potential: Moderate. Though it is one of the easier guns with minimal bloom or recoil, the DPS is really sad. The lack of range makes it lose an extreme amount of damage over even a small distance.

Kriss Super V
Difficulty: Very Easy. It has very very very little recoil and almost no bloom, and it can be used jumping or crouching. Its ROF makes it spit out a lot of shots, so be careful where you aim!
Potential: Moderate or High. The better you are, the more you can learn to master this gun. Experienced players will be able to have consistent aim, making the best use of its high DPS. It is a very good gun initially, though. It is extremely effective in 1v1s when playing low-armor game modes but will have difficulty managing 2 or 3 enemies with a single clip.

*P90 Harimau
Difficulty: Very Easy. It is the most accurate submachine gun and has one-pixel recoil as well as half the bloom of a normal P90.
Potential: High. Similar to the Kriss in potential, an accurate marksman will be able to use this more proficiently by hitting the soft parts of an enemy and using the lazer accuracy to go for headshots. However, its DPS is low compared to other top-tier weapons.

M1A1 Thompson
Difficulty: Easy. It has moderate bloom level, but can be minimized by bursting in short intervals which comes with easy-mode spray capability, which results in more accurate shots. Thompson also comes with moderately low recoil and has a great moveshot.
Potential: High. Thompson has relatively high damage and moderate range which allows it to out-perform some other SMGs at medium range. It has moderate ROF and very easy recoil or bloom, making it a powerful low-recoil SMG. However, it has low mobility and bad penetration and can therefore be beaten by riflemen.

Difficulty: Moderate. Kicks and is a little hard to aim, but good ROF makes up for it. Shotties are only for those who can aim very well.
Potential: High. Excellent OHK rate as well as a rapid ROF will allow shotgun fans to make rapid kills. This is one of the best shotguns because of its excellent damage and ROF combination.

Difficulty: Very Easy. It has very little recoil and almost no bloom. The high ROF makes it easy to spit out a lot of damage. The crosshairs are a little big though after quite a bit of spraying.
Potential: High. It does well in armor-intensive game modes like demolition. Its low damage is made up for by its blistering high ROF, which can out-ROF most PM guns. It’s a good gun overall.

*SR2M Veresk
Difficulty: Difficult. Nicknamed the “Para of Pointmen,” it has the most recoil and bloom of all PM guns and may only be used accurately bursting. However, it isn’t too hard compared to the assault rifles. If you cannot burst, this is not the gun for you. If you can, then get this ASAP.
Potential: High or Infinite. It has literally the highest DPS as well as excellent penetration, allowing for endless improvement in skill. It is limited in range and is strictly Pointman. It is the main symbol of Pointman; everyone who’s focus is on PM must have this weapon. It stands a good chance vs RM in CQC because it ignores their armor.

Bizon Arachne
Difficulty: Very Easy. It has less recoil than the Bizon…
Potential: Moderate. Its kill power is better in every way over the Bizon. It has almost no recoil and better DPS as well as a good headshot ability because of its accuracy and reliability. However, the DPS is still very lacking to make it a practical point-blank weapon.

Difficulty: Difficult. It has a big kick, forcing users to take careful aim.
Potential: Moderate. Its excellent damage in CQC can easily be exploited by experienced aimers. It’s pump action makes it not so forgiving if you somehow miss the first shot, so beware!

K1A1 Rail
Difficulty: Easy. The recoil pattern is strictly vertical, making it a manageable weapon. The crosshairs are tight, allowing for deadly warfare between 10 to 25 meters. However, the first-shot accuracy is terrible.
Potential: Moderate or High. The good damage and range allows it to be used as a versatile allaround gun in the hands of a pro. This gun is actually a lazer of a long-range rifle with excellent CQC abilities. However, its DPS is lacking and can be defeated by other top-tier PM guns within 10 meters.

Difficulty: Easy or Moderate. The recoil and bloom is really low, even though the ROF ranks as one of the highest. The moveshot is crazy good. The only problem with it is that it will suffer exponentially increasing bloom, making it impossible to use past 5-shot bursts. Do not get this if you cannot burst. This guns difficulty depends largely on the mods you use; one set may make it very easy, while another set will make it moderate.
Potential: Moderate. It can easily be outclassed by top-tier guns, and the damage makes it essential to aim for the head. However, the great stability as well as its good moveshot and built-in silencer makes it a great weapon to go ninja with.

Galil MAR
Difficulty: Easy. The recoil is low and the moveshot is excellent.
Potential: Moderate. Excellent moveshot, good DPS, and good stability. This makes it one of the more well rounded PM weapons. However, its damage feels really lacking although it makes up for it with a very high ROF. I marked it down to Moderate after using it for a while and seeing how the damage per shot felt really low. In addition, the blue flash is very visible and makes you an easy-to-see target in the dark or through smoke. However, it comes with a hefty amount of knockback; if you hit the enemy, their crosshairs shake a lot.

*Remington Blue Skull
Difficulty: Easy. It is similar to a Remington. However, it has much tighter crosshairs and much faster ROF, making it very forgiving in case you miss.
Potential: High. Probably makes the record for being the second-best shotgun (after Striker). The ROF makes it shoot as fast as a semi-auto, and the tight crosshairs makes it still potent at medium ranges. This gun sweeps the battlefield better than any other shotgun by making up for the one thing all shotguns lack – a tight pellet grouping.

