Asda 2 Bow Archer Guide

Asda 2 Bow Archer Guide by Kimanoz

Hi Guys/Ladies, I am a bow archer my name is Kimanoz.
I have been playing asda2 for the past 3weeks. Here is a guide that I have customized for my bow archer.
Here are the introductions.
This game we have sowel system, I particularly interested in only dexterity and stamina.

Skill guide:
1st Job Bowman at lvl 10, we could add up to 31 skill points.
1. Aimed shot 1 or 7. Good for both PVE and PVP
2. Bloody Melody 1 or 7. Good for both PVE and PVP
3. Throw Trap MAX. Good for PVP. Doesnt work on boss.
4. Light movement MAX. Run and shoot.
5. Sharp Aim MAX. Good for Critical.
6. Hawk’s Eye MAX. Improve range.
7. Thorn Trap 0. Not useful.
8. Increase Strength. 1 or 7.
9. Increase Dexterity. MAX
10. Increase Intellect 0.

2nd Job Ranger at lvl 30, we could add up to 30 skill points.
1. Arrow Shower 1 or 7. Good Aoe skill.
2. Dancing Arrow 0 or 1. For the stun. PVP
3. Time Bomb 0. Not useful.
4. Explosive Trap. MAX another good AOE skill.
5. Art of Agility. MAX
6. Roar of Tenacity 0 or MAX
7. Step Back 0.
8. Secret of Regeneration 0 or MAX. For hp regen.
9. Bow Training MAX.
10. Increase Stamina MAX.
11. Increase Spirit. 0
12. Increase Luck. 0

Items set:
Lua set
Chase set
Felice set
Absolute set
Valley set

Any Rare weapon available

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