Dungeon Defenders Ramparts Insane Solo Guide

Dungeon Defenders Ramparts Insane Solo Guide by locoOzzy

Solo Ramparts Insane

This setup is used for solo or 4 man group unmodified.

Reguirements: App. towers & Huntress traps
Damage pet.
common sense and some intelligence.

Class: Any as long as you have the dps and the know how.

A. Setup time prior to first wave(3):

  1. start with your Apprentice. Collect the mana from the ballista chest first and then the mana from the roof. where the roof mana chest was, build two Magic Missile(MM) towers next to eachother and build a Death Striker(DS) tower on the mini tower in the middle of the roof.

  • switch to huntress and start building traps! Get the mana from the stairs and the crates and stack a fire trap/gas trap/proximity mine. Then hop down to the alley below the single crystal and stack an inferno trap/gas trap/proximity mine/Eth spike trap.

B. During first wave(3):

  1. You should have enough time to build the above and get back on top by the time the wave begins. Go to the alley and kill a few monsters to get enough mana to build the last Eth spike trap to complete the four traps.

  • Run up to the small alley around the ballista and kill a few more monsters to start building the stacked four traps there. During this time, let your pet help you kill while you do the building.

C. Second wave(4) and beyond:

  1. Depending how well you do, you may have enough time to build the next two eth traps during the first wave. If not, no worries. Use the build time to build one on top of the MM towers and the other on top of the DS tower.

  • Use what ever time is left during the build time and the beginning of combat to build the remaining eth. spike traps as shown in the image below.
  • From here on, repair/upgrade when ever you can during combat and during the build times given. From the ledge by the single crystal, kill the monsters and ogre below. Then cycle through the areas where the stacked traps are and kill the monsters when they start to bunch up. The top ogre’s walk path is to go to the single crystal, so don’t freak out when he spawns and your still in the single crystal area.

This map requires that you always play with the mini-map open.
As you get the hang of it, you’ll know where you should be at the different key points during the waves.

You don’t need to worry about the wyerns that fly over the roof. The towers will take care of them. Just be sure to take care of the towers.

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