LOCO Frequently Asked Questions by MonkeyGangsta

Ok so many new people are asking alot of questions. And just by watching videos i can answer some of them.

If you want to see an interview from the game check this out http://www.mmoreviews.com/land-of-chaos … interview/ “Thanks to noname for this link”


1. What type of game is Land of chaos?

LOCO is a RTS/RPG/TPS combined together, the game is an inspiration version of a famous mod called DOTA (Defence of the Ancients), The point of the game is to destroy enemy base before the enemy team destroys yours, or you can play the PvP mode and only kill players and win when you killed the required amount of players.

2. What is TPS?

Third Person Shooter/Slasher, it basically means that this game is a hack n slash game where you need to aim your camera and use right mouse click to hit someone. So instead of being a boring click n wait mmo where you double click a player/monster twice to attack, the game is instead an action type of game where you need somewhat skills to be good, if it helps gameplay is almost like S4 League.

3. Is this game room based or free open world?

Room based. The game simply is room based because it’s RTS, no RTS games can really be free open world, not yet anyway maybe in the future but i doubt it would be a good RTS.

4. When/How can i play this game?

Open Beta has opened everyone can play the game now.

5. How many heroes does this game have?

Right now there are 12 heroes for LOCO. For more info on these heroes click here,there will be more heroes in the future they plan on making more than 30 heroes, the heroes will be released 1 by 1 with updates that come every week/month.

6. What modes does this game have?

LOCO has 2 modes at the moment.

Battlefield and Annhilation, Battlefield is a mode where you have to destroy your enemies base to win.

Annhilation is a PvP mode where you can play all the way up to 8vs8 and instead of destroying base to win, you have to kill 30 enemies before enemy team does it.

7. What are the Required/Recommended system specs for this game?

Here they are

System Requirements

Required | Recommended
CPU | Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz or higher | Intel Quad Core 2.4 GHz or higher
RAM | 1GB | 2GB
System Memory | 3GB of Storage | 3GB of Storage
Operating System | Windows XP/Vista/7 | Windows XP/Vista/7
Graphics Card | Nvidia 6600 Series | Nvidia 7600 Series
Direct X | Direct x 9.0c | Direct x 9.0c

Required | Recommended
Charts can be found here http://www.cpubenchmark.net/ if you wish to compare.

Graphics Card | ATI Radeon X1800 Series | ATI Radeon HD 3870 Series
I would recommend ATI Radeon HD 4850 Series or Higher if you are running resolutions over 1600×1200

Charts can be found here, ATI http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/131
Nvidia http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/132

Credits to noname for ATI System Requirements.

8. How is the cash shop/ingame shop in this game?

This game does not have a cash shop yet.

As for the ingame shop, you can buy equipment for your heroes that increase your stat and you can also upgrade them for free.

I can guess that there will be plenty of more stuff in the shop in OB.

9. How does the target system in this game work doesn’t this remove the skill based facture?

Basically everyone has ability to target an enemy allowing ranged users to hit the enemies alot easier and cast spells alot easier, i mean can you imagine how difficult it would be for someone to cast a spell on a player without target? It would be too easy to dodge and you would never hit with your spells that’s why the targeting is there too help the spells actually hit.

It helps balancing the game so that ranged/magic users stands a chance. But for example Randy Rozz sniping skill does not get a targeting he has to aim the shot himself, same goes for melee users attacks.

So the game is still skill based alot.

10. What countries can play this game?

All countries can play atm.

11. How does lag work in this game do laggers get an advantage? (Teleporting, Unable to kill etc)

This is how it works P2S2P (Peer 2 Server 2 Peer)

Meaning that if someone lags, it won’t disrupt the entire room. The sole person at a loss will be the one lagging. This means you wont see if anyone lags neither will you have an issue hitting them or anything, if they lag it’s their loss not yours. “Credits too DarkFragment for this answer”

12. Can you pick between 3 heroes only?

This game allows you to have 3 heroes in one game that you can choose from when you die and one that you start with.

As soon as you die you have option to keep playing same char or switch and play another hero between your 3 options.

