Destiny Online Warrior Skills List

Destiny Online Warrior Skills List by Naughtyyy

This is all the Warrior Class skills with what level you need


Thunderbolt Blade

(Spells) Chill Chop, Splashing Slash, Glacier Discharge, Radiant Slice, Infinite Power, Startle Yamaraja, Demolish Empyrean

Fetch Spell

(Spells) Fetch Mediumism, Fetch Seismism, Fetch Roar, Fetch Frenzy

Destiny Spell

(Spells) Blurred Mind, Illusionary Charm, Enemy Flop

Blade Enhancer

(Passive) Physical Attack: +1 when equipped a blade (+1 every spell level up)

Self Worship

(Passive) +6 Maximum HP (+6 every spell level up)

Spell of Defense

(Passive) Physical Defense +1 (+1 every spell level up)

Appraise Weapon

(Spell) Startle Yamaraja

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