Prison Tale Archer Beginner’s Guide

Prison Tale Archer Beginner’s Guide by disfatboyddr

Considering this is a ultimate beginner guide, yes indeed it will be so it won’t be experienced player-friendly.This guide is made to have the most efficient leveling. Green will be Good, Red be bad, Blue be so-so.

About stats:
Max str: Should be 68 by the time you hit 101+, that’s if you are going scale armor build. Other then that, You can add up to 90 str for a perfect full metal armor. But I suggest keeping your str to 68 by the time you’re lvl 40.
Spirit: I’d keep spirit at around 55-59 depending on the murky you can afford or find that has perfect stats and nice spirit requirement. Murky is the best accessory for regen for an archer without risking too much atk power.
Agi: common sense, add it all there when u got nothing u need to add to lol.

I reccomend this website for Bow stats so you know how much str and talent you need to follow along: thanks to Vago.

Common questions: Where do I get my skills? The skillmaster at Ricarten lol.

Lvl 1-20 What to do?

Scout Hawk
If I were you , add 1 point to Scout Hawk and NO MORE. This skill is not completely useless, but it’s completely useless untill you are lvl 101+ ready for pvping. So let it stay at 1 until you hit lvl 101+…this skill only increases your attack rating.

Shooting Mastery
Okay, There has been debate whether to add tons into this early game, I’ll say from 1-20, keep it updated since you will need the skill anyways. It increases your damage passively.

Wind Arrow
This skill is the rivalry of Avalanche which you get in rank 2 and It’s up to you whether or not you would want this. This skill spends lot of mana, and in all honesty even at level 1 Spamming this skill got annoying. I’d say no to adding more than 1 point, but you can feel free to add it to 7 max for spammage.

Perfect Aim
This skill is only good against undead, keep it at one, no need to argue about it.

By the time you’re level 20 you should have every skill in Tier 1 as level 1, and shooting mastery should be 6.

Now it’s time for you to fight wolf doggys and you can find the bronze doggy at Bamboo Forest. The Bronze doggy is near the gates.

Now the Gold and silver doggy are a pain, they are located in Aracia Grove and uhh, make sure you bring at least 60 mini health pots for this. The Gold and silver can be found either near the entrance or in the huge lake that you can walk on near a NPC.

Now that you ranked up, you’re wandering what it means to redistribute. It means you reset all your skills, you don’t get your money back, you have to relevel every skill, and sigh… pointless at this level, so don’t redistribute.

What to do at lvl 20-40?

Dion’s Eye
Why is this skill so-so? It shouldn’t be added until lvl 101+ just for PvP, it only adds attack rating up to 100 at max, Epic fail….kind of….err….whatever.

Keep it at 1, it’s a useless piece of falcon that barely even make damage difference and is a waste of mana… keep it at 1, and it’s only fun to use it at early levels.

Arrow of Rage
I say this skill is so-so for tier 2 because even though it can mob, it doesn’t mob too well and you shouldn’t be soloing, you should be in parties just spamming left click on your mouse. So keep it at 1.

Lot of people say this skill epic fail, well I’ll say they epic fail as a archer. It’s a great skill to use even up to the map Oasis, and extremely great to use if you want to solo at the lvl 40 Dungeon. Get this to lvl 10.

By the time you hit 40, you should have lvl 6 Avalanche and lvl 6 Shooting mastery, and lvl 1 everything else.

Ok now you’re level 40 and now what you do? You go grab your rank up quest and get your lovely bow….

Since this bow is not permanent, following my guide will make everything faster and easier for you, but will consume money at the end. Just sell raidents you find for 100-200k and you’ll be fine.

The quest tells you to kill monsters, Kill every monster it tells you to up to Titans so you have the strongest bow until lvl 59 and DON’T finish rank up quest unless you’re level 52. You wan’t to be able to use the best bow until lvl 52 and “MOST” your skills are pathetic and weak until lvl 52, so just don’t talk to skillmaster until you’re 52 for your own good.

While you level to 52, Get Ava to lvl 10 and upgrade shooting mastery up.

Okay by the time you get to this level you’re wondering why I told you to not rank up till 52, here’s why, when you are 52 go talk to your skillmaster and rank up, REDISTRIBUTE your skills and get lvl 1 everything and have Shooting mastery at lvl 10, and have Perforate at lvl 1 because that’s all you can get it to.

Tier 3 skills:

Elemental Shot
Worst skill ever, no need to explain, it’s useless. Ok I’ll explain, you don’t need elemental damage because there’s mages. Keep it at level 1

Golden Falcon
Keep it at level 1, 1 hp regeneration per second is good enough, and it’s damage aint so great either, so just keep it at 1.

Bum Shot
Kind of pathetic just like Elemental Shot because…. it’s just a little stronger than wind arrow?

Ahhh, the skill you have been waiting for, the ultimate skill which you achieve at level 52 if you follow my guide perfectly. This baby is a must, get it to lvl 10 ASAP. It helps you mob in a straight line, so practice your linear points and it consumes lot of mana so make sure you loot every mana pot you see.

Now that you’re level 60…. you should have lvl 10 shooting mastery and lvl 6 perforation, And um… I’m also only just level 60 and I still have to wait 4 more days until I can rank up because APPARENTLY the quest tells you to wait 5 days then come back to him so yeah GG.

I’ll keep the guide up to date as I play more, you can find me on Awell, my IGN: is Alternanatives and It really should have been Alternatives, but I guess I mistyped.

Thank you for reading

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