And you can have alot more heroes than 3 but you can only have 3 heroes ingame to choose from, they let you select what heroes you want to bring with you.

13. Is there a rejoin function if you disconnect?

If one of your teammates disconnect there will be a vote if you want to surrender and have an intrusion. If you vote yes on intrusion it lets anyone join the room and replace your old teammate, but the next guy who joins is allowed to play any hero he wants but he will start as the same level the guy who disconnected was and all his items will be sold and the gold will be placed on the intrusioner.

14. Is there a guild feature in this game?

Yes there is.

There is Guild Levels for your guild, everytime you level up your guild you get new slots to add more members and more guild rooms.

Max guild level is 30 and at level 30 you can have 150 Member Slots, Starting slots is 20 and every level you gain 5 new slots.

15. Does this game work for windows 7?

Yes it does

16. How do i change my key settings ingame?

Simply go to options then control and click key mapping, there you can drag the options to keys that you prefer to use.

17. How do i gain character cards?

You can do mission boards that give you them, or finish the tutorial and get 1 free. And last way to get them is by buying them in market.

18. What does physical and magical attack do?

Both physical and magical attack increases your basic damage, but every hero has different stats, so if your hero has higher physical attack than magical attack you should aim for physical attack items.

19. What is training site?

This is the training camp in your base you can upgrade it to level 3 max and grant 30% ability bonus to your entire team until its destroyed. It cost 1k-2k-3k to upgrade throughout the levels and about 100 sec to activate the upgrade

20. What is Giant Weapon?

This is a giant creep that you can spawn in your base, it’s a creep that attacks buildings only, it does great damage and has huge amount of HP, you can spawn this from your base tower, only when the game has been going on for 30 minutes though. It costs 1k to spawn and you can spawn one from each tower but there is a cooldown after you spawned one.

21. What are trial hero cards?

These are hero cards that let you play any hero for 30 days.

22. What are ranks for, do they give you anything special?

No they don’t. Ranks are just there basically to show how long you played the game, it’s a way to see if a player is experienced with the game or not.

23. Are there going to be more maps?

Yes, some of the community have already seen the new underwater map which contains the new faction “Heaven”. It might be released very soon. I’m pretty sure the game is going to get more maps after that.

Beginner’s FAQ by ScarletBullet

Hello people,my name is Riesz. This is a small guide to explain and answer some questions players have had concerning the game. At the moment the guide will be fully incomplete do to the game just starting,so I will update as I learn more about the game,you can also help by sending me a private message with any info,you will be credited at the bottom of the page for your help.

What is LOCO?
Loco is a Strategic MMO,it is in the same vein as other well known strategic games like DOTA or Dynasty Warriors. The game can be compared to Avalon Heroes but with notable differences.

How do I start? Which character should I choose?
To Start playing Loco you need a Closed Beta key,if you didn’t get one then you will have to wait till Open Beta to test the game out. Once that is done and the key is in your account,you need to download the client and log into your account.

You will see a small movie showcasing the different classes in the game,once the game begins you will be given a choice to create 1 hero for more information on the heroes look at RQPanic LOCO Fansite http://www.locoelite.net which has a nice description of each class and their skills and uses.

Does that mean I will use the first hero I choose through the game?
No the game allows you to choose up to 3 heroes to bring with you to battle,every time your character faints you may choose between 1 of them or click the Random button to allow the game to choose for you.

Can I only create 3 characters in total?
No you can create more than 3 character,but you can only have 3 characters active at anytime. You can however swap them out as many time as you want as long as you are in the lobby.

How many characters can I have?
Currently theirs 12 characters that can be used,the planed number is 30 that will come 1 by 1 per update. Characters can be created using Hero Cards. Currently the only known way to get more hero cards is by finishing the tutorial or as a reward from the Closed Beta Event Quest Board.Once you create a hero with that Hero Card,the hero will be unlocked for your account and you can equip him as you seem fit.

To change a character you must first click on the entry setup tab or hit [1] Image another window will pop up,you will see your characters and the ones you haven’t unlocked.

