LOCO Physical and Magic Attack Explanation

LOCO Physical and Magic Attack Explanation by MonkeyGangsta

This is a thread explaining how physical attack and magic attack works with screenshots.

Ok so let’s start with physical attack. Ok so all melee weapons in this game are physical attack based, while ranged are magic attack. But ranged and melee still has physical attack/magical attack added to them which means it doesnt matter which one you increase from items it will always increase damage, but every hero has a main damage “Physical or Magic attack” which means you should focus on that one to make your damage even higher.

For a nosferatu using ranged. His physical is 20 and Magic is 30.

If you change to his melee sword you see his physical damage is now higher and is 25 while magic attack dropped to 23.

Now let’s start with nosferatu ranged, if you increase magic attack you will obviously get higher damage, and if you increase physical damage you will still get damage added but it will be less than magic attack.

And nosferatu melee will not really matter which one he increases they both are almost at the same point so which ever you decide to upgrade will be good.

Now let’s move on to the defence items.

Let’s say the entire enemy team is ranged. Now the question comes, do i increase physical or magic defence? Answer is magic attack. Like i told you before all ranged weapons are magic attack based while melee is physical. And if the enemy team is all ranged simply increase magic defence, and if melee physical damage.

But now you ask yourself, what if there’s both ranged and melee users? Simply go for the items that increase both magic and physical defence.

But remember that some ranged heroes have melee weapons too and if they change to those it will turn them into physical damage dealers.

If you want to see what your heroes main damage is simply click “Manage Hero” then look on the bottom under “Attack” to see it.

Also remember that magical attack does not increase your skill damage, Intelligence increases your magic damage from skills.

Hope this helped some of you confused players

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