Prison Tale Automech Guide

Prison Tale Automech Guide by Spirit

As we all got to know though time, theres many ways to build a mech. One of the more uncommen yet one of the oldest variants is the Automech, sometimes also refered to as a bowmech. But even this build have variants and I will try to cover them later. First of all, let me cover the pro’s and con’s of the automech.

– Doesnt relay on skills for leveling = no need for mana pots
– Able to sell all the mana he finds to the mana addicts
– Cheap gear compared with other mech builds
– Cheap hunter = Don’t need a lot of pots ect, just some forces and hp pots
– Relaxing hunter = Golem tanks, you just sit back and recast the golem if it dies.

– Proberly one of the slowest classes to level. (full tank mech and partybased ata level around the same speed)
– No spam skills = not able to pvp
– No spam skills = Always get outdamaged by party members, so not many drops
– Low hp = watch out for ranged mobs, THEY HURT.
– Low overall damage = trouble finding parties, many dont want to be slowed down

Extreme shield, Mech weapon mastery, Automation, Golem and Magnetic Sphere.

Alright now on to the different builds. These 3 are the most commen ones

100% pure Automech
Str – 92
Spirit – 36
Talent – 80/90
Health – base
Agi – everything theres left

Why Str 92 ? Thats the max str needed for MS bows. Now, MS bows are rare, you dont wanna risk not being able to use one when you finally get it. 92 str also covers an AS FMA, AS/ATA gaunts/boots and a MS blaze. Your last bracelet will be a ms justice bracelet (lvl 70).
Spirit 36 is the max spirit needed for later bows, this also covers ms sparky and magic jewelry. Talent 80 is the requirement for bows (except a few which can be skipped) However I recommend raising talent to 90 to cover javelins requirement too, that will give you a 1-handed weapon allowing you to use your shield in a pinch. The 100% pure build is not supposed to get hit at all and therefore can leave health at base. Like the pure archers, the 100% pure auto is a glasscannon. It sacrifices everything for damage.

Pure Automech
Str – 111
Spirit – 42/52/64
Talent – 80/90
Health – base
Agi – everything that’s left

Str 111 covers AS spiked armor, gloves/boots/brace in ms 80d as well as a minimum str ms great shield (gs is the first shield with 20% base block). I will leave spirit up to you depending on just how pure you wanna go, my personal prefences is slowly raising spirit with the levels. A raid is more than enough op to lvl 70. Once you get your tier 4 skills, the mana cost starts to raise. I recommend changing to trans at 80 and murky at 95, but as I said, in the end that’s up to you. Talent 80/90 as above. 80 for bows but 90 if you wanna have the choice of a javalin with a shield. This build is still pure so health is base, however feel free to add a little just don’t overdo it. You are still not meant to get hit, so don’t try to tank. That’s what the golem is for.

Balanced Automech

Str – 150
Spirit – 42/52/64
Talent – 80/90
Health – base + personal prefences
Agi – everything else

Str 150 covers all ms shields as well as an AS wyvern armor which pretty much covers you all the way to 99. Nothing to add to talent and spirit I didn’t say already. Now, a balanced build have options the pure doesn’t have. The higher armors means more def/abs and better survivability, this means you can actually tank a few mobs at the time in your level areas. You will do less damage than a pure, but you don’t have to waste time to avoid getting hit nearly as much. The balanced build is the easiest build for levelling of the 3 builds, however the pure builds are superior in later hunting areas.

Personally I recommend starting with a balanced and then use cashshop stones when you dont wanna level anymore and change to pure for hunting.

Archers/Atas vs Automechs
The pure archer and the pure automech is very alike. Both got pets to hide behind. But where the archer dont have the option of a 1-handed weapon, the automech can change to ata style and use a jav and shield for better survivel. The automech is both playstyles in one. But the main difference is that the automech dont have any spamable skills and therefor relays heavy on his faster attack speed. Also while both ata and archers are addicted to mana with capital A, the automech are only in need of a mana pot if drained by witches/chaos cara.

However If your goal with your char is damage, you should pick either ata or archer. Though Yedang specified that the mech is a master of all equipments, the mechs agi formula is a mess. Archers and Atas gain way more damage from agi that the mech does. Sad but true.

If you still have questions, feel free to pm me either here or in game. My ign is SpiritRage.

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