Battle of the Immortals Master and Disciple Guide

Battle of the Immortals Master and Disciple Guide by ladedo

what is a Master?
well BOI has this so like quest that after you finish it you will get the “Master” Title where you are able to get some new players to be as your Disciple, so that.. that master can assist them if they need any help in the game.

What do i have to do to become a Disciple?
its pretty simple, first you find a master, then add him as a friend, let him invite you to a party, and both meet at the NPC Gallaja in Atlantis, then the master will do like 3 clicks on the NPC, and “tada” you have a master.

But why would someone want to be annoyed by new players questions?
well the master only needs like 3 little clicks to have a disciple under his wings, and after that just leave that discple do what ever he wants, but what they both gain is…. when the disciple reaches lvl 30, 40, 50 , 60 , 70 and 75, both gain a good amount of EXP for their lvl and something called Tutership Rimes which you can sell, so you can say is free money + EXP for both the master and disciple, just for doing those 3 clicks, so its a win win situation for both :P.

What happens when the Disciple reaches 75?
on lvl 75 it will be his graduation Day where both the master and the Disciple join in a party, and go to the NPC Gillaja in atlantis, and click the graduation button, and voala your disciple has graduated, both the master and disciple will gain a MASSIVE amount of exp and tutership rimes. and then the master will haave an empty spot again for a new Disciple.

for some reason, sometimes the Master and Disciple get not much exp like 3 mil or something, and other times they get up to 12 mil, i still cant figure out the reason for this, or how to gain the high exp part, did some testing with 3 of my alts, 1 with 0 friend ship, 1 with 1k friend ship, and 1 with over 3k friend ship.
the 1 friendship gave the disciple 3 mil exp
the 1k friendship gave him 12 mil exp
the 4k friendship gave him 6 mil exp

so im still not sure how this system works, if somone knows the reason for this please do explain in a reply

What if my master/Disciple Quit the game or something?
Dont worry at the NPC Gillaja, there is an option where you can kick your master/Disciple out for an amount of 5k coins only. and look for a new 1.

how many lvls is there for the Master title?
there are 6 master titles that a master can get the higher his master lvl the more disciples he can get under his wings at lvl 1 he can have up to 3 disciples and each time the title lvl increase he can add 1 other disciple.

How to lvl the Master Title?
the master also gets something called “Tuter Stars” each time his disciple reaches lvl 30/40/50/60/70/75 which he can buy with them stuff from the Glory shop, from where he can buy an item that helps him increase his master lvl.

how to get the most advantage of this?
as soon as you reach lvl 21 look for a master, its worth having one

How to become a Master?
at lvl 45 you can do a quest that you get from NPC Gallaja in atlantis, when your done with it you get a master reliq, and the lvl 1 Master title to start getting the Disciples.

Hope this helps

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