Dungeon Defenders Map Rewards List

Dungeon Defenders Map Rewards and Item Info List by Jakomo73

Map Reward

Deeper well: Nothing

Foundries and Forge: Nothing

Magus Quarters: Nothing

Alchemical Laboratory: Armor and Weapon

Servent’s Quarters: Nothing

Caste Armory: Nothing

Hall of Court: Nothing

The Throne Room: Pristine Armor and Weapon

Oakville Crossing: Nothing

Royal Gardens: The Mjolner

The Ramparts: Valor’s Bonesharder***


Endless Spires: Alien sword***

The Summit: Fairy* and Guardian

Challenge Reward

No Towers Allowed: Staff

Unlikely Allies: Bow

Warping Core: Hammer

Raining Goblins: (Only after insane) Spear

Wizardry: Staff

Ogre Crush: Sword

Zippy Terror: Scorpion Bow

Chicken: Spear

Monster Fest: (Easy- Medium) Class Weapon**
(Hard- Insane) Fairy

Moving Core: (Easy- Hard) Mordencainen’s Magical Flaming Dragons Spear
(Insane) Genie

Death From Above: (Easy) iGameshot’s Repltillium Staff***
(Medium- Insane) Class animus

Tegra 2 Doesn’t have any challenges currently.

*Best fairy you can get.

** Weapons are:
Huntress: Hungryapp’s TriloGun

Apprentice: Destinarius

Squire: Blazemourn

Monk: Mardecia’s Spike Pike***

*** Currently considered best weapon obtainable.

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