Battle of the Immortals Heretic Guide

Battle of the Immortals Heretic Guide by angelofawe

Hello and welcome to my heretic guide, the fact you’re reading this means you’re either trying to decide what class you will be going OR you’re already a heretic looking for advice or ways to improve your class. Good, i like people who actually do some research, however i hope you’re not a “what build is the best” and “what class is the best” type. I won’t answer that, I’m just gonna show you them and YOU decide what you want to be.

Starting out…

1. Introduction

The heretic isn’t quite a standard healing class. We don’t have a large amount of heals like in many other games and we have a few offensive spells instead. However we are NOT a DPS class, far from it. Our damage is mainly DoT which may work for support but won’t let you play DD. Your def however is actually the second highest in the game…yep that’s right, only the champions have more def than you. Our damage is also the second lowest (only above the champion, but we lack decent AoEs) but we have the huge advantage of healing skills whether you use them on yourself, your party or your pet.

2. Builds

There are 4 real “builds” for a heretic. Full SPR, full INT, a mix between SPR and INT and full VIT.

2.A Full SPR

The full spirit build as it says is every point into spirit, this is the support build increasing your mp pool, the power of your heals, mp regen (once fixed) and even the power of some skills.
This build is perfect if you always have a party and don’t need to deal damage, if you always team up with friends or guild mates or just prefer to be awesome in instances while suffering in the normal grind. The attack power of this build is terrible, Even for a heretic but at least your mp pool will last for a while.

2.B Full INT

The full INT build is obviously for damage, as previously mentioned you’ll NEVER deal insane amounts of damage anyway but this build is great if you like to solo grind. The killing speed is a lot better than the spirit build and even though your heals are slightly weaker you can still do very well in instances, the INT stat also adds crit rate which works for both normal attacks, skills and heals. Just remember once again, it doesn’t matter what build you are, you’re still a healer when it comes to playing in a party. Your damage is inferior to all classes but the champion.


1:1 INT/SPR or any other combination. This build is obviously a middle road between damage and healing power/mp pool. I guess the build is ok if you’re both running through monster infested dungeons with your party and soloing in between. Your damage will be better than the spirit build and your heals will be better than the INT build. If you can’t decide for either pure build go for this and add more where you feel you need it.

2.D Full VIT

The vitality build is very rare, i don’t know anyone who use it actually…i wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, you can get more max hp from the gear if you need it. Anyway the build is for survival, mainly PvP since you’re not a tank in PvE anyway, probably the thought “the longer i live the more i can heal” behind this build, meaning if a group jumps you and starts beating on you that extra second or 2 might save you to cast a heal and run away…not likely though. The build has some more survivability in dungeons as well, meaning that boss might not 1-shot you and screw your party, but the healing power and damage will be horrible.

3. Gear

We’re a gear dependent class – STOP!!, don’t go anywhere before you let me explain!
Thank you…i don’t mean you need to upgrade your set to be any good, not at all, the +s on your gear probably matter the least out of any class. as i said we already have the second highest def in the game.
With other words your def is better than you could expect from a healing class from the start, i could care less about upgrading my armor.
Also since you’re not a DD class like berserker you don’t need to care much about your weapon either, however if you’re upgrading anything go for that one to give you some more killing speed when you’re soloing.

What i meant by gear dependent is the stats. A heretic has very low hp (like a magus) and still need to survive, close enough to the tank to heal, sadly meaning bosses like dragon emperor or the annoying ones in specter island will hit you with their AoEs. A heretic that doesn’t have the right gear drops right there – in 1 hit.
What you’re looking for in your gear is:

1. Light attack (healing power increases, some skills deal more damage)
2. HP/ VIT (more health, more survivability)
3. MP/SPR (more mp, more healing power, some skills deal more damage, increases mp regen when fix’d)
4. Magic damage (more damage to normal attack and some skills)

As a heretic with the right gear NOTHING will bring you down 1v1 (not counting OP pets here…), NOTHING will bring you down 1v2. 3 people jump you? Cast bless (heal over time) and start running while spamming heal…you’ll most likely survive. A heretic’s main task is to keep the party alive, and that’s a lot easier if you’re alive as well, trust me.
Anyway this build is for survivability, you’ll deal no damage but you’re as close to immortal as you can get.

