Planet Calypso When is L armor is cheaper than UL armor Guide

Planet Calypso When is L armor is cheaper than UL armor Guide by Jimmy B


It seems a timely moment to add this extension to the How Armor Works post.

There may be a number of reasons that might influence you into considering buying an L armor set (or piece):

(i) UL version isn’t available or too expensive
(ii) As a replacement for a piece of an UL set you haven’t yet been able to acquire (e.g. missing foot guard)
(iii) Because its a collector’s item (e.g. some of the rarer sets with unusual pieces like Spartacus)
(iv) Because you like having the constant protection as the armor decays
(v) Because the L armor has higher durability (and hence lower decay) than the equivalent UL armor.

This thread details how to calculate the markup you can pay for an L armor, taking only (v) into consideration. The other reasons may cause you to decide the armor is worth more, but those factors are harder to quantify and so will be down to your own judgement call.

I’ll use the example of Ghost UL and Ghost L to illustrate the process.

Step 1

Calculate how much the UL version of the armor will decay on an average hit.


Let’s say you mainly use your Ghost to fight big Atrox. You’ll generally be absorbing 19 Impact, 15 Cut and 13 Stab on a hit, for a total of 47 damage absorbed.

Using the decay formula we can work out how much that will decay your unlimited ghost:

Decay = (0.003 x dmg^1.75 + 0.05 x dmg) x (1 – Durability/100000)

= (0.003 x 47^1.75 + 0.05 x 47) x (1-2000/100000) = 4.783 pec

Step 2

Now we need to repeat the process for the limited version.

Decay = [0.0015 x (3-Durability/10000) x dmg^1.75 + 0.05 x dmg]x (1 – Durability/100000)

= (0.0015 x (3 – 12000/10000) x 47^1.75 + 0.05 x 47) x (1-12000/100000) = 4.072 pec

Step 3

Divide the decay of the UL version by the decay of the L version. If you can get the L version for a cost lower than the result, then the L version is cheaper to use than the UL version.

In our Ghost example: 4.783/4.072 = 1.175 = 117.5%


Unfortunately Ghost L requires the rare Langotz to make, so it’ll never cost 117.5%. So you’re better off sticking with the UL version. However, in other cases you may find the L version is better.

As a guideline low end armors such as Rascal, Zombie, Predator will need to be under 115% to be worth considering over a comparable UL armor. Higher decay armors get a bit of a boost, and also have higher durability generally, so this number will increase a little. Supremacy (L) would probably be cheaper than Supremacy at 133% for instance. But…….good luck getting it for that


You may find it easier to use Entropedia than do the calculations yourself.

The first two steps can be done here.

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