Twelve Sky 2 Master Level Quickly Guide

Twelve Sky 2 Master Level Quickly Guide by KonnoV

So you want to play Twelve Sky2 or simply want another char? Use this guide to get to Master Level 1 (level 113) quickly!

*I did NOT reroll jin. I’m using jin because I never made one before lol. This guide CAN work with each faction, except nangin of course lol. Just try and find similar mobs and the cave layouts are all the same.

*This guide is if you are trying to HARDCORE GRIND, not casual :3

*If you ever find yourself too broke to do anything and can’t do war. Buy some AP and help benefit you and this awesome company called aeriagames. Use the web item mall and relog to get your ap item, should be in the bank

*Rare Skills you need to be finding (or buy) o.o
Heaven’s Shield – Gives 50% extra HP
Heaven’s Blow -Increase chance of deadly blow
Guarda Prayer – gives 50% more luck
Thunder Hale (6th kat skill, fujin)
Falling Sky (6th spear skill, Jin)
Fire Burst (6th Blade skill, Guan
Do not get 7th multi skill. Its extremely slow compared to 5th multi skill. ONLY get if you have elite kat (which gives bonus to it.)

When you first make your character on ts2, you’ll see that there is 3 factions and 3 weapons to choose from. You are going to want to choose the power weapon.

Power Weapons are….
Fujin: Katana
Jin: Spear
Guan: Blade
This is your best weapon for grinding and pvp.

ONLY focus on Str and Vit. Chi and Dex are useless, believe me.

Congrats, you were smart enough to pick a server and make a character!

Now what?

When you start, you’ll notice some old guy telling you that he has quest for you. Do follow the quests til you reach level 2. If you have trouble finding the quest NPCs, press H and you’ll be able to see where each person is at.
When you press H, it should look like below

When you reach the guard captain in the quest line he should push your exp and you’ll be level 2. yay! Now press C and you’ll see your stat window. For now, put all 5 in str to raise your dmg up so you can kill the begining mobs quickly. It should look like below

Also! Accept the quest that the guard captain gives you. It should be like kill one Kolbod. This quest is important because you need to finish that and be level 10 to talk in faction chat. The quest should be the same as below.

go outside and meet your first Kolbod. They aren’t friendly so KILL THEM! Just head out the front gate and say hi! Kill These guys til level 7. Your stats should be similar to mine. (make sure to find a lvl 5-7 spear while you grind on here)

Gratz you’re level 7 o.o You should have 6 skill points and use them to get your basic skills. Aoe, Multi , Speed buff, Dmg Buff and Run skill. As you grind, max out AOE first.

Alright now that you have your basic skills, head over out the front gate again and find yourself a Great White Ape. This is the first low level mini boss. He drops good stuff for you to sell so you can get some HP and Chi Pills.

Kill these mean Apes til you reach level 10. You’re stats should be similar to mine. I forgot to take a pic after i took the stats but I just put 10 more in vit and 5 in str. So ti would be 16vit and 31str.

Once you reach level 10, go to the herbalist and grab some pills. If you don’t have enough to support yourself, kill some more apes to get your money up. :3 You want to put Chi and HP pills M. They are 1 silver each so a 1 stack of 99 would cost… 99 silver. What i did is bought 2 columns of HP tabs and 1 columns of Chi tabs. The herbalist is in town so no pic needed.

There is an option here, try and find more apes or start getting use to the aoe grind. I AoE, which is the area of effect move, these mobs til level 13. KEEP putting it in vit til level 13. Once you reach level 13, head down to the Blacksmith and Tailor to get the level 13 gear. The mobs i chose to grind on are below

As soon as you got your level 13 gear head out to the front gate keep going out. You should run into a Disloyal Madien or Exiled Vagabond. You have an option of AoE grinding the Vagabond of killing Disloyal Maidens, which are the next mini boss for low levels. I chose to AoE grind the vagabonds because i couldn’t find much Maidens. Grind on These til lvl 16 The monsters should look like below.

When you hit 16, your stats should like the the pic below. Head over back to the Tailor and blacksmith and grab yourself the lvl 16 set. I was lucky enough to find a unique spear lvl 16 so i used that instead of the common one at the blacksmith. You are going to grind at Mercenaries til level 20. This can be tricky. You gather a lot and they have the double hit attack which can result to death so be sure to spam the pills if needed. for Level 16-20 pump your stat points in vit! Vit is the key to survive the grinding in the cave in the second map when you reach level 20. Mercenaries spawn at the end of the map so be sure to not die because its a long walk back.

When you hit level 19, you can either wait for a war or just grind to level 20. When i hit level 19 war popped up and luckily i was level 19 with 90% so if i won war i would be level 20. The level 10-19 war is Team Deathmatch really. When you win you get 10% and 100k. You get some money and % too for losing so if you are in need of cash, jump on in war even if you are going to lose. Just kill the enemy faction. like below ;3 Oh and your stats should look like below also.