Calico M950
Difficulty: Very Easy. As easy as the Bizon. Be warned about side-to-side recoil when firing long bursts.
Potential: Moderate. The Bizon lacks DPS and is thus not as useful as it could be. The Calico is basically an improved version of the Bizon, with added ROF and other things for superior firepower. It’s still not on par with other top-tier pointmen guns. It lacks mods and has very low damage per shot.

*AKS74U Death Modus (AKs-74u Desmodus)
Difficulty: Moderate. It’s an AKs with much less bloom and recoil. Still needs to be bursted in 5 or fewer bullets.
Potential: Infinite. High DPS, high range, high ROF, great penetration, and good stability/accuracy. Simply an absurdly powerful euro capsule weapon.

*Spas-15 (BG Crusher)
Difficulty: Easy. Point and click. Not much to it. It suffers very little recoil or bloom.
Potential: High. It is considered to be the second best euro shop shotgun (with the Striker 12 being the #1 shotgun). The reason is because the pellet grouping is so tight that most pellets, if not all, will hit the target. The Spas 15 has high damage, moderate range, excellent grouping, low recoil, and high ROF, making it one of the deadliest shotguns. However, the gun becomes 2-hit kill past 10 meters and seems to randomly tag even at point blank. Do NOT get trigger 3 for it. The BG Crusher is simply a cooler looking version with the exact same performance.

Difficulty: Moderate. It has low recoil but problematic bloom that must be cured by using short bursts.
Potential: Moderate. It has decent damage, range, and stability. Overall it has decent killing power in medium range but tends to fail where other carbines can take over. K1A1 is a much better and easier carbine.

Rifleman Guns

Difficulty: Difficult. Big recoil, big bloom, terrible moveshot, only 25 bullets per mag. Not a good gun to use.
Potential: Moderate. Just not a good gun overall, definitely something you can’t excell with. It’s good practice for more difficult weaponry.

Difficulty: Moderate. Low recoil, low bloom, but often appears to be “difficult” to novices. Definitely bad past 10 or 15 meters.
Potential: Little. It is too average overall and can get easily outgunned by everything.

G36 (rail)
Difficulty: Moderate. It can only be used while tapping; otherwise, its recoil and bloom gets the better part of you. But when tapped, it’s a headshot machine.
Potential: Moderate. Though people say that it’s noobish and a troll gun, it is a decent weapon that can get easy headshots in the hands of an accurate marksman. However, this gun is so much better when you put on the Secret Korean Mods. Not really recommended for serious business since it is hard to make kills without headshots.

Difficulty: Difficult. It has unnecessary recoil and high ROF, making it one of the more difficult RM guns. The most difficult part about it is the terrible first-shot accuracy and the deadly slow bloom recovery, making it usable only within 10 meters.
Potential: Little. It has ok range and ok damage, but its awful recoil negates everything good about it. It is only a troll gun and may not be taken seriously. IMO it’s more of an SMG than anything.

Difficulty: Moderate. It has average recoil, average ROF, and average bloom, making it an average gun to master. If you like to run and gun, this gun will be extremely difficult.
Potential: Little. Its accurate crouch shot may be exploited to get many headshots at far ranges, but it’s just too average overall and is limited by its bad moveshot and bloom.

Difficulty: Moderate. Similar in behavior to the G36, it should be used while tapping or else its recoil and bloom will get too high.
Potential: High. The 43 damage allows for endless possibilities, while its ROF may be increased above normal by a fast tapper. The accuracy is also lacking when moving or tapping too rapidly. The only limiting factor is its ROF. The ROF is generally very lacking and puts the users at a great disadvantage when fighting within 10 or 15 meters. With the damage barrel, the AK47 has the lowest ROF of all automatics in AVA.

*M4A1 (MKII)
Difficulty: Easy. Low recoil, low bloom. Should not be used on fully auto anyways.
Potential: High. It is one of the most best guns. It has knockback power, accurate crosshairs, and an excellent headshot ability. The best tactic is to tap slowly so that it fires in bursts of 2 or 3. Really, this gun is probably one of the best weapons ever. If you see Defkon vs Astrick in IeSF 2010, you will notice that most of the riflemen chose this gun just because it’s so good.

Difficulty: Easy. Its bloom and recoil is 0 when crouching and zoomed in, but it is difficult to use while moving. If you end up having to rush with it, try to tap well and it will become much more accurate than what its crosshairs suggest. Do NOT get it if you play as a moving rifleman.
Potential: Moderate. A good user can exploit it to get headshots or consecutive body shots, but it’s just too outdated overall. If you want a crouch lazer, just go for an SG556, which is a newer and stronger alternative.

Difficulty: Easy. It has low recoil and moderate bloom, making it a smooth and easy gun.
Potential: Moderate. An accurate user can defeat most opponents by utilizing its knockback power to avoid taking damage. However, its DPS is just too lacking.

Difficulty: Difficult. The recoil and bloom is manageable when bursting. Most people have a problem with its unpredictable side-to-side recoil and slightly large crosshairs, but it will be very easy to those who tap. If you can use an AK47, you can use a Sako. No exceptions. The burst is just as accurate as its tap. Be warned that the “visual recoil” (aka the movement of the gun) is a lot, but it has much less recoil than what the jerking gun indicates.
Potential: High. The high damage and ROF allows the gun to be used in CQC, while the norecoil zoom shot gives it an excellent countersniper function. It is one of the best investments overall. I myself have this gun and I do not regret the purchase at all, since it serves almost every function on the battlefield.

