Stellar Impact Tactical Maneuvers List For Ship Combat

Stellar Impact Tactical Maneuvers List For Ship Combat

Positioning is an important aspect of naval battles. Here is a list of tactical maneuvers that can be used in combat to defeat your opponent.


A good start is half the battle won. Understand the various ways to begin a frontal engagement to improve your chances of coming out ahead.

The Dive

  • a mostly disadvantageous maneuver
  • you will over extend and be devoured by the enemy’s teammates
  • not recommended

The Carousel

stellar impact carousel

  • standard defensive engaging maneuver in a team
  • cut engine power after your first shots from the front turrets to increase turning speed
  • fall back to your team after firing a full broadside salvo
  • often you will be able to dodge missiles and shots from the enemy when falling back as auto aiming does not compensate for your turning
  • reload and repeat

The Hourglass

  • similar to The Carousel
  • allows ship to engage from different angles

The Standoff

  • The Standoff maneuver allows your front turrets to constantly fire upon the target while maintaining your distance
  • best used when the enemy is being conservative and keeping a distance

The Boss

  • mainly used by heavy ships with limited maneuverability
  • good for maintaining full offensive damage on the enemy
  • rotate the ship to keep all turrets on target


Dog Fighting

Often you will find yourself in a Mano-a-mano situation where there is just you and your enemy. Learning the various tactics used in a dog fight will ensure that you come out on top.

The Tango

  • standard dog fighting maneuver as each ship tries to stay on the back of the other ship
  • the faster ship will usually win as they can out maneuver their target and enter The Ass Man maneuver

The Ass Man

  • keeping your broadside on the enemy while moving to stay behind their ship
  • this is the most advantageous position as the enemy only has their rear turrets firing at you

The Ass Man Counter

  • to counter someone on your ass, do not try to turn towards their rear like when you are in The Tango
  • instead, cut your engines and turn towards their front. this will result in something similar to The Full On



Congratulations, you have shown the enemy ship who is the better captain and now they are fleeing the battle. Now learn the various ways to ensure their demise.

The Full On
stellar impact full on

  • aggressive maneuver. maximum offense while keeping the distance small.
  • only use this maneuver when you have a significant advantage and want to secure the kill
  • be prepared to take some damage from the enemy
  • it is usually better to transition into The Snake Chase

The Snake Chase
stellar impact snake chase

  • sacrifices chasing speed to maintain full turret fire
  • have a feel for the reload times on your turrets to know when to tilt your ship
  • transitions into a straight chase when target gets further away.

The Straight Chase
stellar impact straight chase

  • best used when the target is a distance away and might move out of your range soon
  • the full speed of your ship is utilized while maintaining your front turret fire
  • burst damage is sacrificed so that the target’s chance of running out of range is minimized

The Conservative
stellar impact conservative

  • used when the enemy’s teammates are coming to them and your ship has already taken significant damage
  • minimize the risk of getting killed by turning around for a last full salvo and then retreating to your teammates
  • the enemy is probably going to get away, but at least you don’t get yourself killed



-Work in Progress-

The Runner

The Snake Escape

The Surprise

The Houdini

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