To swap out characters simply click on the picture and drag it to the small square like so. Image

How can I get more Hero Cards?
Currently theres 2 ways to get Hero cards,the first is to complete the tutorial which awards you some gold and a free Hero Card,the other way is completing the Mission Boards [explained below].You can get up to 5 characters in CB atm.

I didn’t like that hero can I get my Hero Card refunded?
Sadly no,once you use a Hero Card the creation is permanent and the card is used up so think carefully before creating a new character.

What is the objective in LOCO?
In LOCO you are placed into the middle of a battle between good and evil, The Forces Of Nature VS The Army Of Purgatory.
You can choose which side you wish to join,no side has an advantage over the other the online difference is aesthetic look.

Does that mean they will always be equally weak?
No LOCO has a very interesting upgrade system. If you have ever played games like Warcraft 3,Star Craft or the Command & Conquer series you know that you need minerals and money to upgrade units. However in LOCO your units don’t upgrade only some of your buildings and these requires gold you can gain by either killing enemies or capturing strategic points.Currently the ones that can be upgrade [To my knowledge] are:

[Forces Of Nature]
Mirror Of The Moon Decreases Respawn Timer [Upgrades 1 Time]
Training Camp Increases heroes power by 10% per upgrade up to a maximum of 30%. [Upgrades 3 Times]
Base Point After 30 minutes of gameplay have passed it allows you to summon a Giant Weapon which slowly marches towards you opponents base to wreak havoc,the weapon can be killed by NPC’S or Heroes so don’t leave it undefended! [Spawn is infinite Giant Weapons but cooldown is rather long]

[Army Of Purgatory]
Portal Of Transferal Decreases Respawn Timer [Upgrades 1 Time]
Training CampIncreases heroes power by 10% per upgrade up to a maximum of 30%. [Upgrades 3 Times]
Base Point After 30 minutes of gameplay have passed it allows you to summon a Giant Weapon which slowly marches towards you opponents base to wreak havoc,the weapon can be killed by NPC’S or Heroes so don’t leave it undefended! [Spawn is infinite Giant Weapons but cooldown is rather long]

To upgrade a building you must move near it and then press (B) a window will appear with the type of upgrade and a gold cost,once you pay that cost a timer will start to countdown,once it reaches 0 the building will be upgraded and you will be allowed to upgrade it again.

How do I complete missions?
The mission in this game are completed based on a Board a 5X5 square piece that holds 25 missions [maybe more in the future] to access it you must hit the Image by clicking on the tab or hitting (B). A window will pop up which looks like this

The squares that are highlighted in white are missions that still need to be completed,in this example there are 9 out of 25 quests completed. The completed quests are represented by the brown squares. Once you complete a whole horizontal and vertical line,you are given the choice to choose a reward. The lines must form a cross before you can collect the reward.

I can’t see the level of my character in the lobby is it a glitch?
No LOCO isn’t like most games,basically your characters never level per say. When you enter a room and begin a Skirmish you will notice your character gains EXP and once it reaches 100% the character levels,However those levels aren’t permanent. Once the skirmish ends you will reset back to level 1.

The how am I supposed to get more powerful?
You can upgrade the equipment of your character to suit the level they acquire while in the game. In the lobby you may click Shop to access the Image by either clicking on the tab or pressing (S) to buy weapons/shields/armor for your character.
Then choose Image to access their inventory panel by either clicking on the tab or pressing (3). As you notice your inventory ranges from 1-17 this is the equipment the character will use when he reaches that level.

Wait I’m confused how exactly do I change the equipment mid-battle?
Once you gain the required level for the equipment,next time you faint the game will automatically equip the appropriate items on your character upon leveling up. Example your character is level 1 and is using level 1 equipment,once he reaches level 4 his/her equipment will change to the level 4 equipment automatically,the player doesn’t need to do anything aside from distribute his skill points.

I bought an item in the match but I need gold can I sell it?

Drainaga wrote:Items bought in the game can be sold. Simply hover over the item while in the match and it’ll display “Right-click to sell”

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