The Godfather Five Families Quick Guides

The Godfather Five Families Quick Guides by Razia

Table of Contents

1) Getting Started
2) Estate
3) Neighbourhood
4) Research
5) Rackets
6) Units

1) Getting Started

>> Completing Jobs

If you want to be a Don someday, first you have to learn the ropes! By completing quests, known as Jobs, you can gain experience to help you level and resources to help build your empire faster. Jobs will teach you how to accomplish a variety of tasks, and can be found by clicking on the File button in the lower right hand corner of the screen.


Your Consigliere, or advisor, is always there to help you with a recommended Job to get you on the right track. He will inform you of when a new Job is available and when you complete a Job. If you’re ever unsure of what to do next, check in with your Consigliere!


>> Constructing Buildings

Buildings are an essential component to any successful city. Constructing and upgrading a variety of buildings will help your city grow and thrive by awarding different bonuses and resources– everything from Cement used to construct more buildings to attack boosts to help you in combat.

Each construction task takes a certain amount of time to complete and requires a certain amount of resources to begin. These requirements can be found when clicking on the building type you wish to construct or upgrade.

When you begin a construction, a small timer will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. This time counts down the remaining time for the active construction task, and can be sped up with the use of special items. Keep in mind that you can only have one construction timer active at a time, so be sure to pay attention to the different requirements needed!

You can upgrade each building in the Estate and Neighborhood to level 10, however you will require a special item called Don’s Blessing to upgrade from level 9 to level 10. You can find this item by visiting the store.



>> Tips to Get You Started:

  • When it comes to constructing a building, researching tactics, or training troops, only one timer of each type can be active at any one time. Plan out your strategy and be sure to keep a timer started at all times to make the most of your time!
  • If you’re looking for players to chat with or join your Crew, participate in World Chat!
  • Keep a close eye on your Cash and Resource consumption! If you want to construct new buildings, make sure you’re producing enough Resources to meet the requirements.
  • Where you place your buildings in the Neighborhood does not matter. But don’t worry, you can always tear down a building and construct a new one instead.


2) Estate

The Estate is where you can construct and upgrade helpful buildings that can give helpful bonuses and provide protection from enemy attacks. The Estate buildings will always remain in the same location and cannot be demolished. Keep in mind that each building in the Estate unlocks at a certain level and have different requirements before they can be constructed.

>> The different Estate buildings you can build and upgrade are:


  • Requirements: Unlocks at level 1
  • Details: The Mansion is the heart of your Estate. By upgrading this building, you can increase the number of building slots available in the Neighborhood as well as how many Cityscapes you can have under your control.



  • Requirements: Unlocks at level 1
  • Details: The Library is where you can research new tactics to help build and strengthen your empire and armies. Upgrading this building will unlock higher levels of Research that can give you bigger and better bonuses.



  • Requirements: Unlocks at level 1
  • Details: Your Wall is your main defense against the attacks of rival Families. Here you can train defensive units, such as Guard Dogs and Barbed Wire, that will defend your Estate from attacks. Upgrading this building will unlock new defensive units to train and increase the amount of defense you have.



  • Requirements: Unlocks at level 3
  • Details: The Armory is where you can view and manage the different Armory Items you have collected from defeating Gangs. Upgrading this building will allow you to equip higher level Armory Items. To learn more about Armory Items and their advantages, check out the Quick Guide: Armory.



  • Requirements: Unlocks at level 4
  • Details: In the case of an attack against your Estate, it’s good to have an established Warehouse. The Warehouse is where you can protect your hard earned Resources so they cannot be looted by an attacker. Upgrading this building will increase the amount of each Resource you can store.


Front Gate

  • Requirements: Unlocks at level 5
  • Details: Want to know what’s going on in your Neighborhood? The Front Gate is your eyes and ears when it comes to detecting and analyzing enemy attacks. Upgrading this building will let you learn more about an impending attack, such as the size of the army heading towards you and the types of units deployed. Use this knowledge to your advantage to better prepare your Estate in the case of an attack.


Guest House

  • Requirements: Unlocks at level 6
  • Details: The Guest House allows you to station the units of your Crew members at your Estate. In the event of an attack, these troops will then fight for your and ward off the attackers. Upgrading this building will allow you to station units from more Crew members.



  • Requirements: Unlocks at level 7
  • Details: By upgrading this building, you can decrease the amount of time it takes to train human units, such as Professionals, Hitmen, and Thugs.


Guard Post

  • Requirements: Unlocks at level 8
  • Details: The Guardpost aids in your defense against Families wishing to attack your Estate. By upgrading this building, you can decrease the amount of time it takes to train defensive units, such as Guard Dogs and Barbed Wire.



