AVA Beginner’s Guide

AVA Beginner’s Guide by Gp_Jacob

Hello all! This is my Beginners guide for the game ” Alliance of Valiant Arms ” This is my first guide ever so please don’t be rude or leaving hateful comments. If you find any of this information helpful or think its nice please thank me by Hitting the Thank button or rep :D This guide is for beginners not pro’s! First off we have the controls.

W=Move Forward.
A=Move To The Left.
S=Move Back.
D=Move To The Right.
Space Bar=Jump.
Enter=Talking Obviously.
E= To disarm Bombs, Unlock the rocket, Fix your tank, Open Doors, And Panels.
V=Silencer. ( for only smgs and p266 pistols.)
N=Night Vision.

Left Click=Shoot
Right Click=Zoom in. ( Snipers zoom in two times.)

F1=Point Man.
F2=Rifle Man.

1=Normal Gun.(Sniper, Point man gun, or Rifle man gun.)
2=Secondary Gun.(Pistols.)
3=Melee.(Knife, Clan Knife, Prisnor tray, Red Duck Bat, and Shovel.)
5=Binoculars.(You only get if your team captain.)

Scroll = Switching guns also.

-Melee Guide

Now This part of the guide is for Melee obviously. When your playing in the battle stadium or the soccer stadium it is a melee field. When you are fighting people if you Left click you swing your knife or whatever melee weapon your using really fast. But if you right click you swing the knife slower but its more powerful which causes a stronger hit. I advise using right click.

I also advise jumping around at times if their is a crowd of people running at you because it gives u a harder chance for them to knife you and gives u a chance to knife them in the head or chest.

– Gun Strategies

1. sniper

Sniping is a great way to take out your enemies from a distance but is bad when people are close. I advise when people are close that you aim at their chest with the barrel and no scope them. if you aim at their chest you have a chance to shoot their arm, chest, and head. Sniping is also good for a thing called camping. Camping is when you sit in one spot getting many kills. It is bad because point mans or rifle man can rush at you. but if your a good enough sniper you can take them out (:

2. point man

Point man is a great way to fight people from close distance. If you hit “v” it adds on the silencer which makes your shots more silence. Point man is good because it don’t have as much recoil as a Rifle man. It can also shoot quite a distance but it isn’t best for it. It is good for rushing at snipers camping but it can be hard.

3. rifle man

Rifle man is a great way for close distance and far distance. One bad thing about a rifle man is that they have a huge amount of recoil. If you aim at their chest after like 5 shots it moves up and up. It could cause an advantage as a head shot but its not as common. You can partly snipe with the rifle. You right just tap left click and shoot single bullets at them and soon you will take someone out. A good way to stop recoil with this is keep on clicking left click. don’t hold down left click. Hold down left click if a lot of people are their.

-Game Types.

-Prisoner Break.

Prisoner Break is a game with Two different maps. The objective of the first map is to Kill the prisoners and save the Lieutenant eva. At the end of that map you will be picked up by a helicopter. Their are 5 whole rounds. you can have up to 5 people in that including yourself.

Second map is when you kill the prisoners and plant the c4. Their are 3 rounds in this match. Their are only allowed 4 people allowed in that match including yourself. You have three lives for both modes. life’s reset every round.

– Modes For Prisoner Break.

Riot-This mode are the mission ones discussed previously above! ^

Survival Mode- Is when you play at The second map and play on the first round killing as much prisoners as you can. You only have one life so don’t make any mistakes.

-The mystery box in prisoner break.

What is the mystery box? It it a box you obtain after every level or in survival mode when you kill the different prisoner after a certain amount of kills. What does it contain? It gives you euro. Which is money. or weapons and grenades.

-Annihilation Mode.

Is when you get a team of players and kill each other for a certain amount of kills. 80, 100, 150, and 180.

-Escort Mode.

Is when you play at a map with a team and one team is the team that is guiding the tank to the designated point and they repair their tank and take out the other players. The other team shoots the tank with rocket launchers and try to stop the players from getting to the designated point. Also takeout people.

-Single Mode.

Is The name really. You are all for yourselves. Take out as much people as the amount is set.

One glitch is that when your switching sides in the 3 seconds after a match you can take out a person in those 3 seconds. im guessing its some glitch.

We’ll this will be the end of the guide for now. I shall add more facts later on. I’m hoping to add some screen shots of the game play of the games.

Remember please no hateful comments. Rep & Thank if you think this was good for beginners or if this helped you. Thank you very much for reading this & good luck!(:

name in game is keishe add me if you like.

Sincerely, Gp_Jacob!

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