Difficulty: Moderate. Moderate recoil, moderate bloom, troublesome ROF, overall impracticality. Not recommended at all.
Potential: Little. Not a good gun overall, it’s pretty average and few pros find anything good about it to exploit. It is rarely seen anywhere because it can easily be outgunned. The DPS is very lacking and the mobility restricts its viability.

Difficulty: Easy. It has average recoil, average ROF, and average bloom, making it an average gun to master.
Potential: Moderate. Its accurate crouch shot may be exploited to get many headshots at far ranges, but it’s just too average overall and is limited by its bad moveshot. It’s just an M16 with more mods, so don’t bother wasting euros on this.

Difficulty: Moderate. Less bloom/recoil than the FAMAS, making it more manageable.
Potential: High. It’s a major improvement over the nearly-useless FAMAS. The recoil is so much easier and the grouping is very tight. In addition, it has great DPS, allowing riflemen to fight on par in CQC while maintaining medium range abilities.

M2 Carbine
Difficulty: Moderate. This gun has low bloom but high recoil and tight crosshairs. An excellent aim and tapping is a must.
Potential: Little. Though it loses very little damage over a distance, it has little damage to begin with. The bad damage makes it one of the worst rifles in AVA.

M4A1. BumbleBee
Difficulty: Moderate. Similar to the M4 in behavior, but the crosshairs are a little less predictable. It has an unnecessary amount of kick.
Potential: High. Like all other M4s, its good accuracy and good stability makes it an excellent headshot machine. The gun is so similar to the original M4MKII that it really isn’t worth purchasing. It is easily outclassed by all the other M4 types: Chrome, M4MKII, and Carpio.

Difficulty: Easy. It has more recoil over the M4, but the crosshairs rarely get big even when jumping. It has problematic bloom.
Potential: Moderate. The damage and crosshairs can easily be exploited for intense CQC, but there is a point where an experienced player may covet a more challenging and potential gun than this. The gun is geared more towards CQC. It has a great moveshot and a good jumpshot, but the overall accuracy is simply lacking. It is very stable, allowing for extended sprays in CQC. At medium to long ranges, the accuracy and low damage will make kills difficult.

Difficulty: Moderate. The recoil is troublesome and can only be tamed by tapping and crouching. When crouched and tapped it becomes easy.
Potential: Moderate. It’s just too limiting of a gun, with very inflexible gameplay that may not experienced player would want. However, the damage is high and the crouchshot is lazer. If you want a crouchshot lazer, the SG556 is a much better alternative.

Difficulty: Moderate. The recoil and bloom is moderate, but can be managed by tapping.
Potential: Little. It’s just too similar to guns like the AN94 and the AK74. They are too inflexible and will cause trouble even to experienced players when played outside of their intended uses. Just too average overall with nothing to boast about. It is best used aiming down the sights.

M4A1 Chrome
Difficulty: Moderate. It has a strange bloom/recoil combination similar to the Bumblebee. This may be the most unstable variant of the M4.
Potential: High. It has less accuracy and more recoil. However, it has a very high ROF/damage rate, making it an excellent RM gun for CQC.

*SA58 Para
Difficulty: Extreme. Literally the highest recoil of all guns known to the world of MMOFPS (except for maybe the M14!). It also has a bloom problem, depending on which barrel you use.
Potential: Infinite. For the first few months of usage, your K/D will drop and you will suffer under the frustratingly high recoil. When this gun is mastered, you can go on 3headshotsinarow streaks easily. This is the best investment for the intense AVA player. If you want an easier Para, use the Spets barrel, ergo, and RCS – it will be meh and a little weaker but easier to manage so you can learn from it faster.

Difficulty: Extreme. It has massive bloom, making kills difficult after the first 5 shots. This is a gun I myself would stay very clear of. It actually may be the only gun harder than the Para.
Potential: High or Infinite. It has an excellent headshot ability, and its high damage kills in a consistent 3 hits. The ROF is very limiting and the bloom makes it difficult. There was a whole controversy on its potential rating, so I’ll just leave it open ended; if you can aim and tap very well, this will serve you well.

Difficulty: Moderate. The recoil may be negated by tapping rapidly, but nothing can prevent the bloom. It is very difficult if you don’t tap fast enough. An accidental 2-shot burst will cause the crosshairs to kick a lot. No bursting with this gun.
Potential: Little. An experienced user can use this gun to get headshots, but it’s just too average overall. If you’re going to get a tapping gun, just get a Para.

AK47 Hawkeye
Difficulty: Easy. It has half the recoil of the AK47.
Potential: High. Although it has more ROF, its damage feels really lacking. But it’s not a bad gun at all. The AKMKIII is extremely similar (possibly better) in performance, so if you truly like the AK47 line of guns, the AKMKIII will be better.

Difficulty: Moderate. Must be tapped to use well or the bloom will overtake you. When tapped or bursted in 2, it is “easy.”
Potential: Moderate. Good for CQC and going ninja. Since it is so weak, headshots are a must. Mostly a troll gun, but great for people who love to run-and-gun and flank.

