Conquer Online Reincarnation Guide

Conquer Online Reincarnation Guide by CheekyPunk27

Because I’m so annoyed at people making new threads every day, asking the same questions, I decided to write a guide/faq on how reincarnation works.

Experience: NONE! I have not reincarnated, but simply READ stuff on the forums!

If you want to know how to Reincarnate, read the quest on the site.

Quest Summary:

  • Have to be level 110+ 2nd Reborn.
  • Buy Oblivion Dew from the arena store for 50k honor points, or Horse Race store for 8k points.
  • Talk to the Reincarnation Seer (Market 321,246) and choose what you want to reincarnate to.
  • Theoretically he should tell you what class/reborn skills you will keep, and which you will lose.
  • Oblivion dew is bound. You cannot buy on your main to trade to you noob account with no honor points.


Levels and Attribute Points.

  • If I am 110-130-130, will reincarnation make me 130-130-130?
  • If I am 130-130-110 and I reincarnate, will it make me 130-110-XXX?
  • Do I keep my attribute points?
  • Do I lose my attribute points?
  • Can I gain attribute points by reincarnating at level 130?

No, No, No, No and No.
In reincarnation, the only levels that are significant are the original first two from your First Life and Fire Reborn and whatever level you are in your last life. Attribute points come from your first two lives, and nothing else.

So you can be 130-130-110-110-120-125-130, and this is equivalent to being 130-130-130.
Or you can go 120-130-130-130-130-130-130 and you will still be 120-130-130.

Accordingly, your attribute points do not change.


Do I have to level up all the way back to 137? (Or 132 or whatever?)No, once you hit level 110, you will automatically be jumped back to the level you had at the moment you reincarnated. So if you were level 132, and you reincarnated, when you hit level 110 again, you will jump back to level 132.


Do I keep the % I am on when I jump back?Yes. (Confirmed below)
Possibly not for levels before 130, but who cares, they’re way easier. Just don’t do it at 99% to be safe.


  • Which life does Reincarnation Change? All, but not how you think.
  • Can I change all of them at the same time? No.
  • Can I select which life I want to change? No, only the last life.
  • Can I reincarnate more than once? Yes.

You can reincarnate as many times as you want.
Reincarnation ‘changes’ all your lives. Technically it’s not changing all of them, but rather adding one life to the end, and then pushing the rest back. With lives, reincarnation takes into account only the last three.

For example, if you were stupid and made an arch-fire-war and want to make a nin-war-fire, you first need to reincarnate to a ninja.
You will then become:
which is equivalent to being fire-war-nin.

Then you would need to reincarnate again, this time to warrior.
Then you would become:
Effectively being a war-nin-war.

Then you would need to reincarnate a final time to fire, becoming:
Effectively being a nin-war-fire.

If you want to change to X>Y>Z, you have to go X first, then Y, then Z, just like you would do it if you were doing it through rebirth.

You can keep changing your path as many times as you want, practically becoming any char combination possible. When monks come out, you could do it to become a monk very easily.

Weapon Skills, Class Skills and Weapon Proficiency

  • Will my skills and proficiencies jump back to fixed/their previous level when I reach level 110, like how my level jumps back?

No. According to CindyZ, skills and proficiencies work the same way they do in reborn. By epiphany.

You will need to level them to the integer part of half their level for them to jump back.
Eg. Level 9 fixed will need to be leveled to 4 in order to refix. Proficiencies are a bit random, and can sometimes fail to jump after going halfway. You just have to keep leveling it, and each time it levels up, it has the chance to jump. (See: Epiphany, point 5 in the reborn section of the site.)

  • Which skills will I keep?

Any that your reborn path allows. For weapon skills and proficiencies, since you can have them being any class, you will keep them as long as you level them up every time you reincarnate.

For class skills, you need to have the required ‘life path’ ie. effective reborn path (See Lives section above) to have the skill.

For example, you are a nin-war-wat and you reincarnate to archer.
You will now be nin-war-wat-arch, effectively being a war-wat-arch.
You will lose reflect since you are no longer XXX-war-XXX.
You will lose fog since you are no longer a ninja in any life.
However, you will gain any skills that a war-wat-arch can have, according to the second rebirth guide.

  • I’m a pure fire and want to reincarnate to nin-war-fire. Will I have an epiphany for my fixed fire met and tornado?

Skills and proficiencies will epiphany if you keep them throughout each reincarnation. (As I have gathered from people on the forums, though I have not tested myself).

So in the example question, no they will not epiphany. This is because when you go to nin and war, you do not have those skills learnt. However, skills such as thunder or fire, will epiphany as a fire, even if you do not level them as a ninja or warrior. As long as you had them as a ninja/warrior, CO should remember it and it should epiphany when you try to level it again.

This means that proficiencies and wep skills should also epiphany without having to level them up each time. Just make sure you have got a bit of % on them each time so that you have definitely learnt it in that life.

Those are all the main questions I’ve remembered off the top of my head. If you have more, ask them here and we’ll see what we can do…

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