AVA Domination Guide

AVA Domination Guide by chiakinakamura

Map Introduction:

The Domination map (there is only one) is a very open and spacious map making it very
easy to spot enemies. The object of the map is to control the EMP which is conveniently
located in the middle of the map for both teams to rush towards the middle non-stop.
The map is also a very simplistic map. If you count the basement paths of the EMP then
there are basically 3 floors with the rest of the map being open space.

The winning team is the one who can take control the middle and hold it until their team
gauge is completely full or for the most time during the allotted 15 minutes wins.

Soldier Roles:


In Domination the role of the pointman is the most important. The pointman are the fastest
moving making them most ideal for rushing to the EMP. Moreoever, since they are good
with close quarter combat they are the most ideal soldier for controlling the center.

Recommended Weapons for Pointman in Domination
All of the shotguns
Kriss (not yet out for ijji)


Rifleman are also a good soldier type for controlling the center as well as giving backup to
the pointman since the pointman will most likely reach the EMP first. Moreover, if you are
squad leader then I highly recommend the rifleman since they can easily get to the EMP
and have a good enough range with the binos to UAV the enemy from the center while
using their AR to hold down any enemies which barge in. A rifleman’s main goal should
be picking off enemies which are heading near the EMP. And since the pathway to the
EMP is practically straight it shouldn’t be so hard to kill off enemies from the windows
or stairs.

Recommended Weapons for Rifleman:

AK74 (not yet out for ijji)
M14 (not yet out for ijji)


The role of the sniper varies very much throughout this map and the snipers are basically
what will either make your team win or lose. At most there should be around 3 snipers
(only if you are winning). However if your team is losing a sniper is the last option you
should be choosing until your team has regained control of the EMP.

Recommended Weapons for Sniper:

AWM (not yet out for ijji)

Reasons why it’s not great to be a sniper in Domination:

1. As a sniper it is very hard to take control of the EMP.
2. There are very few ideal spots to snipe in this map which are “safe”
3. There isn’t much point to be sniping on your team’s side of the map unless you are
4. Even if you stand back and snipe it will only raise your SD but if you don’t control
the EMP then you will ultimately end in a lost making it all pointless in the end.


Places Not Recommended

This is often done by people who are new to the game or are not good at Domination

Base Entrance
After a few minutes of gameplay and one the other team has gained control the other
team’s base entrance becomes the center target for snipers. You should always be
moving forward towards the center.

The Sniper Tower
While yes you do have a great view of the map from the tower in the end it is very
meaningless as the only enemies you’ll be able to pick off are ones who have gone
passed the center – meaning that your side doesn’t have control of the center – meaning
you are losing.

Recommended Places

The container areas on the left and right of the map. These are good areas for
snipers who are good at quick scoping and you can easily pick off incoming enemies
from here.

Basement of the EMP (only after your team has control of it). Being here is good
to not only stop enemies from trying to go around and flank your team from entering
the EMP but also good from guarding any enemies who might want to use the ladder
near the middle to try and take control of the EMP on floor 2.

3rd floor of the EMP. This is probably the best place in the whole map. It’s easy
to see all the incoming enemies from here making it ideal for the squad leader, you are
able to easily jump down if enemies enter from below, and there are health packs at
the top to help your survive longer. If you do get taken out from here though it is best
to advise your team mates where the enemy is last standing while you wait to respawn.
If you decide to snipe in this area I highly recommend using the TPG or AWM (not yet out
for ijji) since they are easy 1 hit ko snipers and while the map is small it will be quite hard
to hit your enemy a second time to kill if you’re using another sniper.

Role of Squad Leader:

The squad leader plays one of the biggest roles in this map, especially once you have
the EMP under control.
Since the map is fairly big and spacious from the middle of the map it is very easy to
pick up 3-4 enemy soldiers at the same time with UAV in one scan.

Moreover if you use the squad leader role properly as a rifleman or sniperman from the
inside of the EMP building you will make it considerably harder for the other team from
entering the center. In the case where air support has been called for by the other team
I highly recommend using your binos one last time right before the helicopter comes out
so you can expect when the enemy is getting near the center while you take cover and camp.

