Twelve Sky 2 Beat all 5 Stages of Labby Guide

Twelve Sky 2 Beat all 5 Stages of Labby Guide by KonnoV

Now you want to take on the meanest bosses in game? Go ahead and die trying…. or you can look at this guide to survive :3

You are going to want a empty Inventory for labby. You get so much drops that you are going to hate life if you don’t have room. The reason most people don’t have room is because of pills and/or tabs. This gave me an idea. Fill two skill bars with HP/CHI tabs. Use the other skill bar for Labby. Make sure to Single hit and have UNSTUN ready. There IS a stun bug. It makes you perma stunned so its a horrible thing to get that. Have a duel partner. If you are perma stunned you get then to kill you before boss does. You will respawn right were you died.

Useful tips:
Do 3 single hits then buff hs. This technique will keep you alive even if you have crap hp
If you have full vit, don’t bother on attacking the bosses (only attack on the last boss). You’re job as a vit build is to make sure everyone gets unstunned.
If you are on a str build, don’t bother on trying, just camp ;3 be sure to say thanks though

Example of what where to put tabs

Stage One
This is where you fight a pony. When the doors open you are going to make a left and head to the bottom left hand corner. You want to chill there til the Pony spawns. Two people lure the boss to the TOP left. Once the boss is lured to the top left(the two people luring the pony will say to go), head a long the left wall to fight the mean pony.

Pictures so you can understand it better

Congratz You killed Pony ;3
Stage Two
Pretty much the same here. Only thing that changes is that the People luring will bring it to the bottom left. So all you need to do is stay at bottom left.

More pics Very Happy, sorry i dont have a pic of us fighting it, i forgot to take one ;x but you get the point.. make sure its at the point where no small mobs come and try and kill you

Stage Three
Same game plan as before ;3


Stage 4
Head to the next door. This is where you are going to tank this boss. If you think you are going to die, Do 3 single hits then spam hs. Keep doing that and you’ll live. That’s what I did on the last boss and i survived. On this floor you will get a sup pill so be sure to survive ;3

We kinda failed luring this boss but its all good ;3

Look at me fly ;3
Stage 5
This boss hits hard.. I got crited 27k with 6k elemental with 5.7kish defence. So keep HS up. Do what I said before! 3 single hits then buff hs. Run to the top LEFT. When this boss gets lured there are usually tons of mobs so move around the rocks to despawn them. You don’t have to worry about despawning the boss tho. It wont do that because it can just smack you with its range attack. The two people luring need to lure it to the top left… GOOD LUCK

WIN! You beat labby… ;3

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