4. Skills

Heretics have quite a few skills and i won’t start posting cool downs, range, damage etc here. Open another guide for that, i’ll just give my opinion on the skills and their uses starting from the low level skills.

Level 1

Holy Verdict – single target

This is your first, and actually most important attack skill, it’s cheap…for a heretic skill, the CD is short, the cast is instant and the damage is decent. Spam spam spam this skill for faster killing.
– upgrade it, at least to level 5-6 and increasing with your level.

Death Return – AoE

Your xp skill, it’s AoE around the target you aim for and hits very hard. 7,5k at level 5, this skill is vital to kill as fast as possible whether solo or in instances with a time limit running.
– level this skill as much as possible.

Level 10

Soul Siphon – single target

A DoT, pretty short cool down, decent damage hit when you cast it and recovers your hp by the same amount instantly. Leaves an effect damaging the enemy slightly every 2 seconds for 10 seconds. This skill is decent, use it against bosses or in pvp to end the battle faster, it’s not really worth the mp cost though and the damage isn’t anything to cheer for so don’t spam it.
– level if you wish, level 5 is ok.

Heal – single target

Do i really need to explain this? It’s your only heal until level 55 and you won’t really be using the 55 one to heal. This skill is probably your most important once and you’ll spam it…a lot.
– it’s your only heal…guess. Upgrade it, level 6 is good, heals 1-1,2k depending on build. after level 6 it’s not cost effective at ALL to level up, however you’ll need the healing power so live with it. 1 level heal for every 10 lvls of your character. Minimum.

Level 25

Exorcism – single target

another DoT, this one deals lower damage but lasts for 30 sec dealing damage and healing you (well it’s supposed to but i have seen none of that while testing). This skill is not worth the mp but if you upgrade it really high (which you won’t be able to do until much higher levels) I guess it could become effective hitting 100s every 3 sec and healing you (supposedly).
– leave level 1 for now.

Ode of doom – AoE

cool name…AoE sounds good doesn’t it, paralyze effect? Even better. Nope, this is known as the suicide skill. You’ll hit a ton of targets around you and stun them for 2 seconds dealing slightly more than a normal attack worth of damage to each of them. 2 seconds later they’ll be coming for you, enjoy. This skill sucks at first, if you upgrade it however the stun lasts a lot longer, up to 6 seconds or so at max. Enjoy in the pvp battlefield, that’s pretty much the only use though except for recharging the xp skill faster, you’ll spam this is Dragon island and Fallen darkness etc. It’s also good to use as a champion taunt in some situations, just help your party gather mobs if you can handle tanking them.
– leave level 1 for now, upgrade if you pvp a lot.

Fortification – AoE

a VIT buff. (that means more hp for you or your party)
Obviously awesome, more hp = more survivability. The boost to your party depends on class since the VIT stat has a different value for every class.
– level when you can, level 5+.

Level 40

Resistance – Passive

Ooh a passive, increases phys def as well as light & dark resistance. The def is nice, the resistance…well it’s not like a heretic (only light&dark; user) will hit you much anyway.
– upgrade when you can afford it, not vital though since we already have good def.

Soul link – AoE

Another buff, this time for attack. Increases phys & mag attack by 1% per level, obviously another great buff for you and your party. 1% may not do much but at lvl 10 it’s a 10% difference.
– level when you can, it’s expensive though.