AN94 Sidewinder
Difficulty: Very Easy. As long as you tap, it has no recoil and little bloom as well as super tight crosshairs. If a kill isn’t made within 10 shots, the side-to-side recoil and horrendous bloom kicks in.
Potential: High. Not a very thrilling amount of damage, and its headshot ability must be used. It’s got a good range so it can be used very far. However, it is extremely accurate and laser with so little recoil that it makes it extremely good at hitting the enemy multiple times.

Difficulty: Moderate. Its bloom behaves like an M14 EBR but it’s easier to use. Even a novice could use this gun! Its bloom will kick in under extensive moveshot usage. Do not run and gun with this.
Potential: Infinite. Just like an M14, it can be used to headshot enemies swiftly or make consistend 3 shot kills. It has extremely low standing or crouching recoil, so it is an excellent defensive gun. The damage and penetration combination is excellent, making quick kills.

Snow Leopard M16A2
Difficulty: Moderate. Has an uncanny amount of bloom to deal with, regardless of burst or tap. Not really much different from the original M16.
Potential: Moderate. Meh. It does have better stats overall, including DPS, but IMO it’s not enough to put it in the “High” category. It’s just too similar to the M16 itself.

Difficulty: Easy. Its recoil and bloom is almost 0 when bursted accurately and slowly. Moveshot is terrible however.
Potential: High. Excellent damage/ROF/Range, okay moveshot. When crouched, the crosshairs go lazer tight (the 556 is probably the best crouch weapon). Not the most offence weapon, but it can manage in CQC. The best tactic is to crouch and burst every time you see an enemy further than 10 meters. Do not engage under 10 meters since most pointmen guns can easily outgun this weapon.

Robinson XCR
Difficulty: Moderate. Depending on the mods, the recoil and bloom varies a lot. However, its bloom is a greater trouble than the recoil. This should be tapped. Even when tapped it has a fair amount of recoil and bloom. Crouching won’t help.
Potential: Little. It is definitely not top-tier. Nor is it worth your Euros. If you want to wallbang people and troll them, the XCR’s a pretty expensive way to do just that.

*G36 Alligator
Difficulty: Easy. It behaves like a pre-nerf G36 Rail, with extremely low recoil so that it can be bursted. Even though it has fast ROF, it will still be able to spit out 3-5 shots while being manageable. Its headshot rate is phenomenal.
Potential: Infinite. Excellent damage, excellent moveshot. A pro can use this gun for headshots. Every time I see this, the guy always gets 70% headshots because the damage and accuracy is so good. This is definitely one of the best assault rifles for its easiness and deadliness.

*M4A1 Carpio
Difficulty: Very Easy. It has half the recoil and bloom of the M4, making it one of the easiest RM gun.
Potential: Infinite. Similar to the M4, the accuracy can be used to make headshots at far ranges. The increased damage and range makes it fearful in the hands of a pro. Best easiness-to-potential-ratio gun ever except for the M4MKIII itself.

AK74M Seroja
Difficulty: Easy. Probably one of the best crouchshots out there, if not the best. Moveshot isn’t so bad either. Because either way, it has no recoil and minimal bloom. Do not run and gun with this.
Potential: High. It’s a very easy gun to use with good ROF and little recoil. It functions extremely similarly to the SG556 in moveshot and crouchshot.

*AK47 MK.3
Difficulty: Easy. It has half the recoil of the AK47 MK2 and almost as much ROF as a Sako or a Hawkeye.
Potential: High. The DPS is hardly wasted because of its excellent stability, making it a very easy weapon to excel with. It has great medium rage abilities because it can score multiple shots very rapidly. It is a very balanced weapon overall without being too overpowered.
Difficulty: Very Easy. It has probably the lowest recoil of any assault rifle. It is the only gun to have tighter crosshairs while moving as opposed to standing (with Sharpshooter Barrel), so if you’re a RM on the run, this is for you. Be warned, the bloom will catch on if you keep the gun going for more than 10 shots!
Potential: Moderate. The insane accuracy will allow for endless possibilities for the good aimer. The DPS is extremely lacking, so keep your distance! This weapon is best used while moving and shooting for the head. Avoid fighting pointmen. I marked it down a notch due to the release of other rifles with similar stability and higher DPS.

Difficulty: Very Easy. It has half the recoil and bloom of the M4, making it one of the easiest RM gun. It has recoil similar to, if not less than, the Carpio. I myself use fire this up to 7-shot bursts at medium range for maximum DPS, while a 3-shot burst will do better at longer ranges.
Potential: Infinite. For some reason, the crosshairs are slightly bigger on the MKIII than on the MKII. Nevertheless, it is still an extremely potent gun. It has extremely high stability, enabling it to fire 5-shot bursts with ease. This gun is regarded to be the second-best RM weapon (after the SA58 para). I would highly recommend this gun to anyone, since it is so easy to excel with. The only disappointing part about it is the low first-shot accuracy, but the stability prevents the crosshairs from blooming. According to tests, the gun can make a 1-shot headshot up to 7 meters and will take 2 headshots up to 40 meters, making it one of the best headshot weapons. I absolutely love this gun because it’s so easy to do well with. The only one bad part about it is its moderately low DPS – if you can find a gun with higher DPS and you can hit just as many bullets, it would be better to use that gun.

