Twelve Sky 2 Warlord Rare and Elite Guide

Twelve Sky 2 Warlord Rare and Elite Guide by Jondaken

First of all, I’m going to say not all of this information is my own and I do not take credit for any screen shots posted.


There are a total of six, yes. SEVEN keys you can recieve.
-Island of Blood key
-Island of Souls key (Realm 1) or (1F) (I’m not completely sure correct me if this is incorrect)
-Island of souls key (Realm 2)/(2F)
-Island of Souls key (Realm 3)/(3F)
-Island of Souls key (Realm 4)/(4F)
-Island of Souls key (Realm 5)/(5F)
-Island of Souls key (Realm 6)/(6F)

Each key lasts for a total of 30 minutes, when you recieve and Island of Blood key you have 30 minutes to find a Island of Souls key. You have a random chance to get 1 of the five keys.

How to Obtain keys

To obtain a key is simple you either pvp or you can wait for the Island of Blood key in the item mall if you cant pvp or are in grind build and get pwned too often to get a key.

Set item chart


I belive the different sets are actually the same set just in different combonations I could be wrong about this (Not much evidence out but I will correct this if it is wrong) Like in most games if you combine the pieces you will get different bonuses and the chart shows you which bonuses you will get if you combine the two pieces i’ll explain in text below:

Set 1: Ring/Necklace- Adds: +40% elemental Damage and Defense (Rare and Elite)

Set 2: Armor and weapon- Adds 40% defense and 40% damage (Rare and Elite)

-Set 3(Rare): Armor, Gloves, Boots – Adds 60% defense, 60% attack Rate (Hit not Damage) and 60% dodge. (Rare)

-Set 3 (Elite): Gloves and Boots- Adds 40% attack rate (Hit rate not damage) and 40% dodge rate

-Set 4 (Rare): Weapon and Boots- Adds 60% damage and 60% dodge rate

-Set 4 (Elite): weapon, armor, gloves, boots- 60% Damage, 60% defense, 60% dodge, 60% Attack rate, +5% Deadly

-Set 5(Rare): Weapon, Armor, Gloves, Boots, Ring, Necklace- 60% damage, 60% defense, 60% elemental damage and defense, 60% attack rate, 60% dodge

-Set 5(Elite): weapon, armor, gloves, boots, ring, necklace- 100% damage, 100% defense, 100% elemental damage and defense, 100% attack rate, 100% dodge, 5% deadly strike rate and defense, 5% luck

Guann Set

(Dragon Scale) Set 1 – Ring & Amulet
(Ethereal) Set 2 – Armor & Weapon
(Soaring Sky) Set 3 – Armor,Gloves & Boots
(Heaven’s Veredict) Set 4 – Boots & Weapon
(Ascendant Dragon) Set 5 – Armor,Boots,Gloves,Weapon,Ring & Ammy

(Phoenix Fire) Set 1 – Ring & Amulet
(Sun Fire) Set 2 – Armor & Weapon
(Celestial Tiger) Set 3 – Gloves & Boots
(Spirit Rage) Set 4 – Armor,Weapon,Gloves & Boots
(Celestial Dragon) Set 5 – Armor,Weapon,Gloves,Boots,Ring & amulet[/b]

Fujin Set

(Star Fragment) Set 1 – Ring & Amulet
(Hunter’s Moon) Set 2 – Armor & Weapon
(Assassin’s) Set 3 – Armor,Gloves & Boots
(Blizzard’s) Set 4 – Boots & Weapon
(Shadow Kirin) Set 5 – Armor,Boots,Gloves,Weapon,Ring & Ammy

(MoonStone) Set 1 – Ring & Amulet
(Dark Wraith) Set 2 – Armor & Weapon
(Night Hunter) Set 3 – Gloves & Boots
(Winter’s) Set 4 – Armor,Weapon,Gloves & Boots
(Moon Kirin) Set 5 – Armor,Weapon,Gloves,Boots,Ring & Amulet

Jin Set

(Oni Eye) Set 1 – Ring & Amulet
(Hades) Set 2 – Armor & Weapon
(StormCloud) Set 3 – Armor,Gloves & Boots
(Obsidian) Set 4 – Boots & Weapon
(Devils) Set 5 – Armor,Boots,Gloves,Weapon,Ring & Ammy


(Ruby Dragon) Set 1 – Ring & Amulet
(HellFire) Set 2 – Armor & Weapon
(Indomitable) Set 3 – Gloves & Boots
(BoneSplitter) Set 4 – Armor,Weapon,Gloves & Boots
(Soul Reaver) Set 5 – Armor,Weapon,Gloves,Boots,Ring & Amulet

Fighting the boss

This is not my screen shot I have not yet fought one of these bosses but I will tell you what they said about fighting this boss.

This boss dropped a Warlord rare amulet.

Fighting, the boss does aprox. 40k damage (Including elemental damage) So you will need a good amount of hp to fight him, also he is like labyrinth boss in that he will stun you for around 20~30 seconds. Each time you use your key if you die to return it will deduct 1 minute from your time. So be sure to have lots of hp and be ready to tank a strong boss. In addition from what i’ve been told this boss can also stun you while you’re already stunned so in effect it gets 2 attacks for the price of one.

Thank you for taking the time to read my guide, please karma if it was helpful and help me correct any mistakes I may have made by posting contrary to what I have said and I will fix it, thank you! ^^

Credits: Thanks to johnfix for the screenshots of boss.
Aeria games for patch notes Razz
ChronoChaos: Correcting me on # of keys, 7 not 6
FleshMonkey: Name of sets

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