Forgotten Elements Online New Crafting Guide

Forgotten Elements Online New Crafting Guide by Cetra

While there were previously recipes for the miracan to add stats to white items, the new crafting additions allow you to enhance the primary and secondary stats!! :D (Damage/Defense, Attack Speed, Accuracy, Earth/Poison/Cold/Fire Damage). First, there is a new menu to add skills into a crafting proficiency of your choice. These skill can increase your chances of finding these new materials or increase the success rate at which you can attempt to create them in the miracan. Additionally, the enchantment skill at level 26 gives a small chance to add an additional stat to the item! This menu is accessed by the icon in the lower-right corner of the screen next to “map” (looks like the miracan cube) or simply by pressing “r” on the keyboard.

Here is a small starter guide that I have put together. This new crafting system has only bee available in game for about 48 hours now so i will be updating my findings as soon as i discover the new information. These new materials can be found by clicking on objects that now spawn on some maps. They blend in to the environment quite well sometimes so always be sure to check your minimap because they will show up in cyan color. When clicked, there is a chance you will fail at finding the related material. If you successfully find one, it will be placed into your inventory. I will not be disclosing the exact map locations at which i found these materials, but you can bet they are related to their environment ;)

Also note that you will need at least 2 of these ingredients to create a new material, which is the one used to enhance items with. For example, you find an Ironore and foxglove dust. Place into the miracan cube to create a new material for further item enhancement.

Here is a list of materials to keep your eyes open for :D




Here are the possible items that can be created by combining two of these materials together:
(100% success rate)

Ironore + Foxglovedust = Irongrindstone
Zincore + Bellflowerdust = Zincgrindstone
Tinore + Rosemarydust = Tingrindstone

Oakwood + Foxglovedust = Foxgloveessence
Willowwood + Bellflowerdust = Bellfloweressence
Ashwood + Rosemarydust = Rosemaryessence

Oakwood + Ironore = Oakoilstone
Willowood + Zincore = Willowoilstone
Ashwood + Tinore = Ashoilstone

ashoilstone – Armors +1 Defense (success lowest)
willowoilstone – Armors +1 Defense (success moderate)
oakoilstone – Armors +1 Defense (success highest)
rosemaryessence – Staff/Wand Weapons +1% fire/ice Damage (success lowest)
bellfloweressence – Staff/Wand Weapons +1% fire/ice Damage (success moderate)
foxgloveessence – Staff/Wand Weapons +1% fire/ice Damage (success highest)
tingrindstone – Melee/Bow Weapons +1 Damage (success lowest)
zincgrindstone – Melee/Bow Weapons +1 Damage (success moderate)
irongrindstone – Melee/Bow Weapons +1 Damage (success highest)

Note: Each time an item is upgraded, the success rate will decrease as well as a chance to actually downgrade the item.

Hope this helps!

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