G3A3 Nero
Difficulty: Easy. Its 3-shot bursts are super easy and has little recoil. The zoom shot is excellent. However, it has problematic bloom, especially when moving.
Potential: Moderate. IDK. People say it’s the one of the worst cap guns to date. It’s not even worth getting. The DPS is so low and it is outgunned in almost every aspect. I would take the normal G3A3 over the Nero.

Diemaco C7A2
Difficulty: Moderate. It’s an M16 with slightly better accuracy and slightly less recoil.
Potential: Moderate. This a buffed M16, really. Unless you’re an M16 fanboy or something, this is not worth getting. Terrible moveshot and everything, but more DPS and accuracy. The ROF is decent and the headshot ability is pretty good.

Difficulty: Easy. No recoil when scoped in, but big crosshairs otherwise.
Potential: Moderate.When it is scoped in, it is a super stable and super no-recoil gun. Good if you like to ADS a lot. Otherwise, the bloom and accuracy is terrible.

Difficulty: Very Easy. Its stability is comparable to the M4MKIII. It has a little more recoil and bloom.
Potential: Moderate. Although the stability may be comparable to the M4MKIII, the overall functionality of the gun (ROF, damage, range) is a lot worse. Don’t fall for the description that says it has bonus stopping power in Infection. The M4MKIII has just as much stopping power, if not more. The CR21 is a nerfed M4MKIII, making it a useless gun to have.

*Remington R4
Difficulty: Easy. It is similar to a G36 in terms of moveshot and crouchshot. It has low recoil or bloom overall and is very stable when used while crouching or standing.
Potential: Moderate or High. Overall, it functions like a buffed G36. It has more DPS, more accuracy, less recoil, less bloom, and can be bursted. The Burst Barrel is recommended to increase its DPS. The only problem with the gun is its bad moveshot. Do not get if you like to run and gun all the time.

*AK47 Predator
Difficulty: Very Easy. Somehow happens to be an easier version of the AK47 MKIII. It is more accurate and has less bloom, making it the easiest of all AK47 variants.
Potential: Infinite. It has high ROF and high stability as well as excellent damage and little bloom. It is inherently the most powerful AK47 variant.

Difficulty: Moderate. It behaves largely like an M16. It has slightly less bloom and is much more stable overall. Although it has almost no recoil, the bloom cumulates rapidly and makes it difficult to hit after continuous fire.
Potential: Moderate. The gun has a moderate DPS overall. However, it is stable and accurate, allowing for consecutive hits. The only defeating factor is its bloom, which makes it useless for out-DPSing other riflemen at medium ranges.

Difficulty: Very Easy. You can burst for as long as 10 or even 15 shots at a time. The recoil/bloom is so little and the recoil/bloom recovery is extremely fast.
Potential: High. The gun has great DPS for a rifle due to its extremely high ROF. It also has good knockback power, making it extremely useful against snipers. It can almost fight on par with the Para in CQC. At medium ranges, the gun’s great bloom recovery allows one to use bursts of 4-5 and still have a high hit rate even while running and strafing. The overall stability coupled with its high ROF makes it able to defeat most SMGs and rifles in CQC and medium range. Essentially, this gun is almost OP’d. Highly recommended!

OTS14 Groza (Valentinoid)
Difficulty: Easy. Other than the slightly problematic bloom, it is relatively easy.
Potential: Moderate. Pre-nerf, it was sooo OP’d. However, it lost some of its great stability and got a downgrade in its amazing penetration. In addition, the excellent firepower is limited by the 20-bullet magazine, making it weak against multiple enemies. However, it does come with a silencer and has good penetration for a silenced weapon. Great for flanking and taking down individual enemies, but not OP’d.

K2 Rail
Difficulty: Easy. It has some recoil coupled with fast ROF. However, it has great accuracy and very little bloom even when moving.
Potential: High. The deadly accuracy as well as the good ROF-Damage-Range combination makes it a formidable weapon for the mobile rifleman. It lacks bloom, making it an excellent medium-range rush rifler. However the M4MK3 beats it everywhere.

M16 Pristis Burst
Difficulty: Moderate. The gun has a burst function that may take some time getting used to. In addition, it has a bit of bloom and zero bloom recovery, making it essential to kill quickly. Best used when crouching at medium ranges.
Potential: Moderate. The DPS is lacking in CQC due to the restrictive burst function and inflexiblity. However, over a range, it is able to hit multiple shots extremely rapidly. Once one masters the art of synchronizing their taps with the gun’s bursts, it becomes a formidable long-range rifle.

Sniper Guns

For Sniper Rifles, the “potential” part doesn’t really mean “potential” since an extremely pro sniper will get headshots with a galil. It just means how well you can excel with it. Difficulty is how hard it is to score shots.

Note that no sniper is “Difficult” or “Extreme” to score shots. Honestly, sniping is too easy for those kinds of ratings.

I really did not like the application of potential/difficulty to sniper rifles. Ignore the difficulty ratings, because no sniper rifle is difficult to aim and shoot with.

Difficulty: Easy. It’s not hard to use at all, but its tag rate is sometimes annoying.
Potential: None. Just a bad rifle with a high tag rate. That is, unless you slap on the upgrade kit…

Difficulty: Moderate. The slow scope speed, slow reload, slow mobility, and bad moveshot makes it a limited gun.
Potential: High. Really, the 1% tag rate is worth the slowness. A better user will learn to handle the slowness of the gun. However, the speed of the scope may sometimes cause deaths.