  • Requirements: Unlocks at level 9
  • Details: By upgrading this building, you can decrease the amount of time it takes to train car units, such as Couriers, Delivery Trucks, and Armored Cars.

>> Building and upgrading the Estate takes time, but the bonuses and troops gained during the process will help give you the advantage over your enemies and ensure a thriving and profitable empire! <<

3) Neighbourhood

When building up your empire, there are a lot of different types of buildings and resources to keep in mind. The buildings in your Estate allow you to research tactics and improve your success on and off the battlefield, while the buildings in your Neighborhood help to generate cash flow and resources. Learning how to use different building types to your advantage will come in handy– especially if you want to be a Don!

>> The different Neighborhood buildings you can build and upgrade are:

Cement Factory

  • Details: Building a Cement Factory will increase the amount of Cement your Neighborhood produces and increases the storage capacity for this resource.



  • Details: Building an apartment will increase the amount of Influence you currently have in your Neighborhood. Influence determines how many units you can train at a time, and upgrading your Apartments will also increase the amount of Influence you possess.



  • Details: Looking for new types of guys to train? Building and upgrading a Hideout will not only increase your cash production, but will also unlock different types of units available for training.


Steel Factory

  • Details: Building a Steel Mill will increase the amount of Steel your Neighborhood produces and increases the storage capacity for this resource.



  • Details: Building a Restaurants will increase the amount of Food your Neighborhood produces and increases the storage capacity for this resource.

>> If you find yourself running out of room in your Neighborhood, remember to upgrade your Mansion to unlock more building slots. <<

4) Research

Machine guns and tough-as-nails recruits may help you to build a strong army, but mentally preparing yourself before any fight could mean the difference between victory and defeat. With many different Families all fighting for power, it’s important to always be researching new and different types of tactics. Researches can provide helpful bonuses and unlock new and improved units for training, and upgrading these tactics and increase bonuses even further.

>> The following tactics available for research are as follows:


  • Description: Get better at coordinating attacks and you’ll be able to send out more men at one time.
  • Details: Upgrading Logistics allows you to send out more units when attacking an opponent.



  • Description: An army travels on its stomach, and that’s even more true in the Cosa Nostra.
  • Details: Each upgrade increases your Food production speed from all Restaurants in your Neighborhood.



  • Description: Cement is literally the foundation of a Family business.
  • Details: Each upgrade increases your Cement production speed from all Cement Factories in your Neighborhood.



  • Description: Improve Steel production by busting workers’ unions and lowering overhead.
  • Details: Each upgrade increases your Steel production speed from all Steel Factories in your Neighborhood.



  • Description: Made men prove themselves by demonstrating their mettle.
  • Details: Each upgrade decreases the training time of Tommy Gunners, Enforcers, and Professionals, allowing you to train these units in less time.



  • Description: Keep eyes and ears on the other Families, so you’re never caught off guard.
  • Details: Each upgrade increase give progressively more info about enemy units, from the type of units attacking to the number of units deployed by your enemy.



  • Description: The Family needs to keep growing, and that means finding new recruits.
  • Details: Each upgrade decreases the training time of Thugs, Arsonists, Bruisers, Demolitionists, and Hitmen, allowing you to train these units in less time.



  • Description: Without muscle, a Family can’t compete. Recruit and retain stronger soldiers on the battlefield.
  • Details: Each upgrade increases the strength of all attacking units when deployed against an opponent.



  • Description: Nothing worse than winning a fight only to find you can’t carry the winnings back.
  • Details: Each upgrade increases the amount of items and Resources you can take back to your Estate following a successful attack.



  • Description: Help your men roll to victory by improving their vehicles.
  • Details: Decreases the amount of time it takes to March when deplying units on an attack.



  • Description: Every Family needs someplace to hide its most cherished belongings.
  • Details: Increases the amount of Resources you can store in the Warehouse.



  • Description: Tougher men can hang in a fight that much longer.
  • Details: Increases the health of all unit types, including offensive and defensive units, allowing you to stay in the battle for longer.



  • Description: Learn how to cut through red tape and get structures built faster.
  • Details: Decreases the amount of time it takes to construct and upgrade buildings in your Estate and Neighborhood.



  • Description: Learn how best to move merchandise through the black market.
  • Details: Each upgrade increases the maximum number of trades you can execute at once.



  • Description: Friends at every corner will help speed you through the streets.
  • Details: Each upgrade increases the speed of your offensive units when traveling to a friendly tile (a member within your Family).

