Destiny Online Mage Skills List

Destiny Online Mage Skills List by mac

Fire Spell
A fire attack magic used by a Mage to summon infernal flames.
SkillSkill Level Required(Lvl.1 )Description(Lvl. 1)
Escape Fire1Magic Attack: +30.
Incineration6Casts a flame and causes a target to burn for 6 sec.
Flare Traveler13Conjures a flame shield to inflict at least 50 HP damages to the enemy melee-attacking you.
Dragon Breath24Magic Attack: +100; Attacks all frontal targets within 5 grids and burns them for 12 sec. 30 Damage/3 sec.
Smother Conflagration35Burns all targets within a 7×7 area for 6 sec; Magic Attack: 350.
Triple Blaze47Magic Attack: + 650. Warmup: 3 sec.
Hell Fire58Magic Attack: +150; Inflicts damage to all targets within a 9×9 area for 6 sec.
Ice Spell
A spell to manipulate ice to limit enemy’s movement.
SkillSkill Level Required(Lvl.1 )Description(Lvl. 1)
Barren Ice5Magic Attack: +30. Slows the target for 6 sec.
Ice Carving22Magic Attack: +10; Inflict magic damage to all targets within 5×5 area.
Cryoconite33Magic Attack: +30; Freezes an enemy for 2 sec.
Ice Breaker45Magic Attack: 150; Freezes all targets within 7×7 area for 5 sec.
Cosmos Aegis
A Self-protection spell.
SkillSkill Level Required(Lvl.1 )Description(Lvl. 1)
Cosmos Aegis10Converts 300 HP Damage into MP consumption. 2 Damage/MP; Duration: 60 sec.
Teleportation22Move to a location within sight instantly.
+5 Max MP.
Self Worship
+3 Max HP.
Mana Enhancer
+1 Magic Attack when equipped with a Staff.
Magic impact
+1 Magic Defense.

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