Difficulty: Moderate. It’s semiautomatic and can have a 20 round magazine, but its recoil is high and moveshot is pretty bad.
Potential: Little. A better user will know to aim for the stomach, but it’s still not a good investment. The WA2000 is a better choice, albeit a bit expensive.

Difficulty: Very Easy. The fast scope speed and quickswitch, as well as the 10 round magazine makes it very forgiving for new players.
Potential: Little. KAVA players joke that its name is “SV98” because it tags 98% of the time. While this is stretching the truth, it does get a message across.

Galil Sniper
Difficulty: Moderate. The fast ROF enables players to take many shots within a short space of time. Has some recoil and meh moveshot though.
Potential: None. Seriously, why does AVA still have this gun? It has 60 to 65 damage (not 70) and low range, making it possible for users to tag on fugitives in coop. You can only OHK at 1 meter to the stomach. Don’t even use this gun if you care about your death count. Or your Euros.

Dragunov SVD
Difficulty: Moderate. Recoil is high despite what its stats say, but the ROF is pretty fast and moveshot is near perfect. Good jumpshot, too.
Potential: Little. It’s rated very highly by KAVA pros because recoil means nothing to them. If you can land your shots on target quickly, the low OHK rate won’t matter.

Difficulty: Very easy. Has a great moveshot, a uniquely fast scope, and fast quickswitch.
Potential: Moderate. Great gun, it has amazing moveshot so no need to shiftwalk or break shot. Has an amazingly fast scope and quickswitch. Reload is achingly slow, since the shots must be loaded by single bullet. BUT this gun tags almost as much as a SV-98 so you’re going to need a great secondary. In general, it’s a buffed SV98.

Difficulty: Very Easy. It has the lowest recoil of all sniper rifles as well as a high ROF and perfect moveshot.
Potential: Little. Yes, it’s silenced and you can spray with it, but not many people can topfrag with this gun. KAVA players call it a tranquilizer because it is silent and takes more than 3 hits to kill. At least tranquilizer guns put enemies down on the first hit…

Difficulty: Easy. Fast scope and fast reload. Great moveshot and great accuracy.
Potential: High. The AWM has the fastest scope speed in all of AVA. In addition, it has decent OHK to the chest or stomach especially in CQC. It will tag frequently to the limb or at long ranges. It has reliable penetration and damage. Do NOT mod it with a trigger because it will decrease scope time and decrease damage.

Mad Galil
Difficulty: Easy. Semi auto, moderately low recoil, what’s so hard about this? It may be difficult for anyone who has not had extensive experience with spammable semi-autos.
Potential: High. A skilled user can pull off multiple shots in a row. However, it is still very weak and has low penetration, making it have a 5%ish OHK rate.

Difficulty: Easy. It’s a quick scope and fast quick switch
Potential: Infinite. I will say it without shame. This gun is the best sniper rifle in all of AVA. If you want a sniper rifle, this is your best bet. It has super high damage, super fast scope, and overall excellent flexibility.

*Knights SR25
Difficulty: Easy. It has half the recoil of the MSG90 and more ROF along with good accuracy.
Potential: High. Just a “fun” gun, really, but it does suprisingly well in escort or annihilation in the hands of a pro who knows how to aim for the stomach. If you hit the chest, its good penetration kicks in and it will ignore most armor. The OHK rate is close to 60% or 70% with reinforced barrel at close range and suffers a drastic drop-off at longer ranges. This gun is probably the best non-capsule semi-auto sniper. Do NOT get the fast reaction stock for it, because it will lower the OHK to 20%.

Walther Wa2000
Difficulty: Moderate. The semiauto function is a little hard to handle, but its ROF and recoil is quite manageable.
Potential: Moderate. It has a higher OHK rate than the Knights, but tags really randomly, regardless of the range. If you plan to go CQC with this, you might want to bring a good pistol along to finish tags. The ammo is also very limiting.

*Mosin Nagant
Difficulty: Easy. It has a fast scope and fast bolt action, as well as a somewhat fast quickswitch and good moveshot. Be warned of its low-power scope, which makes sniping difficult at far ranges.
Potential: High or Infinite. Its speed can be utilized by a pro to pull off many quick kills in succession. The OHK is surprisingly high and the quickswitch is super fast, making it a deadly CQC rifle. Be warned of its boring reload.

Difficulty: Moderate. The gun tends to have several bars of instability even when standing (if you have the range mod). If you don’t, it will tag a lot but have good accuracy.
Potential: High. Even pros will find themselves missing at far ranges due to its inaccuracy/tag. It’s a “fun” gun, really. However, the unnecessary bars of instability do not really matter at CQC sniping, where this gun often excels. It has great ROF when quickswitching, making it excellent in circumstances where you miss the first shot.

SVD Zebra
Difficulty: Very Easy. It’s semi auto and has extremely low recoil. In addition, the moveshot and the jumpshot is nearly perfect, making it a deadly CQC weapon.
Potential: High. It has about a 50% OHK rate, making it essential for users to be able to pull off another shot. Nevertheless, it has very low recoil and a versatile and fast scope, making it possible to pull off consecutive shots rapidly. One could say that it is a Mad Galil with more damage and less recoil but less ROF.

