Twelve Sky 2 Upgrading Rares Guide

Twelve Sky 2 Upgrading Rares Guide by GDawg666

Ok, I got bored and decided to make a guide for upgrading rares.

What is upgrading?
Upgrading is turning a rare or an elite item to the next level of that same item making it more powerful.

This guide will show you step by step and teach you the basics. You can use the same steps for ANY rare or elite in the game. (Steps do not have to be followed exactly. You can enchant 1 item first or combine first. It doesnt matter) For this guide I am going to show you starting with combining the items first.

Step 1: Getting the required items

First thing you need to do is gather the required items to upgrade a rare. At this point you would already have 1 rare that you are using and that is why you want to upgrade it.


First thing you need is 2 rare items of the same type and level. As you can see for this guide I chosen to use 2 rare level 55 swords. (Note: 1 rare item HAS to be clean. Meaning it can NOT have any enchants on it.)

Step 2: Combining

After you have aquired 2 of the same rares/elites, you need to combine them.


Talk to the blacksmith in your faction and click on the combine section. In this area you need to add your 2 items. (Note: You must put the clean item in the material side) After you combine, (Assuming that you were succesful) you will notice that you have 1 item in your inventory. If you look at that item you see under the name of the item CS:1. Which stands for Combine Stage 1. If you fail at combining, you will only lose the silver it costs to combine.

Step 3: Enchanting the Item

Now that you have the combine stage, you need to enchant the item to 12% or higher to upgrade it.

Go back to the blacksmith in your faction and go to the enchanting page. Here you add your rare item and a material to enchant with. Here is used a SOE (steel of eternity) cause it gives the 12% you need. If you fail at upgrading, you will lose your material, silver costs and your item will drop 3% if it already has enchants on it. Your item will not lose the CS:1 if you fail enchanting. When you succed your item now have CS:1 and 12% enchantment.

Step 4: Upgrading to the Next Level

Now that you have your item ready, it is time to finish the upgrade.


Now you want to talk to the begger in your faction and click on upgrade. In this page you want to add your item and use either a purple jade or a red jade as your material item. When you succeed, your rare item will become the next level of that item. Using these swords as an example, my rare 55 sword becomes a rare 65 sword. After upgrading you will lose the CS:1 and the 12%. Note: If you had more the 12% on your item, you will only lose the 12% that is need. If you fail at upgrading, you will lose the material item and silver costs for upgrading.

Example: For my swords, lets say I had 48% enchant on it when it was still level 55. When I upgrade, I only lose 12% so that my rare 65 sword would have 24% enchant on it.

I hope this guide helps those who need it.

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