Rumble Fighter Carat Ultimate Guide

Rumble Fighter Carat Ultimate Guide by KishinWolf

Carat, as you all know is Rumble Fighter’s in game currency. There are astros but
astros depend on currency in real life. Anyone however can make carat. It’s just a matter of time and patience. But then, why are 9 out of 10
RFians poor? And what can you do to stop being poor? I hope to explain everything that is carats in this guide.

Making It

Everything you do in Rumble Fighter will be rewarded with carat. It’s one of the easiest
things to do. But how can you make more carat? What modes give you more? Well I’ll
explain some here.

Modes To Play
Moving Screen
Moving Screen is a pretty good way to make carat. You only need five things.

1) A Decent Exocore
2) A Decent Team
3) Dodging Ability
4) Fast Reflexes
5) Fighting Ability

The most obvious strategy here is to shut down the opponents team as fast as possible
but the other key strategy is exoing up really fast as possible and then spamming your
exocore to try to keep the enemy down onto the middle platform.

Exocores That Work Well Here
Suriya Crystal
Ice Charger (if you can use it well)
Xero Discus
Blade Spirit
Devil Fang
Shadow Devil

Exocores To Look Out For
Devil Fang
Martial Arts Soul

It’s pretty simple. The Former is what you spam while at the top. But be careful, the latter
can hit you from the lower platform even if you are on the top platform.

Winning Three Consecutive Battles here will get you about 120-150 Carat.

Note: The get maximum profit, you probably should hold off on killing all of your opponents until 50 seconds. This is what is known as Timing.

KOTH- King Of The Hill
This mode takes more skill to play but is a lot faster than Demo with a good team.

You really only need two things for this mode but one is pretty difficult to find.

1) A Good Team
2) A Decent Exocore

Obviously the objective in this game is to try and get 4 big flags before the other team.

Exocores That Work Well Here
Shadow Devil

Exocores To look out for
Anything that can edge you.

As said, this mode can be pretty difficult without a good team and a good exocore. Your main strategy with Golem is to camp at any of the platforms (preferably the middle or bottom) and summon the Golem. Then you start spamming rocks to aid your team mates on other platforms. With Shadow Devil you camp at the middle or bottom platform and then start spamming bats. The opponent your team mate is fighting should be immobolized long enough for your team mate to K’O them.

Winning Three Consecutive Battles here will get you about 130-150 Carat.

Note: I’m not sure but I think you have to time it to about 70 seconds to get max carats.
Note: If you’re that fourth person that’s not taking a hill, then it’s best to support your team mates by running around and edging.
Note: People also use this mode for EXP.

Boss Mode
This mode doesn’t require much skill AT ALL and for that reason will get boring pretty fast. This mode is 10 times faster than a NHAA. For Boss Mode, I also recommend you fight Whacko. It’s a lot faster than Typhoon.

Exocores That Work Well Here
Suriya Crystal
Ice Charger (if you can use it well)
Xero Discus
Shadow Devil
Cannon Barrel

Whacko Jacko can usually be KO’d within 60 seconds with the right exocores.

If you kill at least 5 of the little baby pumpkins you can make 60 carat which I assume can be doubled to 120 with Jacko Helmet or British. If you sell the Chest, that is an added 50 carats. So that’s at least 110 carats without a doubling item and 160 carats with a doubling item. And you can make all of that within a minute. -Thanks to SuckMyDuck

Doubling It

Silver British
The Silver British is one of RF’s most popular accessories. It doubles your carat. So if you make 60 in a game, it will double it to 120. Easily a great investment if you need a lot of carat for a specific purpose.

Jacko Helmet
Given out during events around Halloween, this nice little helmet does the same as the Silver British but it also boosts your speed +2.

Silver Pumpkin Helmet
Not an actual item in Rumble Fighter but is the process of stacking a Silver British and Jacko Helmet. This doesn’t quadruple your carat like many people think it does, it only multiplies it by three. So if you make 50 carat in a round, you’ll get 150. Personally, I think this method is only really good for making carat really fast, but other wise I would keep the two seperate.

Black Siam
I still have no real idea what this does. Can someone tell me.

Blue Mong
I still have no real idea what this does. Can someone tell me?

Saving It
Now comes the hard part. You are finally making a decent amount of carat daily but now you find yourself not making it past 15K before you spend it.
Well here are some tips that I use

Make A Plan
One of the most essential strategies is to make a plan. If you’re reading this guide, you are most likely saving for something. At the moment of writing this guide, I’m saving for Dark Haze Ninjutsu. What is my current plan?

Originally posted by Kishin’s Plan For DHN

My current plan is to not spend any carat that I don’t need to spend. I plan on making at least 4K a day so that I will have enough money the moment the scroll comes out

Do you see. My current plan states that I won’t spend any carat on anything else besides my current goal. I also will do my best to make at least 4K a day. That way, I can estimate when I’ll have my item.

Don’t Start Over With Nothing
When I’m saving for something, I always get at least 10K more than what the item is actually worth. This way, it doesn’t feel like I’m starting over with nothing. This is one of the reasons people on RF are poor. Once they get their item, they have almost no carats left. So then they don’t feel like saving anymore because they feel it would take too long.

Think In The Long Run
So you’re at 29K and you’r’e saving for that DM. You’re tired of saving so now you just think, “I can just get Mao Gong now and save up for DM again later”. This is what you have done sooner or later. But then, a week later, you see everyone with DM and you hate Mao Gong. So you sell it and have nothing. Nice work.

You should always think in the long run of “Will I like This Scroll/Exo” and “Will I be able to use this Scroll/Exo efficiently?”

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