If you are on the losing side I highly recommend using the binos right as you leave your
base entrance to pick up any enemies which will most likely be viewing out through the
windows of the EMP building. This will make it considerably easier for your team to prefire
and prenade the enemy while barging in.

If you are winning I recommend using rifleman or sniper man.
If you are losing I only recommend using the rifleman.

Radio Support:

When the other team has control of the EMP your radio support gauge will increase as
their EMP control gauge increases. When it is completely full you may then call for air
support using the radio in your base using “E” the same key you use to take control of
the EMP.

Air support will UAV all of the enemy troops while taking out the enemies which are out
in the open. While air support is under way it is impossible to move anywhere outside
without being hit. This is the perfect time to go and run out to recapture the EMP.

While re-capturing the middle during air support remember that the enemy is probably
camping in either the stairs, the containers on the right and left of the map, or right
next to the health containers crouched and so make sure you have your gun out when
you go into these areas. Once you have taken control have your squad leader ready
at the top to UAV incoming enemies near the enemy base once air support leaves.

Air Support While in Control of the EMP

Those at the EMP
While at the EMP during an air support call the best places to be are near the stairs
inside the building. If there is more than one of you at the stairs, have one person facing
out towards to entrance and one person facing towards inside or towards the guy facing
the entrance to assist him if the opposing team tries to enter from there.

Do not stay next to the health packs. Sure you will get your hp back if an enemy comes
up and shoots you however if you stand up from that area and move a little bit out the
helicopter will also shoot you making you die and in the end just being useless.

Another good place to be (if you have team mates to guard the two entrances) is to be in
the small place in between the 2nd floor of the EMP and the stairs as seen in the picture
below. This way you can kill any of the opposing team which will try and get to the EMP
quickly from below. Again, this is only good when you have 2 team mates guarding each side.

It’s also not as hard or should I say you are not as useless as you may think while there
is air support going on. Maintaining control over the EMP can really shift the way the game
will turn out.

If you are somewhere near the middle (between your base and the EMP) when an air raid
is called dash towards the 1st floor (basement) of the EMP to the other side to try and take
out any enemies that are visible from the doorways as they move towards the EMP. Also,
you can camp here until the air support is done and quickly come in and ambush the other
team from behind since they will probably be watching your spawn area and not below
as much.

Also, if you are stuck in your base during an air support or are stuck in the door on the side
(the one that’s midway between your base and the EMP) you should be watching the
stairs area to shoot any enemies that are rushing to the EMP. If you are squad leader
have your binos out to UAV them so that you will be able to know their position when the
air raid stops.


If you are guarding the EMP once in control don’t forget to go back in after you’ve been
hit a few times to revitalize your hp with the health packs on the 3rd floor. There are 4
health packs per station (2 on the 3rd floor) and 1 health pack will revive about 1/2 of
your hp. Note that your armor will not be revived.

Using the Trains

Blue: It’s safe to pass.
Flashing Red: The train will soon be coming but you have enough time to cross if
you’re running.
Red: The train is coming. Don’t pass.

Random Tips Regarding Train

1. If a train is passing and you are trying to rush to the base run the opposite direction
of the train to quickly pass it.

2. If your are the squad leader and at the EMP inside and you see the train coming on
the opposing teams side get your binos out to scan once the train fully passes since
you’ll probably have about 2-3 people in sight.

3. While running out try running on parts where you won’t be jumping off since when
you jump over a ledge you will briefly stop before you start running again.

4. One thing to note about the trains is that they both start out right away as the game
starts so if you’re not already running in the start you will not be able to pass the trains
and will have to wait for them to pass.

Tips From Players:

Closing Remarks/Credits:

Domination is a map which is a good place for players to show off their individual skills
as well as their team work skills and as one of the default room titles suggests,
“Teamwork wins the battle” I hope this guide helps those who are new to the game learn
about how to play Domination and for those who are not new get better at it. This guide
was written all by me, Chihakuryu. I would also like to thank XFear for some of the screen
shots of his which I used in this guide.

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