Destiny Online Taoist Skills List

Destiny Online Taoist Skills List by mac

Soul Driving
A Taoist’s extraordinary skill that can manipulate enemy’s soul.
SkillSkill Level Required(Lvl.1 )Description(Lvl. 1)
Soul Rune3Magic Attack: +35
Omniscience Rune10+30 Physical Defense for 30 Min.
Somatic Sublimation16Absorbs an enemy’s HP and slows it for 10 sec, 15 HP/2 sec; The HP absorbed can be shared with teammates within a 21×21 area.
Phosphorescence25Magic Damage: +10; Burns all targets within 5×5 area for 6 sec.
Obscure Spell
Mutters a curse to attack enemies.
SkillSkill Level Required(Lvl.1 )Description(Lvl. 1)
Reversion of Fate3Converts 30 HP into 36 MP.
Spoiled Armor5-30 Physical & Magic Defense for 2 Min.
Rotten Heart15Decreases enemy’s attack by 10% for 2 Min.
Septic Soul33-100 of an enemy’s HP for 20 sec. The higher your Spirit, the stronger the effect.
Rout of Mind47Decreases an enemy’s MP by 5% for 8 sec.
Illusion Spell
Auxillary skills for pets.
SkillSkill Level Required(Lvl.1 )Description(Lvl. 1)
Crafty Pet5Restores a pet’s HP for 8 sec; +10 HP/2 sec.
Magic Infusion7Transfers 150% of MP Consumption to your pet.
Immolation31Sacrifices your pet to recover the HP of your teammates within a 21×21 area by 10% of its Max HP.
Transform44A certain chance to transform the enemy into an animal
for 15 min. +300% Dodge during the transformation.
Self Worship
+5 Max HP.
+3 Max MP.
Improved Energy
+ Pet’s Max HP by 1%/Level.
Explosive Energy
+1 Physical & Magic Attack of Pet.

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