Level 20-29

This is where the grinding begins! You are going to head the cave in the second map. ALL the mobs are agro so that helps for the AoE Skill. You are going to want to stay on the bucket Soldiers til 29 or 30. I stopped at 29 because i ran out of pills xD Make sure to pick up Uniques, mainly spear, armor, ring, necky, gloves and boots. Pick up common rings and neckys! They are good to sell at the NPCs for pill money. lvl 20-29 Pump all your new stat points to vit.
Here is entrance to cave (Its in all faction’s Second map so it should be hard to find for Guans and Fujins)

At level 25

at level 29

Your AoE Should be maxed by late 20s… Once its maxed, start point skill points in your DMG buff(can be found in support tab).
Level 29-43/45

Skip the second Mob in the cave. Go find a good spot with dreadlords in it. You are going to wanna stay on Dreadlords until level 45. Reason why you should stay is to farm up on 45 rares. Once you get a power weapon 45 rare, enchant it with any enchant materials you find. You can enchant at the blacksmith. If you go over 60% in enchanting, there is a risk of the item being broken. I was lucky enough to find lvl 45 gloves, ring boots and armor while i was grinding there. I stopped at 43 because there wasn’t many good spots left. If you can find the Level 30 Multi and Single hit skill (also called 4th and 5th skill), make sure to grab them. They are useful later on. Focus on getting your str back up to 76. Once its 76, keep pumping it in vit.

Level 4x-5x
Head down to your 3rd map. There should be a cave there also. You want to run to that cave and grind there. from 43-5x (up to you when you wanna stop) you want to grind on Rose Assassins. I stopped at 50 because exp was getting slow and I could get better exp somewhere else They drop 55 rares and rare skills, which is good. You can either get really luck and find good skills to sell/use or be unlucky (like me lol) and get only 2 rares. Keep pumping your stat points into vit. Your str should remain around 76ish, you can put it a bit higher tho. Skill that should be maxed are: DMG buff, Attack Speed buff, AoE and Run. When you max all those head to the skill trainer and get the charge skill. Its important for pvp later on.

Level 5x-65
When you get around 50-55, go to the 4th map. You are going to grind there til 90. You have an option to kill Frozen Maidens or Evil SwordMaidens. from 50-65 pump your stat points all in str, you have enough hp to survive that cave with adding points in vit. You want 150str before you start adding it up in vit again. Skills you should be trying to find, level 30 Multi/single hit (aka 4th and 5th) and the level 60 (6th skill) single hit for your power weapon. Press H if you need to find out the name. Flip to the right page with all the skills. Keep buying HP/Chi Pills M, you should be able to survive fine. If you need more hp from pills, go and buy HP pills L. When you ever you get in town, go grab the Stun/anti-stun skill and the jump skill, max them in any order.


Level 65-90
Keep grinding in the cave til about level 80. When you hit lvl 65 start grinding on those Kickmaster maidens. Start buying HP pills L, you probably wont survive grinding on the kicking girlies. Continue to buy Chi Pills M tho! These mobs drop 85 rares! Try and get 85 power weap, armor and ring. When you hit lvl 80, you will see exp starts to get slower and slower. You have an option to grind on another mob. Head out of the cave and head to the end of the 4th map. You’ll see Unholy Escort leaders. grind on these til level 90. They are NOT agro so you have to pull them yourself. They do a double hit so spam those pills! Your hp should be high enough to aoe them fine. Start off only aoeing 3-4. Once you get use to it, grind on more. As soon as you get your str to 150, PUMP in vit. You want 7k when you hit 90. If you hit 7k before, like i did, start getting your str up to 200.

Kickmasters o.o

Unholy Escort Leaders
at level 85

at 90

Level 90-100
Nothing really much to say, by now you should be some what familiar with the game and don’t really need my help. At level 90-100 pump your stat points in str. Make your str 220-250 before you start adding points in vit again. Grind on Reanimated Soldiers til 100. They have a chance of dropping unique and rare skills. You SHOULD be fine using HP pills L but if you don’t want to go for constant repilling, using HP tabs S or M. They are expensive so don’t go broke buying them.

Use the Gate Master til you find this map, its the same for all factions. Go to the cave on the very left of map.

The mobs you grind on in the cave look like…


Oh my, You are almost Master level! You want to have around 430ish Vit and 300ish str by the time you hit m1. For 100-112, You grind on Serpent knights. These guys can drop elite gear so its worth grinding on them.. even til master level. When you hit 112, you are going to notice your exp dropped hardcore. 112 is one of the hardest levels (to a lot of people). If you can survive this, you can survive grinding to M33 (level 145). At 112, you have a choice of grinding on 3 mobs. Serpent Knights are easy to kill and good for farming… but its low exp rate. Berserkers are in the middle. You can get pretty good stuff from these guys but the only bad thing is that you have to gather them, they are not aggro. Then finally Demonic Harvesters. These guys have the best exp for 112.. they have good drops also. I got GP from them while i was grinding this character. Only thing bad about these guys is that they hurt like poo. So if you want to grind on these guys, Make sure your Defense is up high (by enchanting armor). :]

Serpent Knights!


Where find the demonic Harvesters…. use the gate master to find this map

then head to the cave to the right of the map… Demonic Harvesters should be the first Mobs in that cave


Congratz, you are master level!!!! Now you have to option to join Nangin ;] are you willing to fight beside your faction or betray them and wear a hat ;o

Another m1 that i made. 2/21/10. took me about 3 and a half hours because i d/c and was looking around for gears a lot >_<

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