Glitch New Player’s Tips

Glitch New Player’s Tips by Brib Annie

Greetings to all New Players!  Some of you were met by Greeters, some chose not to meet the Greeters and some did not get the opportunity to be Greeted.  I welcome you to Glitch!  If you need help or advice, please don’t be afraid to ask.

To those Glitches who have been here a while please post some good advice including Links to other Noob threads and pages that are Helpful.

#0 This is a social game. Other players aren’t competition (most of the time). Don’t be afraid to use local/global chat, you wil find that other players are more than willing to help you out and can be very generous. In Glitch it is really easy to make friends if you show kindness. Working together even gives higher rewards (barnacle scraping, earth digging, mining). Some people prefer to play a more solo game and that’s alright too.

1.  This is a side scrolling game.  It relies on use of your Keyboard.  So you think this is old-fashioned?  Maybe so but you can get used to it.  When I was new I did not know that and was unable to move for a few minutes.  So, dust off your Arrow keys and use them!  You can move right and left using the arrows.  You can also move somewhat using your Mouse but the Arrows work best.  Use the Space bar to Jump.  When you move in front of something and that object or animal has a blue aura you can hit Enter and open a menu.   I personally still use my mouse for this but you can do everything in the game with your keyboard.  This may be easier for Plarformers.

2.  Please Pet trees and pigs.  Squeeze chickens.  Water trees and Harvest them.

3.  Currants are the coins of Glitch.  On your window you can check how many Currants you have.  You will need a minimum of 1,000 currants to buy a house.  You will also need to purchase some basic Tools:  Shovel, Hoe, Pick.

3.1 How to Buy a House
First you need to go to the Bureaucratic Hall to get your card carrying qualification and activate it.  Then you need to learn Better Learning 1 and Bureaucratic Arts 1 (you can’t do this until you are at least a level 3).  Then go back to the B. Hall and get your papers and activate them…Now, you are qualified to get a house or ride the subways…

While doing this…earn currants – by selling things to vendors or on auction.  Mining gets you the most currants quickly.  Cooking also works, but can take a little longer. There are various other means to make currants – gathering items, and selling them raw (usually auctions are best for this since vendors won’t give you much for basic items).

To find houses, look for the real estate listings on your personal home page (at the very bottom).  You can buy a house either by visiting a location or browsing through pages and buy them there.

Also, if you ever move, you need to pack up all your stuff before selling your house, else it stays there for the next buyer. (Some people have moving parties, others sell excess and have lots of bags).  You will get 80% of your original investment back, so it can be fun to move around to different places.

4.  You need to learn Skills.  From your Home page click on the Skills link at the top and check out the Skills.  You will need to learn Bureaucratic Arts I in order to get your Card Carrying papers and a permit to buy a House.  You can purchase these papers at  the Bureaucratic Hall in Gregarious Grange.  In the middle of the Top of your Window you will see your Magic Rock.  The Rock will advise you.  When you choose a Skill to learn, the Rock will learn it for you and tell you when he is done.  The Rock will also offer you some Quests.  The Quests are fun and will help you learn how to play so do try to complete them.

5.  There is a Subway system with two routes, Red and Blue.  Both routes go to the same places just in opposite directions.  Click on the Map in the subway to see the routes (or hit Enter once the sign is Highlighted).  You must have your Card Carrying papers before you can ride the sub.

6.  The Map is at the top right corner of the window.  Click on it to open it and see where you are.  There is a Search Bar.  Enter a street name in the search bar to see where it is located.  On the map you can find where you want to go, click on it and your route to that place will be mapped for you.  Instructions on where to go to get there will then be displayed.  if you make a wrong move you will still be directed   to your location.  If you enter a housing block or some other location, you will be told that you are “Off the Path”.  Click on the “X” to close the directions if you change your mind about where to go.

7.  You need Food. 
At first, the best way to get it is to Harvest every tree, Sqeeze every chicken and Nibble every pig.  As you obtain Currants you can buy food from the Grocery vendors.  When you get a home, you can plant vegetables and trees in your garden.

8.  Hell – If your mood and/or energy gets too low you will be sent to Hell.  Don’t be alarmed!  Squish enough Hell grapes and you will return to where you were when you died and you will see your own gravestone.  To avoid Hell, keep you Mood and Energy up.  Look to the Top left of your Window to see the state of your Mood and Energy.

9.  A New Day!  When the new Day dawns your Mood and Energy will be restored.

10.  Groups and Friends.  On the right side of your screen is a List of your Friends and any Groups you belong to.  You can click on the little Tab on the list to expand it outward.  Click on a Group to read it’s Live Chat.  Click on a Friend’s name to IM them.  There will be a Local Chat window on the bottom right.  This will show you Chats and updates for your current Location.  The upper Chat window (if you have opened one) will either be the Global Chat or the Group Chat that you may select.  You can get Help in these Chat windows if you need it.  Don’t hesitate to enter into the Chat.  You can click on another player and open a menu.  At the top is “Info”.  Click on “Info” to learn more about the person.  Soon you will also be able to Kiss, Hug, Splank, etc, any Glitch by opening their menu and choosing an action.  You can also Give and Receive things from them.

11. Leveling up. This is not as important as it is in some games. I was in the must level up mentality when I started. I still am, it’s a fine goal! it’s just not as big a deal in Glitch. You actually progress in the game through skills – those are what will grant you the ability to make advanced foods & drinks, have better/easier interactions with plants & animals, use various tools, etc.

12. Shrines. Shrines are the things in the middle of most streets that are not vendors. You can donate to them. They’ll take just about anything but they like some things a bit more than others – they seem to really like gems & music boxes (both of which are bonuses you get from doing things like harvesting trees or mining rocks). At the start, you can donate up to 1000 pts worth of things in a game day. As you get emblems, that limit will increase but you might find it better to use the favor you’ve gained to speed up your skill learning. (and, if you’re a leveling sort of person, donating to shrines is a great way to get more XP)

13. Explore and experiment! Don’t be afraid to go new places and try new things. Read item descriptions, especially on things being sold at the vendor or on ingredients you’ve never seen in recipes. Learn what each type of vendor sells; learn what areas have what resources. Try menu options that look new or different.

14. While your mood dropping slightly over time is not cause for concern (as it does over time, such as when you go AFK), you may notice the XP cost for actions you receive getting lower if you stay in a bad mood for too long. Raise your mood by doing such uplifting things like drinking energy enhancing drinks, petting trees and animals to stop this from occurring.

These are just a few of the basic things that I did not know when I began and which would have been helpful to me when I first played.  There are many more things to know about and that you can do.  These are things that you will use every time you play.  I hope that you enjoy this game as much as I have!

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