Asda 2 Crossbow Archer Build Guide

Asda 2 Crossbow Archer Build Guide by TheInmortal

Hello everyone. I’m darkwatch. Since none have posted any build yet i will post mine. Feel free to comment, discuss etc..

1st job 30/31

Increase Dextery (pasive skill) 7/7
Hawk eye (pasive skill) 2/2
light Movement (buff skill) 5/5
Stun shot (attack skill) 7/7
Bloody arrow (attack skill) 7/7
Barrage (attack skill) 1/7
Spirit Bullet (attack skill) 1/3

(the last 1 point u can freely put it where u want. In my case i have put it on the spirit bullet skill so i have 2/3)

2nd job 29/30

Increase luck (pasive skill) 7/7
crossbow training (pasive skill) 5/5
Surprise attack (buff skill) 1/1
Dragon slayer (buff skill) 1/1
Art of agility (buff skill) 5/5
Explosion trap (attack skill) 3/3
Poison Arrow (attack skill) 7/7

(the last point i have not decide yet where)

3 rd job 30/30 (on this job since u can’t max anything cause lvl cap is 55 so i will put the point on the skill i have in my mind).

Increase critical rate (pasive skill) 5/5
magic immune (buff skill) 1/1
firepower support (buff skill) 3/3
Charm of luck (buff skill) 5/5
Mental focus (buff skill) 1/1
Flash bomb (buff skill) 1/1
Curse arrow (attack skill) 7/7
Snipe (attack skill) 7/7

Items set:

Lua set
Chase set
Felice set
Absolute set
Valley set

I prefer set than rare cause even if u get less def and 1 less stats, u get 3 bonus from wearing a full set)

Any Rare weapon available. (those from war or dungeon like Queen Palace/Night Valley/ Mt Flamion give attack speed 1%). The other rare don’t give attack speed 1%


6 dex
3 stam
3 luck

( i always wear that. that depend on the player. it is ur choice)


rare duckwrench (lvl 20. it give dex and stam)
rare ziproll ( lvl 30 it give luck and max attack)
rare gantgos (lvl 40it give luck and max attack)
rare vesper (lvl 40 it give def and stam)

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