*SV98 Silver Arrow
Difficulty: Very Easy. If you know how to use the SV98, you know how to use the SV98 Silver Arrow. Hint: It comes with + style crosshairs like the TPG-1’s high powered scope, not the ^ shaped chevronsor the dot style scope that the normal SV98 has.
Potential: High. Its tag rate is around the same as the DSR-1 with reinforced barrel (maybe even a bit better). It may have a hidden penetration stat that makes up for its low damage. It has a lightning fast quickswitch, fast reload, 10 round magazine, and good moveshot. It’s basically a buffed DSR-1 or buffed AWM with a more reliable OHK rate.

Difficulty: Moderate. The gun has a fast scope and fast ROF, enabling users to quickscope more easily than the TPG-1. It still shares many restrictions that the TPG has.
Potential: High. Before the PGM was released, the TPG and FRF2 got damage nerfs. This was ijji’s way of saying, “stop using outdated guns and buy the PGM!” But that’s besides the point. The PGM is similar to the TPG; it has terrible moveshot and high damage. The PGM can be modded to 114 damage, while the TPG’s damage floats somewhere around 105 with the 338 barrel. The PGM has a fast scope, making CQC fighting more manageable. The problem with the gun is that it has low penetration, making wallbangs and chestshots tag.

Difficulty: Moderate. It works like a galil with unpredictable recoil and high ROF, making it slightly difficult to tame.
Potential: Little. The gun works like a buffed galil and still fails to operate on a practical scale. The most fun part about it is the annoyingly loud gunshots.

Difficulty: Easy. The slow mobility and bad moveshot makes it a limited gun. However, the scope and overall functionality is very fast.
Potential: High. This gun is simply a TPG1 with a slightly faster scope and a lower OHK. Nothing more to say about it.

Difficulty: Easy. Semi auto, moderately low recoil, and has slightly less recoil than the Mad Galil. Its moveshot is almost perfect.
Potential: High. A skilled user can pull off multiple shots in a row. This gun has a slightly higher OHK rate than the Mad Galil, but is overall extremely similar to it in every way. You should only get this if you have had experience with semi autos and know how to pull of a second shot.

VSS Katana
Difficulty: Very Easy. Similar to the HK417, it has no recoil and insane stability when moving.
Potential: High. Although it is a semi-auto, it can OHK in CQC. Otherwise it almost always 2-hits. However, its excellent stability and moveshot accuracy allows the sniper to dodge while firing off multiple shots. The ROF, damage, and range are very high, making it an excellent semi-auto.


For this section, potential isn’t the right word to describe pistols. Rather, I used the term “pistolness” to describe how well the sidearm acts like what it is – a sidearm!

Grading system

Difficulty: A rating of how difficult the bloom and recoil is to control and how hard it is to land bullets on the enemy.
1) Very Easy. These pistols have almost no recoil and no bloom.
2) Easy. These pistols have a little recoil/bloom, but it isn’t troublesome at close range.
3) Moderate. These pistols need to be tapped quickly or bursted in a certain way or the crosshairs may become unmanageable.
4) Difficult. These pistols start to have a lot of recoil and bloom, making skill a must.
5) Extreme. Wait, pistols can be extreme? hahaha

Pistolness: A rating of how well it functions as a pistol. Several factors may be range, damage, draw speed, ROF, accuracy, and simple all-around viability.
1) Terrible. These pistols lack the essential functions of a pistol.
2) Bad. These pistols are not the best pistols.
3) Decent. They may be decent pistols, but some aspect of it will limits its ability.
4) Great. These types are among the most useful pistols because they are well rounded and have few weaknesses.
5) Beretta. Enough said.

Skorpion vz 61
Difficulty: Easy. You just spray, there’s no tactics to it.
Pistolness: Terrible. Everything about it is wrong. It has very low damage and range. It takes some time to draw out. It has the worst 1st-shot accuracy of every gun in all of AVA. Although it is automatic, it has a meager 10 bullets per magazine, which can be expended all too quickly. Avoid getting this gun at all costs!!!

Difficulty: Easy. The ROF may be mediocre, but there is almost no bloom and recoil. It’s not hard to land shots with this gun.
Pistolness: Bad. It is the cheapest pistol for a reason. Although it has good draw speed, the overall firepower is extremely lacking. The gun has a relatively slow ROF and very little damage/range, making it a peashooter. In addition, users who tap fast may experience a “jamming” feeling where the gun sometimes does not fire. Nevertheless, it is a good budget pistol and better than no pistol at all.

Difficulty: Easy or Moderate. This gun has almost no recoil and excellent move/jumpshot, allowing the user to move rapidly while shooting this gun. The only problem is the gradual bloom, making it essential to kill quickly. If you cannot tap fast and you prefer accuracy over ROF but wish to save euros, the P226 is good.
Pistolness: Great. The damage is relatively moderate for a pistol, and the range is low. However, it makes up for it with a startlingly fast ROF and a little more damage than the P226.

Walther P38
Difficulty: Easy. Just tap however fast you want. It is relatively accurate and has little bloom.
Pistolness: Great. It has very high damage and an excellent headshot ability. It can fire many consecutive shots, making it one of the most powerful pistols. The 7-shot clip does strain its ability and makes it necessary to aim well. The range makes it obsolete at distances further than 10 meters.

