Twelve Sky 2 Starter Guide

Twelve Sky 2 Starter Guide by Jean77

Introduction : I’m going to explain a bit about the weapons used by each clan, what each stat gives and some build advices. Everything written here is based on my own opinion and my own experiences.

Okay Lets Start!

Fujins Clan : The Fujin Clan, also known as the Royal Fujin Clan, use Katanas, Double Blades and Lutes as their weapons of choice.

Gaunyins Clan : The Gaunyins Clan, also known as the Imperial Gaunyins Clan, use Light Swords, Heavy Swords and Marbles as their weapons of choice.

Jinongs Clan : The Jinong Clan, also known as the Fierce Jinong Clan, use Spears, Blades and Phurba’s as their weapons of choice.

Damage-type weapons : As the category implies, I’m going to list the damage-type weapon for each clan here and describe them.

– Fujins Clan :Katana is the Fujins Clan’s damage-type weapon. Resembling the swift katana, this weapon has the highest base damage and highest overall damage output among all Fujins Clan’s weapons. Also, Katana’s skills, both single and multi hit, deal the highest damage in the Fujins Clan’s skill ar.senal. The damage buff, which when maxed, gives a total of 20% more damage, makes this weapon extremely versatile. The Katana is wielded on the users back.

– Gauns Clan : Light Sword is the Gaunyins Clan’s damage-type weapon. As a weapon wielded by the greatest of warriors, the Light Blade has the highest base damage and highest overall damage output among all Gaunyins Clan’s weapons. With the strongest single and multi hit skills in the Dragon Clan’s ar.senal, and the damage buff, when maxed, that gives 20% more damage, this weapon is sure to shake the hearts of all your enemies. The Light Sword is wielded around the users waist.

-Jinong Clan : Spear, or sometimes called Long-Spear, is the Jinong Clan’s damage-type weapon. The Spear is the largest weapon ever seen in TwelveSky, and also, by looks, the most frightening weapon. As such a weapon, the Spear user wields the strongest single and multi hit skills available to the Jinong Clan’s, along with the damage buff which increases damage by 20%, the Spear is the most often used war weapon in the Jinong Clan. The Spear is wielded on the users back.[/color]

Next, I’m going to say a few words about the defensive-type weapons of each clan, following the previous clan order :

-Fujins Clan : Double Blades are the Snake Clan’s defensive weapon of choice. Unlike the saber, Double Blades have lower base damage and lower overall damage output and they have lower single and multi hit skill damage. Double Blades are faster than Katana, not just in normal hits but in skill speed as well. The reason Double Blades are called a “defensive weapon” is because of its Defense Buff, which when maxed increases defense by 50%. Double Blades are the most often used weapon in PvE combat. Double Blades are wielded on the users back and, as the name implies, there are two(2) of them.

-Gaunyins Clan : Heavy Sword is the Gaunyins Clan’s defensive weapon. Despite it being called heavy, it resembles a long sword. Being bigger, than the Light Sword, it is more intimidating, however, it has lower base damage and lower overall damage output than the Light Sword. With its incredible Defensive Buff, which increases defense by 50% when maxed, the Heavy Sword will give its users the courage to take on an incredible amount of enemies at once(In PvE) and leave unscathed. Heavy Sword is wielded on the users waist.

– Jinong Clan : Blade is the Jinong Clans defensive weapon. The Blade resembles, what in real life, we would call a Persian Saber. It is a defensive weapon suitable for the Tiger’s big stature and it is bound to intimidate even the strongest and biggest of monsters the Tiger will face. Along with its lower base damage and overall damage output, the Blades single and multi hit skills inflict less damage than the Spear. Just like the Double Blades and Heavy Sword, the Blade has a, when maxed, 50% defense buff which is sure to let the Jins survive the most fearsome number of enemies.

Phew, now that I’m done with a “few” words about defensive weapons, I’ll say a bit about the only ranged weapons in-game, following the previous clan order. But first, allow me to explain a little bit about the “ranged” weapon system. Unlike in some other games where the ranged weapon is a bow, crossbow or something similar, in TwelveSky, the ranged weapon refers to the skills. With these weapons, normal attacks are just like with any other weapon, melee. However, skills with these weapons become ranged, giving you a 100% sure 1st hit in both PvP/PvE. Now, onto to fancy description of these weapons :

-Fujins Clan : Lute is the Fujin Clan’s range-type weapon. It is a musical instrument Lute base damage and overall damage output is the lowest among all Snake’s weapons, that includes its skill damage. What makes this weapon so special is its impressive skill range which will shock many of your adversaries. Also, with its +20% Movement Speed & Dodge buff, this weapon makes it easy to solo bosses or capture a war formation. Lute is wielded on the users back.

-Gaunyin Clan : Marble is the Gaunyins Clan’s “ranged pride”. A weapon wielded on one’s hands and its moves resembling the ancient Chinese martial arts, it is the most elegant weapon. Despite its “Small looks” and its lowest base damage and lowest overall damage output, the Marble is a very versatile weapon often used in wars to surprise and skillfully take out your enemy. It is also very useful against bosses and similar mobs due to its +20% Movement Speed/Dodge buff.

