Stellar Impact Beginner’s Tips

Stellar Impact Beginner’s Tips by tanky

Since nobody has posted anything in this section yet i figured i may as well have a go at sharing a few things that i have picked whilst playing, im not saying any of these things are going to be right only what ive concluded from play and i encourage folk to correct me if wrong.

1) Teamwork! Teamwork! Teamwork! You have to work together if you want to win. In almost all cases 2 ships working together will bring down 1 ship by itself no matter the ship class. Overall how a team plays together can vary and it does not have to revolve solely around 2 or more ships constantly fighting it out, you can out maneuver your opponent for example. Just be sure to communicate and share a common strategy with your team mate(s).

2) Try to avoid dying. Sounds obvious i know but some times the temptation to fight to the end in the hope of doing that bit extra damage to the enemy is high when you would be better served by leaving combat and repairing at base if you can. The time it takes you to respawn after death ive noticed gets longer, however i am not sure if this is based on how many times you die or if it changes at set time intervals(ill change this bit when i know).

3) Slow down. In combat it is often a good idea especially for larger ships to slow down and not go full speed as they will turn better which makes it easier to bring your guns to bear on target. Keep in mind enemy torpedoes in particular and be ready to change direction and/or speed. You will often find that in combat ships will circle each other in an effort to keep their main guns on target and the general goal here is to try and put yourself in a position where you have more guns directed at the enemy than they do at you, so if you can place your ship side on and directly behind him then you will be doing more damage than you receive.

4) Use the right skills at the right time. Simply put make sure to pick the right skills for your ship and style of play, fast ships pack in a couple of movement skills like quantum leap or stealth, heavy ships think tank or gank. There is no right or wrong setup but there ways to get the most out of your chosen ships strengths. Use those skills at the right time, quantum leap to dodge missiles or to pass through asteroid fields unharmed, shield boost(forget the actual name oops) when your own shields are drained and you are in the middle of 2-3 enemy’s with full or partial shields. Learn how your skills work under different conditions.

5) Make use of the battle space. Your not fighting in empty space so use the map, hide in a nebula(blue fuzzy gas cloud thingy!), quantum leap a asteroid to escape an enemy or reach an objective, get behind a lone asteroid to block an enemy’s shot and at the same time hold your fire until he is in view again(escort ship shields also work in a similar way). And don’t forget to try and pull the enemy into range of your turrets, that extra fire power can make all the difference.

Well that will do for now i reckon, it’s just a few things ive picked up in my short time playing and i welcome feedback be it positive or negative. Personally i favour the larger ship class and this may or may not reflect in some of my advice but i have been keen to try out smaller classes after watching other players use them very well.

That just leaves me to give you my last tip which is to have fun and be nice, it’s only a game.

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