Prison Tale Pro SOD Score Guide

Prison Tale Pro SOD Score Guide by OdDeSeY

SOD or Survived OR DIE

First of all players should know on how every seals works

Stun Seal stuns all monster for 10 Seconds
Freeze Seal Slows all monster for 10 seconds
Quake Seal Damages all monster about 30-40% of it’s Life
Staygian Seal Summons Staygian Lord
Guardian Seal Summons Guardian Divine
Rabie Seal Summons King Rabie that gives Score depending on the Round
+5000 points gives 5k score

By all these means you must use the seals wisely for example Rabie has less score at Round 1 than round 2 if you do have a time on reserving it for round 2 then go for it the most effective way in gaining score is to kill monsters as fast as you can never grab freeze and stun seal for it will cost a delay, quake seals are more precious at round 7-8 for it will help you to gain more scores every second is crucial at SOD so it’s effective if you also use Magic forces, Murky to Devine will do..

Skill should be at it’s best

Tornado lvl 5 for Pikes
Perforation lvl 10 for Archers
Storm Javelin lvl 10 for Atalanta’s
Brandish lvl 10, Sword Justice 10(optional) for knights
Divine lightning 10, Chain Lightning 10 for Priestess’s
Diastroprism lvl 1, Metoerite 10, Flame wave 10(optional) for Mage’s
Spark lvl 10, Spark shield lvl 10 for Mechanicians.

this is only for SOD

Have fun on SOD the new SOD Score table 2m-2.3m Then again it’s all about luck

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