-Jinong Clan : Phurba is the Jinong Clan’s range-type weapon. Wielded as a “boxer”, it is a very brutal-looking weapon. It has the lowest base damage and lowest overall damage output among all Jins weapons and, regrettably, it is very rarely used by the Jinong Clan. Just like the Fujins Lute and Gaunyins Marble, Phurba has the lowest skills damage and a +20% Movement Speed/Dodge buff.

As I’m not sure how much damage etc. each weapon gains per strength etc. point, I’m not going into such details.
Also, I’m not sure the base stats gained by each stat point so I’m only going to say what stat gives which sub-stat :

Increases Base Damage done and Attack Rate(Chance to hit the enemy)
Vitality :
Increases Base HP by 20 and Dodge(Reduces the chance to be hit by the enemy)
Dexterity :
Increases Base Defense and Dodge
Spirit :
Increases Base Spirit and Base Damage(Damage increase is a lot lower than Strength damage increase)

With that said, for those of you who played TS1, this is a big change, right?
Ah, 1 more thing about defense :

In PvE, increasing defense by 1 means taking 1 damage less from a monster. However, in PvP, having 1 defense more means taking 1 less damage from NORMAL hits, skills will still do full damage. Only at higher lvl’s and with a high defense will defense have a noticeable effect on PvP.

Builds :
Since all same-type weapons are proportional, I’m not going to talk about each weapon separately :

Saber / Spear / Light Sword : Mostly used for wars, these weapons often have the same PvP & PvE build, here are some of them :

3:2 – Str/vit : It is a build that will let you have a decent amount of HP and damage at the same time. You will be able to kill all the lower lvl bosses(-105), but none of the higher lvl bosses(105+). With HP higher than most other ppl, you will be able to survive wars pretty decently and kill more efficiently than a vit/str build.

3:2 – Vit/str : Despite having less damage than a str/vit build, your rate of survival in both PvP and PvE is much higher. With enough HP to withstand almost any attack, you will most likely be looking down on your enemy at the end of the fight.

4:1 – Str/vit : You will dish out A LOT of damage and will be able to survive the bosses until around lvl 100. You will rule the PvP world in terms of damage and “easy-killing” however, you will also be easily killed by a Str/vit 1-hitter.

NOTE: As these 3 builds are most often used for those weapons, I’m not going to name any other builds so I don’t make any false claims.

Double Blades/Heavy Sword/Blade : Mostly used for PvE & lvl-ing, there are quite a few builds, here are some of them :

3:2 – Str/dex : A build very suitable for lower lvl’s and those who want lvl fast, without making a fuss about bosses and wars. You’ll have good damage considering the weapon you’re using and through most of your leveling you will take -1 damage from mobs, saving you a lot of money usually spent on Hp pills. You will mostly get 1-hit in wars.

3:2 – Vit/dex : This is a very strict tanker build. You will dish out very low damage, however, you will literally survive the longest in PvP and PvE. Killing bosses will be a piece of cake except for the time cost, and surviving your enemies attacks won’t be much of a bother. In war, the only way to kill will be to time your attack just to get the last hit. You will mostly spend money on spirit pills and weapons, very good armor is no longer a neccecity(typo).

3:2 – Dex/spirit : A very unusual build, however, it will save you the most money from pills. Usable for lvling. You will have higher damage and defense than a Vit/dex build and hp about the same as a Str/dex build but with lower damage. Again, you will most likely want to skip bosses and wars.

3:2 – Vit/Str : By sacrificing defense, you open up more room for higher lvl boss hunting and pvp compared to a str/dex or a dex/spirit build. You will use more pills and thus use more money, but it can easily be compensated.

3:2 – Str/vit : If you don’t mind using a lot of pills, this is the fastest lvl-ing build when it comes to almost any weapon used. You’ll have “low” defense but a decent amount of hp and satisfying dmg output, you’ll kill faster than with any other build above(among defensive weapon builds).

NOTE: There are many “hybrid” builds involving 3 different stats, but those are very random and are very dependant on what type of “all-around” character the user wants.

Lute / Marble / Phurba : Very useful for soloing bosses and wars.

4:1 – Str/vit : Due to the weapons low base damage, the extra str will allow you to kill very efficiently. Despite having low hp, you still might be able to take on bosses above 100+ due to the weapons skill range.

3:2 – Str/vit : With the extra hp, you’re sure to do well in wars, even if you take a few hits you’ll stay alive against normal hits. You’ll do quite decent damage for a “ranger” and you’re sure to kill any 4:1 X/Vit builds more often than them killing you.

NOTE: I’m not too familiar with lutes/marbles/phurba’s, so any comment on this part would be useful.

As you get to higher lvl’s , you’ll gain more more stat points : lvl 1-99 : 5 points ; lvl 100-112 : 15 points ; lvl 113(A1)+ : 30 points.
And at higher lvl’s, you’ll deffinetly want much more hp, keep that in mind.

Hope this helps the starters&Welcome; And Hope You Have A Great Stay

P.S:If I was wrong somewhere, please help me correct it!

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