Angel barrier – single target

Summons a shield for a short duration that blocks the next few attacks, at level 1 it’s 2 attacks increasing when you level it to a max of 5. Useful skill both in PvE and PvP. Use for example when dragon emperor goes crazy and you won’t get hit or use against the second boss in Specter island. If your hp is enough to take the hits but you have a weaker party member that will die, cast the barrier on him/her instead.
– keep it level 1 for now.

Level 55

Silence – single target

Level 1 silences target for 2 seconds, pretty worthless considering what we use the most atm is normal attacks anyway. At higher levels the duration increases and will be useful for…silencing another heretic that’s being attacked, keeping that DD off you for a few sec so you can heal etc.
– keep level 1 for now, start upgrading if you pvp a lot.

Chain of life – passive

Chance to decrease enemy’s movement speed and attack speed if he’s hitting you. Chance and effect increase with levels. Useless at level 1 but will probably be great for pvp later in the game when you need to get away from the fan club.
– keep level 1 for now.

Bless – single target

Your second heal, recovers hp AND MP over 20 seconds (slightly more mp that it cost to cast), awesome skill for soloing, why cast heal on yourself when you can just keep yourself blessed recovering mp while keeping hp at max? The only time i use heal now when soloing is in boss fights or if a lot of mobs hit me and my hp actually drops. Bless is also good to cast on the tank when you’re fighting a boss but it’s mainly used on yourself, the mp cost is very high.
– upgrade

Level 70

Dark Scream – single target

Another stun, this one is single target but has a longer duration. it starts out at 3 seconds as level 1 and increases to 12!! seconds at max level, amazing pvp skill. It also decreases dark and holy resistance during the stun duration…if your opponent has any, higher levels maybe.
– great skill, if you pvp a lot start upgrading it for the stun duration. the less an enemy is beating on you the better.

Twin Torrent

The second heretic AoE. Starts out at an insane mp cost of almost 1k mp for just about 1500 damage, truly not worth it…until you level it. The damage increases A LOT while the mp consumption goes up at a slower pace.
– start upgrading, not necessarily from level 70 but perhaps around 80s.

Spirit Fortify

The heretic stat passive, spirit. Level 1 increases spirit by 5% rising by another 5% every level. Spirit increases the damage of some skills as well as healing power and mp pool. The TRUE power of this passive doesn’t how until level 85 when we get angel’s discipline, an attack skill that deals damage depending on the size of your mana pool.
– start upgrading, you’ll need it and more mana, healing, damage is always nice.

5. Pets

Choosing a pet is quite simple for a heretic, you can get pretty much any you want. I’d recommend an INT/STR type, or a Dex type pet. This is to help with the damage dealing which is the area where heretics are lacking. Heals work on pets as well so pet pots are not anything to worry too much about.
You may want a secondary pet for mass pvp though, preferably a VIT type. Your damage pets tend to die extremely easily in PvP but if you keep an eye on it it’s very possible to use your regular pet in pvp as well.
With other words you have no limitations when it comes to choosing pets, find one you like and feel comfortable with.

6. Conclusion

A heretic is an extremely important part of every party, especially once we enter OB and zen pots are not as common. Your buffs and heals will make it easy to find a party whenever you need one, and the friends you’ll make will regularly pm you asking if you’d like to join for this or that if you’re doing a good job.
In PvP the heretic is very far from a weak class. As far as I’ve reached in this CB I’d actually say a good heretic is the strongest class in a 1v1 fight. Your damage may be low but your healing abilities, 2 stuns, 1 silence, 1 immunity buff and the ability to kite makes you a nightmare for ANY class.

This is as far as I’ve gotten with my guide. If i reach level 85 in OB i’ll add those skills as well but no major changes will be made to the guide til then unless the game changes dramatically in OB. If there’s anything I should still point out or if I made any mistake reply here pointing it out and I’ll edit it.

Good luck playing a heretic, I hope you’ll like the class as much as I do and enjoy the game!

Induction ID 2600149G090000082008330S3f6fb2
feel free to use it if you want to start out as VIP.

xAngelofAwex Heretic

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