Forgotten Elements Online Rampager Syphoner Guide

Forgotten Elements Online Rampager Syphoner Guide by Cetra

I first will begin to explain why the syphon rampager is so nice. There are many monsters throughout the world of FE and the majority of them have some tough resistances to break. Using this build means utilizing physical damage, so albeit the damage is a little lower than other skills & spells, but the damage will remain constant versus monsters. Another great aspect is that you are able to “leech” back health and energy while doing so. This will save enormous amounts of gold from buying potions. Now, I will begin to explain the basics on how to setup this type of character. Each player plays differently so the build may vary. Here are some strong points to keep in mind with this build:

First, choose the “Rampager” character and begin as such…

Here is how stat points will be allocated:

STR > END > DEX > PWR (Highest priority from left to right)

You want to invest as many stats as possible into the character’s Strength to boost damage because with higher damage, comes higher Health/Energy leech. Also, it will make killing monsters and bosses that much faster. Endurance will be the next priority because having higher health will let you live considerably longer, especially versus higher damage bosses and players. Dexterity is a tricky one. I list it as 3rd because it is only needed for levels 1-21 to boost accuracy, but upon reaching 22 the Crush skill will no longer require it. Crush skill ALWAYS hits and has a chance to stun. This is the best choice as a primary attack for a syphoner. Also, if you are able to accumulate enough stun% then it is easier to leech back health/mana during this period. Power is the least of your needs. The only energy that this build will require will be for Motivation buff and Crush skill. Motivation uses a good amount of energy to use, but lasts for quite a while. While you are killing things, you should be able to leech back enough energy to pay for it again easily when it is time to recast it.

Here is how skill points will be allocated:

Level 1 – (None – Saves skill points for level 4)
Level 4 – WeaponMastery (1 skill point remaining))
Level 7 – (None – Saves skill points for level 11)
Level 11 – OneHandControl (2 skill points remaining)
Level 16 – Agility and Motivation (1 skill point remaining)
Level 22 – Crush and Dual Wield (0 skill points remaining)
Level 30 – Strength (0 skill points remaining)

Learned Skills:
Evasion (level 16)
Regrowth (level 7)

I picked evasion because it gives a good chance of dodging ranged attacks. This includes bow attacks and ranged spells as well. Regrowth was another choice because keeping hp refilling is always a must-have. The 3rd slot i left open to whatever the player prefers. I use this character also for farming items and gathering materials for crafting so i chose Haste. This skill allows me to run from area to area and even to bosses much quicker for those nice item drops. It also makes gathering materials much easier too.

Stat Potion Quest:
If you know how to get your potion to add STR, i highly suggest it. ;)

Criteria to focus on vital to the success of this build:

Attack Speed
Life Leech

Here is how items should be allocated:

Helmet is a bit of “open”item for this character. Not many stats are needed from them to successfully help the build. Eariler in levels (prior to crush skill) it is good to find one with good accuracy increase. Later on, I suppose Health and Endurance would be beneficial if possible. I personally went with Luck and Exp Gain bonuses. To be honest, it’s up to the player’s preference.

Armor is very handy if you can find or craft one with valuable stats on it. Stats to look for here will be damage increase and attack speed. Accuracy is also beneficial prior to level 22 (crush skill). Higher defense is recommended, although not crucial to the build.

Gloves are another important part of this build. The tricky part is getting a pair with all the necessary attributes. Stats to look for are attack speed, life leech, mana leech (when available), Accuracy (prior to level 22), chance to stun, and Dexterity for added defense.

For boots I recommend a pair with higher movement speed, as this will aid you more versus ranged attackers or if you are also into farming items or gathering materials. Secondary stats to want are accuracy (prior to level 22), extra damage to bosses, and most importantly Strength. Often enough strength is not very difficult to come by, so i like my boots to carry luck and/or added exp gain as well.

Pants of Bravery.. enough said. Try to get a pair that has higher %damage and +strength if possible. If you have to decide between the two, strength will generally add more damage than 1 or 2% damage. (perfect damage is 15% and strength is +5)

Shirts are tough since the stats on them do not get to be very high. Again, it’s the user’s preference but i recommend accuracy when still lower level and attack speed is a MUST!

Again, accuracy if still lower than 22, otherwise: attack speed, movement speed, or endurance.

Artifacts come in a variety of flavors but just like the rest of the items, there will be certain attributes to seek. Damage, attack speed, movement speed, and health regeneration.

Primary Weapon
This weapon will be used until reaching level 22 and then may be swapped to the secondary slot depending on damage / attributes. Prior to level 22 you will want it to have life leech and attack speed. This too can be tricky because depending on your other items up until level 22, you may need more accuracy. If this is the case, then I suggest switching out a sword (attack speed) for an axe (accuracy) that possibly has attack speed on it too. Until level 22, try using a shield with good block% and containing things like attack speed and luck/exp gain.

Secondary Weapon
Once reaching level 22, you can now equip a weapon in the secondary slot. It is vital to pay attention to which weapons you have and which slot they are inserted into. The weapon with the highest base damage should be put int he primary slot. Since the base damage from the weapon in the secondary slot will not factor in your overall damage, you only need to pay attention to the secondary attributes on this weapon. Secondary attributes should include things like health and/or energy leech, attack speed, chance to stun, and (*optional) additional elemental damages, bonus damage to bosses, or luck.


If you have not guessed by now, this character is a dps tank. There are no massive fireballs or AoE attacks being thrown around so if you like magic, this build may not be for you. The objective is to singlehandedly take down each enemy 1 at a time regardless of how much damage you may be taking in. The point is that as long as you are still attacking, you should be virtually indestructible. With crush never missing and high attack speeds, a good amount of leech/damage should keep your hp full at all times. Even bosses should be overcome easily.

If you like this post or have anything to add to it, feel free to leave a comment. Thanks and I hope it helps!

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