Rumble Fighter Changing Controls for Joystick Guide

Rumble Fighter Changing Controls for Joystick Guide by support234

Follow these steps exactly. Not doing so can cause serious issues to your computer.

1. Click Start and choose the Run function

2. Type “regedit” (without quotations).

3. Extend (click the + sign) HKEY_CURRENT_USER

4. Extend Software

5. Extend Nimonix

6. Open Rumble Fighter

7. So there should be an entry at the bottom called MappedJoystick of REG_Binary type.

8. Double click it, and change the values in to the corresponding button (First Value = Button1).

The values of the actions are as follows:

00 or 20 = Guard
01 = Punch
02 = Kick
03 = Jump
04 = Exocore Transform 1
05 = Exocore Transform 2
06 = Skill 1
07 = Skill 2

For Vista/ Windows 7 Users:

Go to the Start Menu, type in the Search Programs and Files bar “Run”. Click on the Run command and continue from Step 2.

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  1. Nania says:

    05 its switched with Exo2 (2016)
    Still thx a bunch, helped me.out nicely.

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