Twelve Sky 2 How to Farm Elites Guide

Twelve Sky 2 How to Farm Elites Guide by fouatih

Since we always saw how many people want elites and i will provide you with some information but i will have to say if you want to farm elites it will cost hard work but while ur doing that hard work u will gain alot of money..

The Elite Guide

There are actually 2 Easy ways to farm elites and i have tryed 1 of these steps while farming elites my self but it was in the MAYN version but MAYN and aeria version are almost the same except MAYN version is dead….well lets get on how to get the elites

1st Step is: To camp lvl106-112 War..Because that war in special you have 10% chance of droping an elite in that war WHY? because in that war you can get lvl 100 elites….lvl 110 elites…lvl M3 elites so that 3 elites which drop in that war and u have high chance of it

2nd step: hardest step but will make alot of money: this step is to farm on serpentine Knight and must use a damage pet Since i relised the more damage you do to them the better the drop and this is the way i got my elites on 12sky2 MAYN i farmed on them for 3 weeks farmed them 5 hours a day and what i got in that 3 weeks was Elite ring…Elite armor…Elite gloves..and the good thing was i got a bunch of M2-M5 rares which i made almost 400mil out of selling them…
and when ur farming dont use the 2x xp scroll because when u use that its like the % of getting rare/elite drops down and it sucks and when ur farming serpentines start on them at lvl 100 if u have a 100% bee or 100% Relic pet…or if u dont its better to start on them at off you char will requir alot of luck..i had to get my char to 1.1k luck to get those drops..(How did you get 1.1k luck!!!!) well how i got it was i had full luck set i had 96% ammy and i had Tenons Prayer aka Garuda song which gave me something like 1102 luck

Days of which the elites i got….

1st drop for me Elite ring-5 days of farming..farming 5 hours a day
2nd drop for me elite glove-1 week of farming..farming 5 hours a day
3rd drop for me elite armor-3 weeks of farming..farming 5 hours a day


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