>> Some types of research can effect multiple features, but only one type of research can be improved at any one time. Be sure to always keep a research timer active at all times! <<

5) Rackets

While the Five Families are able to generate cash and resources to expand their empires, it doesn’t hurt to have your hand in a few different businesses on the side. These businesses, known as Rackets, provide extra cash on a regular basis and unlock according to level. Each Racket has a unique collection time and gives a different amount of cash.

>> There are FOUR different Rackets to unlock and collect from:

Main Street Station

  • Requirements: Unlocks at level 1
  • Cash Produced: $750 every 5 Minutes


Fleming Theatre

  • Requirements: Unlocks at level 5
  • Cash Produced: $2,375 every 15 Minutes


Tony’s Auto Body

  • Requirements: Unlocks at level 11
  • Cash Produced: $13,525 every 6 Hours


The Fat Cat Club

  • Requirements: Unlocks at level 23
  • Cash Produced: $27,200 every 18 Hours

>> To earn the most from your unlocked Rackets, be sure to click on them and collect cash as soon as it becomes available! <<

6) Units

If you want to be a Don, you have to be prepared to crack and few skulls along the way. Training units and increasing the size of your army will help grant you victories against enemies and protect your city from harmful attacks. Each unit has a unique strength and weakness, and it’s best to create a diverse army that can withstand different types of battle.

>> Offensive Units: Troops you can send into battle when attacking a rival Family or gang.


  • Description: Thugs are the foot soldiers of the Cosa Nostra, armed only with street smarts and handguns. Suitable for small jobs, they’re often outgunned and outclassed in more serious situations.
  • Health: 500
  • Attack: 200
  • Load: 30
  • Speed: 300



  • Description: Swift, stealthy and with an eye for valuables, Couriers are experts at recovering assets you’ve “liberated” from other goombahs. The more Couriers you send, the more loot you’ll be able to bring back home.
  • Health: 100
  • Attack: 1
  • Load: 200
  • Speed: 600



  • Description: Arsonists prefer fire to gunfire. With their love of combustion often sating a deep-seated psychological obsession, Arsonists’ flames will sear flesh and ruin lives.
  • Health: 300
  • Attack: 150
  • Load: 30
  • Speed: 300



  • Description: Bruisers bring a violent, hands-on approach that usually leaves a major impression on their enemies. If not scars.
  • Health: 500
  • Attack: 175
  • Load: 30
  • Speed: 300



  • Description: Demolitionists are best called in when you want to get rid of someone’s wheels. Nothing takes the fight out of a car-based enemy faster than a few sticks of dynamite.
  • Health: 750
  • Attack: 400
  • Load: 100
  • Speed: 600


Delivery Truck

  • Description: There are hauls and then there are hauls. When you want to bring back huge amounts of loot after a major hit, there’s no replacement for a convoy of Delivery Trucks.
  • Health: 1400
  • Attack: 1
  • Load: 5000
  • Speed: 1000



  • Description: Hitmen do whatever it takes to get the job done, from putting a sniper bullet in some mook’s eye to whacking a guy up close and personal.
  • Health: 2000
  • Attack: 1500
  • Load: 100
  • Speed: 600


Tommy Gunner

  • Description: Tommy Gunners favor spraying their enemies with a hail of bullets while in or near their sedans. And if a few innocent bystanders got shot up, that’s just the cost of doing business.
  • Health: 2300
  • Attack: 1200
  • Load: 1
  • Speed: 1000



  • Description: Enforcers love the open road, and they’ll always be first to call shotgun.
  • Health: 1900
  • Attack: 1450
  • Load: 1
  • Speed: 1000



  • Description: Professionals don’t come cheap but they’re worth every penny. Most at home in heavily armored cars, Pros don’t back down from any job.
  • Health: 4200
  • Attack: 2100
  • Load: 1
  • Speed: 1000

>> Defensive Units: Troops that will fight against enemies that attack your city. Can be unlocked and trained by visiting the Guard Post and Front Gate in your Estate.

Barbed Wire

  • Description: Barbed Wire is a nice surprise you can leave on the top of your Wall for anyone stupid enough to try to climb over it.
  • Health: 1
  • Attack: 100


Booby Traps:

  • Description: Setting a few Booby Traps is a great way to make your enemies see your point.
  • Health: 1
  • Attack: 120


Guard Dog:

  • Description: Man’s best friend? Not when that man is a threat to your Family.
  • Health: 200
  • Attack: 150


Armed Guard:

  • Description: When it comes to protecting what you’ve got, there’s no replacement for extra feet on the ground.
  • Health: 200
  • Attack: 150

>> Remember that training and maintaining units consumes Food, so be sure to increase Food production when training large amounts of units! <<

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