Stechkin APS
Difficulty: Easy. Because it is the only automatic pistol with a stock, it has one of the highest stability. It suffers little bloom and recoil even when moving, although the crosshairs may become problematic if sprayed for more than 7 or so shots.
Pistolness: Decent. The APS has great firepower because of its automatic capability, although each bullet feels very weak. It is easily capable of making many consecutive hits. The worst part about this pistol is the slow draw speed (due to the time required to fit the stock on). The slow draw speed will make the user extremely vulnerable for 3 valuable seconds, which often leaves the user dead.

Difficulty: Very Easy. This gun is extremely accurate and suffers little bloom/recoil. The moveshot is excellent, allowing users to dodge while firing this gun.
Pistolness: Beretta. This pistol is regarded as the best pistol in the game. It has everything a good pistol must have. The draw speed is almost instant. The damage feels very high, and the ROF is the fastest of semi-auto pistols. The gun can also have a silencer and can zoom-in when right-clicked, making it extremely versatile for all situations. This pistol is simply the best (but has a very high pricetag on it T_T).

Python 357
Difficulty: Moderate. Although it has excellent accuracy, it has high recoil. One of the strange reasons why it is difficult is because it only has 6 shots per clip coupled with an achingly slow reload; therefore, the user must know how to aim very well.
Pistolness: Decent. The gun has excellent firepower and can 1-hit headshot very well. However, the draw speed is slow and the 6 shots with slow reload makes it restrictive.

Difficulty: Easy. Built as a spam-pistol, it has low recoil and bloom per shot.
Pistolness: Decent. It has excellent ROF and excellent stability, allowing for a good all-around pistol. The only problem is its very low damage (roughly 23-25, contrary to the stats). This makes it useful only to those who can tap very rapidly.

Difficulty: Easy. It has slightly high bloom, but otherwise is a completely manageable pistol.
Pistolness: Great. It has an enormous magazine capacity as well as one of the fastest ROFs of semi-auto pistols, making it the prime choice for spamming in CQC.

MK23 Socom
Difficulty: Easy. Although it has a little more recoil, it is very accurate. Attaching a silencer to this gun will NOT give the usual range penalty but will add an unusual stability bonus and remove hitmarkers.
Pistolness: Great. It has moderate draw speed attributed to the unnecessary cocking of the slide. However, it has moderate ROF (with a high clip size to waste!) and deadly-high damage, giving it one of the highest firepower of semi-auto pistols. Also has a high one-hit headshot range, allowing for instant kills. One of the worst parts about it is its unnecessarily high price, which makes it more expensive than the stronger Beretta. IMO if it was 17K I would buy it.

Beretta M93Ra
Difficulty: Moderate. Relatively easy when bursted. However, it suffers large amounts of bloom when moving.
Pistolness: Decent. Probably one of the best automatic sidearms, second to the MAC10. However, it suffers several major drawbacks. The draw speed is slightly slow. The bloom is what makes it strictly CQC and useless past 10 meters. Otherwise, it dominates in close quarters combat.

Difficulty: Easy. Almost no recoil and moderate bloom makes this an easy sidearm to use.
Pistolness: Decent. Although it has great firepower, it has a small clip that goes fast and a slow draw speed, making it not as useful as it could be.

Difficulty: Easy. Little recoil, little bloom, and little stability penalty while moving. However, its starting accuracy is subpar.
Pistolness: Decent. Meh, just don’t get it. Stick with the Glock, Beretta, or Socom. The overall firepower is outgunned by all other pistols and it only has 7 bullets per magazine, making it a bad pistol for spamming.

Luger P-08
Difficulty: Easy. It has little recoil or bloom, making it excellent for high hit rate.
Pistolness: Great. The initial damage is great and its excellent stability allows one to hit many times. The draw speed is good. It has two primary drawbacks – the magazine size of 7 shots and the low range damage.

Desert Eagle
Difficulty: Moderate. It has flexible moveshot accuracy and little bloom but high recoil.
Pistolness: Decent. It has a high damage per shot. However, its ROF is excruciatingly slow and it suffers an immense amount of damage lost over a distance, making it practical only to experienced aimers. It is not a good pistol for those who like to spam.

Colt SAA
Difficulty: Moderate. It has high recoil and bloom but excellent accuracy.
Pistolness: Great. The draw speed is very fast. It has high damage, high ROF, and excellent firepower overall. It is extremely similar to the Python, though it has superior firepower due to its higher ROF and stability. One drawback is that the gun comes with 6/0 bullets, making it a 1-use sidearm. It also has problematic bloom.

Ingram MAC10
Difficulty: Difficult. I only gave this rating to the Ingram because I know there will be those who think it can go on fully auto. It is a burst-only gun with recoil and bloom similar to the Uzi. Easy-pz if you can burst and aim.
Pistolness: Great. Only problem that it has is the slow draw speed like all other automatic sidearms. A potential problem is the fact that it comes with 32/0 bullets. Its damage and range is very lacking like any other pistol. However, its blistering high ROF makes up for everything. The firepower is so immense that people think of it as an Uzi sidearm. The ROF makes easy kills in CQC and allows snipers to fight on an equal level with pointmen.


There. That’s my guide.
Constructive feedback is always welcome!

Credits to:
Apple Core
For their input into making this guide!

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