The Godfather Five Families Newbie Guide

The Godfather Five Families Newbie Guide by Tyni_S

This guide assumes your taking breaks when you cant build/research anymore (i.e You ran out of resources/money and have to come back tomorrow/later on in the day to wait for resources/money to replenish.)

Ok, Lets get started.

When you 1st start off you will have a rough idea of what you have to do, providing you paid attention to the start, Now straight off the bat, you want to start making apartments and quite a few of them, i would recommend making a total of 5 apartments, while you are doing that, make some restaurant’s, id say make 3 restaurants, and 2 cement and steel factory’s, then once you’ve done that, try upgrade your restaurants and factory’s to levels 3-4 depending on how your getting along for resources.

Dont forget, you can be doing other jobs inbetween if your struggling for resources, like building up your estate (I would recommend building the following buildings in this order)

Armoury > Warehouse > Workshop > Garage > Guard Post > Wall > Guest House.

to help get resources and money, one of the most important things you must do is build a library if you haven’t already because you want to research as much as you can, i would research first before anything else in this order.

Logistics > Spying > Maneuver > Construction.

This is because every time you research a level in Construction the construction time for all buildings goes down by 2.5% which when upgraded a number of times, starts to add up, then i would say research in the order it goes down the table.

Do that for every time you upgrade your library.

Now its time to upgrade your mansion, get some more building slots and make more money, when you have upgraded your mansion i would recommend building another apartment and another factory each, only if you have all your apartments to level 5 and your factory’s around levels 3 – 4 otherwise upgrade them 1st and then carry on building, DO NOT BUILD ANOTHER RESTAURANT! There is no need and you should have more then enough food by now, concentrate on building/upgrading your estate and keeping your resources to a 1:1 ratio, you can do this by click on the bar at the top of the game screen that shows your money/food/cement/steel resources, you can also find out what your bonus percentages are and your upkeep cost of your troops (if you have any.)

After you have done that, you should have the basic’s mastered, and be on your way to becoming the next “Don”. I hope this guide helps you out and be sure to comment if you have any questions.

Thanks for reading.
Tyni S

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