Prison Tale Fighter Builds Guide

Prison Tale Fighter Builds Guide by xxtokkixx

PvP build:

Hp: base keep it at 27

Spirit: I think it´s best with mumu so 64 spir. stat 0.9 0.9 spec 0.3 0.9
some ppl like trans better for more strenght but then u can do less skills.

Agility: u need 72-76 agility for 80d boots (some ppl use holy boots for extra strenght but that makes you miss alot)

Talent: should be at 90 for lvl 80d stuff

Strenght: the rest

pvP build is about having lots of strenght.

for the skills

Melee mastery : lvl 10

brutal swing: lvl 10 (better crit on ac)

Destroyer: lvl 10 ( the skill u will use for killing pikes ^^ )

Roar: lvl 2 or 3 stun your enemies for a few sec… effective if u got many atking u at the same time. or u just wanna have fun with a pike

Swift axe/Concentration: speed or hit? I prefer hit so I keep concentration at lvl 7. not perfect hit but better.

hp: this is a good skill. increase it after destroyer. makes +10 hp everytime u increase.

tip for pvp: when u see that the pike throwes up his spear in the air and starts running at you. TAP POT POT POT POT POT POT POT POT and wish that u have god with u so u don´t lag =)

PvE build
Im not good at this build since I build after the build above.

but I think u need some more hp on your stats.

lvl up bone crash for demon hunt (effective in s1/s2)

I don´t know but I would say that u should lvl the cyklone strike for damaging manny enemies at once.

Roar might be good to.

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