Glitch Make More Money Guide

Glitch Make More Money Guide by Artilect

Once you have advanced mining, gardening or animal kinship skills money comes fast.

Walk the JuJu lands (Baqala, Choru, Xalanga, Zhambu) for free stuff to sell on auction.  Activate spinach to walk faster than anyone else on the same street.  Set one of these areas as a teleport point and return when you can fit it in.

I always try to sell on the auction site instead of to the tools vendors.  Never sell to any non tools vendors. Hit up the crabs ( once a game day for a little something extra.

Play the markets on the auction house.  Learn the value of stuff ( and buy when low and sell when high.  Use 3rd party scripts and API to auction snipe ( low value items and autosell ( back at a higher price.

If you were part of the beta play with your pickle until you get the gng music box and sell it on auction.  Or negotiate to trade someone your pickle who was not in beta for lots of currants.

In glitch the more you give the more you get.  Build up a friend network via gift economy methods.  It is through friends that you get invited to parties and other fun events.

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