LOCO Merino DPS Brief Guide

LOCO Merino DPS Brief Guide by MonkeyGangsta

This is my guide to the ultimate dps merino.

This will only be a simple guide to help you out.

When you can always increase 1000000 Volt, this is the main skill that youre gona use alot.

Also focus on Sheep Charisma this will be very helpful and prevent enemies from recalling, so use sheep charisma when they’re low enough hp for you to kill them. If you use it wisely you will have no problems killing anyone. I also use it when i want to escape from enemy.

Those are your 2 main skills.

Ofcourse you should always upgrade Golden Bell when you can, this will help you prevent recallers and most importantly escapers, it also helps your team to get enemy team below half hp or even kill them all. You can go Summon Medawan if you want but golden bell is usually better for you and your team.

You can whenever you want upgrade Wool cushion or Be Vegeterian, they will be a great help for you. Wool cushion keeps you alive and also helps you gain advantage over your enemy.

Be Vegetarian prevents enemy from using potions any potions, and if he has a potion activated let’s say heal/mp/immunity, the spell cancels those potions and also damages him so it’s very useful.

So that means you wont have to worrie about your enemy using heal pots to stay alive or any movement speed potions to escape.

That’s the skill build explained.

Item Build

I wont give you an exact guide on this.

All i have to say is, focus on magic attack items and a few defence items. Basically increase your basic attack damage as much as you possible can, since you only have 1 damage spell it’s good if you rely on your basic attacks. And defence items is to keep yourself alive longer and not be so squishy.

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