Glitch Home Page Guide

Glitch Home Page Guide by Brib Annie

Get to know your Home Page!  This is where you will probably enter the Game so check it out!  At the Top are some helpful Links:
HOME:  Where you are when you are Home (a bit redundant but what the …)

PROFILE:  On this page is a large image of your Glitch!  Right click to save it as a PNG.  Also, here is where you can see all of your latest Achievements, Skills and Buddies as well as a list of the Groups you have joined.

SKILLS:  The Skills Tree.  At the Top are the Skills you can start learning.  if the Skill you want to learn is on the Tree but not in the List you may not have the requirement to learn it.  Mouse over the Skill in the Tree to see what is required.

FRIENDS:  Here there is a SEARCH bar to hunt the elusive Friend who is signed up but you cannot find.  There is a list of those who are playing NOW and where they are.  Then there is a long Icon list of all of your many Close Friends!

GROUPS:  A list of the great Groups you belong to followed by a list of all groups available and a Search bar to find Groups.

FORUMS:  On the left are other Forums – Bugs, Ideas and Off Topic.

ENCYCLOPEDIA:  All things Glitch!  If you are using a Grease Monkey Script for any of these, clicking on an entry will enable the Script.

HELP:  if you have a Bug report or have asked a question, your cases will be listed here.  there is also a FAQ

GAME TIME:  The GT is here.  Mouse over it to see the Tome, day of the Week, Month at the current moment in Glitch.

Very Top, Right!  here is you Sign in/Out Status. a link to your Account, The number of Credits you have.

Top Left:  You current status in the game:  Mood, Energy, Level, Currants

Below your Avatar:  Here is a Feed of comments and Achievements and a Comment Box.  Keep up with your Friends’ activities and Chat live with them.  Click on REQUESTS to see who wants to befriend you or what Groups you are being invited to.  Click on UPDATES to renew the Feed.

To the Right of the Avatar:  If you are using the Skills Queue it will show here.  Below that are the icons of all of your Friends who are currently in the Game.  Auctions are also shown here if you have something in the Auction or have bid on something.  You can also start a new action or click the link and make a Bid.

Below the Feed:  Game Status.  Also (now we are talking Fun!) links to the Leaderboards and Real Estate.  Click on Leaserboards to see where you stand among the many.  Click on real estate to see what properties are for Sale or have been Sold.

BOTTOM of the Page:  Good things here too!  HOME is, of course, your home page.  BLOG is the Glitch Blog – check it out!  Click ABOUT to see the Dev Avatars, very cool!    if you are a Developer or know how to develop, Click DEVELOPERS and check out the API then make some cool Apps for the Game!    To the right, click on the Tiny Speck link to learn more about TS.  Click on WORK to see what Jobs are available.  There are Links for TOS and Privacy Policy as well as Facebook and Twitter.

I almost forgot!  TOP RIGHT – See what the Rock is learning because he may by shiftless and might say, “I ain’t learnin’ nothin'”.  If he says that give him a good kick in the Skill Queue (if you are using it).

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