Forgotten Elements Online Rapid Fire Huntress Guide

Forgotten Elements Online Rapid Fire Huntress Guide by Cetra

Versatility: PvM or PvP
Levelup Difficulty: Easy

First, choose the “Huntress” character and begin as such…

Here is how stat points will be allocated (Highest priority from left to right):

Damage Build

Accuracy Build

Here is how skill points will be allocated:

Level 1 – Expert Shot (Fast bow attack. (Primary Attack))
Level 4 – Scattered Shot (Auxillary attack. Better for mobs)
Level 7 – (None)
Level 11 – (None)
Level 16 – Fast Reload & Evasion(Increases attack speed of ranged attacks & Dodges ranged attacks)
Level 22 – (None)
Level 30 – Dexterity & Leadership of Archer (Increases dexterity & improves ranged damage of allies)

Learned Skills:
Weapon Mastery (level 4)
Motivation (level 16)
Dual Wield (level 22)

Criteria to focus on vital to the success of this build:

Attack Speed
Energy Leech
Life Leech

Here is how items should be allocated:

The main stat to focus on here is Accuracy. Other stats may further help such as health increases or luck/exp gain.

For armor, look mostly for Attack Speed, Accuracy, and Damage.

Gloves will be a tough, but main focus with a huntress. Mostly try for Attack Speed and Accuracy. Life leech and Dexterity are also good if possible.

For boots, you will want to look for Accuracy and Strength/Dexterity. Higher movement speed will also benefit you.

Pants of Bravery.. enough said. Try to get a pair that has higher %damage and +strength if possible. If you have to decide between the two, strength will generally add more damage than 1 or 2% damage. (perfect damage is 15% and strength is +5)

Shirts, similar to belts is rather easy to accommodate. Simply look for Accuracy and Attack Speed.

See above: Shirts.

Stats to look for with artifacts include: Damage, Attack Speed, and Accuracy.

Riflecrossbow is currently the highest weapon, level 20. MUST: Attack speed (35-40%). Essential stats: Energy/Life leech, Accuracy, Dex. Of the two equipped bows, locate the one with the higher base damage and make that one your primary weapon.

Again, Attack Speed is a MUST! (35-40%). Try to find the same essential stats as with the primary weapon. If you are able to stack Energy/Life leech, the more beneficial it will be. The base damage on this weapon is irrelevant because it will not be factored into the character’s overall damage.

This type of character I would only suggest for veteran players. The build can be complicated and may require certain “tweaks” along the way that only a veteran player can make and retain the stability of this build. The concept itself is simple. Based on the 3 main focuses (Damage, Attack Speed, & Accuracy), your skills will be able to release fast and deadly arrows that should not miss very often. Expertshot should be plenty enough to rapidly take down any bosses that come your way. The damage is physical-based and (like the syphon rampager build) will bypass elemental resistances. Meanwhile scattererdshot will be able to send waves of arrows out to mow down groups of enemies that may be waiting for you. The damage with this build is not as high as the rampager’s, but the attacks are quite strong and are able to be made from great distances. Evasion skill will be able to add great protection versus oncoming ranged attacks whether it be unfriendly arrows or a barrage of magic missiles. Motivation buff is VERY helpful with any huntress adding both damage and accuracy bonuses to all your attacks. This build is quite good and does well with very little effort. The downside is that it is very item-dependent.

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