Asda 2 Chat Options Guide

Asda 2 Chat Options Guide by xDeliriumx

Image 1: chatting function in Asda

1. How to chat?

Image 1 shows the chatting function which is located on left down corner inside of the game. You can adjust chat board size from the switch on number 1 on the image. This is useful if you want to see longer history of the chat. You can also scroll chat if you like to using scroller located on right on chat screen.

Chat tabs

Chat tabs are useful when wanting to concentrate on specific chat. In the image 1 you can see basic chat tabs in asda, in default you have combine tab open, which includes all the chats within asda, but you can easily select by changing tab what chats you want to read. If you want to concentrate on clan discussion, select clan tab, if you want to only chat with your sm, select Soulmate tab etc.

Later, I will describe how you can modify the chat tabs yourself.

Image 2: chatting options

2. Chatting instructions / different channels / ignore function

There’s inside chat quick guide in the chat – please see number 1 in the image 2. Pressing question mark you get the quick guide open – it gives basic chat instructions.

You start chatting simply by writing on the line in number 2. As default, your chat is directed to normal channel. From left, you can open menu which contains all chat options for choosing (3. in the picture). You can also use the shortcuts described on the image in Chat Instructions part to change chat mode.

3. Chat channels:

Normal: (/N) This is basic chat, that routes your chat to the channel you are in, and to the area/map you are located. If you are in Alpen, your chat doesn’t reach Rein River and if you are in dungeon, your chat only reaches people in same dungeon in same channel in the map area you are currently (you need to be able to see the other player in your screen in order the normal chat to reach him/her).
Chat colour: White

Shout: (/Y) You cannot use shout before level 10. This chat is similar to normal chat, reaches only area and channel you are in, but reaches all players in the whole map (not necessary to see player in your screen). Chat colour: Red

Soulmate: (/S) If you have soulmate, you can whisper through this chat with him/her. Reaches your SM in every channel and map – only exception: war. Chat colour: Pink

Guild: (/C) In this chat you can talk with your guild members. Reaches guild members despite what map or channel they are in. Only exception: war. Colour: light blue

Party: (/P) With party chat you can discuss with members you are currently partying. Reaches party members in all maps, but you need to be on same channel, if you change channel you need to leave party. Works also in war. Chat colour: Light green

Whisper: (/w [ign] [content]) Whispering another player starts when you either right click character in chat and choose whisper or write /w [IGN] [What you want to say] or right click character you want to whisper in-game and select whisper. Whisper can reach a player across all maps and channels. Exception: You cannot use whispers on war – you can only whisper your own faction player. Whisper colour: darker yellow

In tab selection, if you select this tab you will whisper to the person you whispered last.

World: (/A) This chat reaches all players across maps and channels. You need all chat item to use this chat. You can buy global chat item from war shop by gold. Additionally, currently, you can get world chat item from leveling up packages (in your premium postbox when you reach lvl 5 etc. you get one every 5 levels). These items are stockable, so only one premium inventory space is taken for it.
World chat colour: lighter yellow

Other chat: War chat (/R)

War chat is specific for war zone. In this chat you can only talk with the players in same faction and same war in war map. Chat colour: brown.

Ignoring function:

If you want to ignore some player (for example because of spam) – simply right click player’s name in chat and select block (4. in the image – sorry mega xD). After block, you cannot see any chat from this player. Your block is removed when you restart game and / or when you right click user again and select unblock.

Image 3: Chat settings:

4. Tab option changes

You can also customize chat tabs yourself. For this, click the “Chat Windows Setup Change” – 1. in the image and select tab settings.

Here, you can change what chats are shown in the tabs. Simply unselect the chats you don’t want to see and click ok. You can also rename tab by clicking “Chat Windows Setup Change” and selecting “change tab name”.

5. Other worth knowing about chat:

Blocking whispers

From game options you can also select not to receive whispers. This block is valid as long as you re-select receive whispers. When you are on this mode, SM chat doesn’t come though and no-one can tele to you.

Dicing for drops

Dicing is good way to distribute more valuable drops when doing some mobs (ie. bosses) in parties.

Dicing works very simply: write in chat /dice [value] for example /dice 100. In this dice you get a number between 1-100. Usually, closest to 100 wins the drop, but this can be decided in the party.

Chat related bugs:

Your chat changes to normal every time you change map. This is fixed.

Currently, world chat seems to cause lag to players. This is reported.

Global chat item bug: with global chat, sometimes you get the error message: cannot use the premium item (or similar) and global chat doesn’t go through. In this case, relog doesn’t help. The fix is either wait a day, or store obtained old items to warehouse (approx half)

Not yet implemented chat channels

Findparty and trade – channels have not yet been added to the game. These channels work (disclaimer: Asda 1 information) like world chat but have different colour and you can also choose these in the tabs (for example ignore or only follow).

Disclaimer: This guide is subject to change due the fact the developers have not yet added all chat functions (find party / trade etc.) and chatting is due to change. I will try adjust this guide when new features will be published and/or chat changes.

If you note something to add or some invalid info, please let me know!

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