AVA Pointman Basic Guide

AVA Pointman Basic Guide by visioN1H

So i started playing Pointman seriously about a week ago, bought a shotgun, and had all kinds of hack acuasations. Put out a video last night, and it has now moved to “How do i do that” situation.

Pointman Skills:

One of the most important part’s of a pointman, is his Sprinting, Fast Reload, and running speed boosts. Without any of these, your essentially a really bad Rifle Class. I suggest getting these as soon as you can.

Weapon Choices:


I personally use the Remington, and people just die. I would advise most people to use it as well. You won’t be amazing at it just picking it up, but the main reason I suggest it is because it forces you to play a Pointman the way you should ALWAYS play one.

IE: Fast Reaction time, Decent Aim, Close combat.

There’s obvious limitation’s to the weapon, having 12 ( modded ) range isn’t a very good distance to be deadly at, however there’s spot’s in just about every map that can fully take advantage of the Shotgun’s close combat power.

For example on Fox Hunting, inside 2 Building, Watching Cellar, Camping steps, In bomb Site.

You also have to move around. You cannot camp the same spot every round. That’s just silly.

One of the main reason’s why Shotgun’s are so important in Competitive Demolition play, Is the Sniper Factor.

By Sniper Factor, I mean you are always aware that if your running up middle on Black Scent, you can be one shot by a TPG. That USUALLY means people go Warehouse, upstairs, or just run to 2.

Having a Shotgun in a tight spot give’s them no real good options. It also forces them to go slower when taking bomb sites, and while the timer on Demo is fairly long, it doesn’t last forever and time is important.

A Good example of a Setup involving a shotgun would be on the map Black Scent On Defense. A sniper at Middle, Rifle on 1 Stairs, 2 Rifle’s 2, and a Shotgun upstairs. There is very little chance that they will ever go upstairs more then once. That hallway with the door is far to easy to wreck entire team’s with the Remington.

This Eliminates an option for them, much in the same way a good sniper will eliminate the option of middle. The rest of the option’s available are up to you.


I would highly suggest buying a rifle as well, for your Rifleman class. This gives you the option of changing classes if your set up is not working, or you are not being utilized correctly, (or if you know they arent going middle cause you shotgun raped them, and can just rifle hole in the wall).

Jumping. Sprinting, General Mobility, Armor

Your shot’s while jumping are 100% as accurate as they would be standing still. Utilize this often. Good example is Black Scent 2 side Generator Room.

Sprinting is a important part of any Pointman. The mobility on a shotgun, however, is fairly low. If you’re normal strat involves you throwing a nade, or getting somewhere extremely fast, run with your knife out, you’ll get there sooner, or Nade if your nading.

Armor selection is very, very important for a Pointman. If you plan on using a SMG, use the highest ROF you can get. This means UZI, UMP, or P90. You also want to wear all the +Lucky Shot armor. Wearing full lucky shot gives you around 6% chance to instantly kill your target with 1 bullet. This is fairly crucial to a class that has less damage, but more ROF then assault class.

One of the good things pointmen have going for them is that NO ONE wears Anti-Charge armor. I mean, why would they? There are 50x more rifleman and snipers then Pointmen.


Always be aware of where you are standing in relation to everything else. For example, if your camping a spot, it’s best to play a Corner of a wall. This gives you not only less visibility, but if you are unable to 1 shot the target, you can easily take cover, and get a 2nd one off. Now hitting your target twice, is another story.


Sometimes shotgun’s completely on target, don’t do any damage. I have already reported it, it’s fairly upsetting, but it’s livable.

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