Planet Calypso Crafting Guide

Planet Calypso Crafting Guide by Alice

Crafting is a expensive and most skill dependent (the more crafting skills you have the better will be your output) profession.

One, if not the, main skills is engineering (found under “science”).

Crafting divides into many subcategories. You can manufacture armor, weapons, tools, furniture, even tailoring

For crafting you need a blueprint (bp for short), and the resources, described in it (usually refined ones)
E.g. this basic filters blueprint that belongs to metal equipment
You will always need the matching book for the bps, so you need an equipment book for equipment bps, weapon books for weapon bps…

Drag the blueprint in the book, by doubleclick opens the book and with a rightclick at the blueprint you can see under stats what resources you need to start manufacturing. Also it shows the quality rating of it. This Quality rating has influence of your chance of success too.
As you use a blueprint, its quality rating will gradually increase until it reaches 100.

1. The crafting process

Then you have to search a construction machine, any would work for everything, so it’s irrelevant if there stands armor or something else, you can even tailor clothes with a weapon construction machine.
Rightclick at it to use it, and the crafting window will open.

Your inventory will open too. Doubleclick at your blueprint book, find the blueprint you want to use, and click at it. It is moved in the blueprint window of the manufacturing machine. The height of the Success Rate bar will show your chance of success (“cos”), the higher the better, later more about the bar.
The names of the needed resources will be written there again. Drag them from your inventory to the ingredients window.
You have to choose if you want more quantity or quality. Quality raises the quality rating of the blueprint faster (higher cos after some time), but the cos is lower especially in the beginning, but if you are successful, your item will have a higher value.
Then you click manufacture over and over again until you have used up all your resources.

Possible results per click
– Success:
You get the item(s) you wanted, sometimes new blueprints, maybe even diamonds 

– No success, but something in return:
You don’t get the item you wanted, but either gain resources back, so you don’t loose all, or you get residue back.
If you get resources back you can use them for more crafting attempts.
Residue can be put into the resource window too, and is used there to increase the tt value of the items (just non stackable) about the tt value of the residue. This is usually done with limited items, but can also used for “regular” items like weapons.

– Failure:
Your resources are lost, and you got nothing in return.

“Tactics” for crafting
-Beware the male female button while crafting armor or tailoring.
It looks a bit strange, so make a test run so you know what will produce female and what male
-There are no real tactics. I recommend to start with something that won’t need many resources and those have to be as cheap as possible. So I recommend basic filters, the standard skilling blueprint (needs 1 lysterium ingot and 1 oil). Basic filters have no use actually, so you will most likely have to sell them to trade terminal. But the rest isn’t that much better. Most armors are hard to sell, the weapons too because the tt stuff is better usually. Sometimes buyers are found for the mining tools but the competition is huge there. And with those you would lose more resources per failure, that’s why I suggest skilling with the filters.
Another possible blueprint after some time would be Basic dampers, using 1 lysterium ingot and 2 oil, but the skill gain is a bit faster than with the filters.
-You should skill with that lower blueprint at least until you unlock a new skill, called
Blueprint comprehension. Will also raise your chance of success for all other blueprints (in tailoring most likely not).
-In tailoring you should start to skill with basic pattern pants or shirts, or if you can get your hands of a Reilly boots BP, use this one.
You can use several animal skins to change the look of your clothes, and maybe find some buyers with it.
The skins you can use depend on your skill level, but it is hard to predict when you can use what.

1.1. The Chance of success (cos)

The chance if you get the stuff you try to craft. It can be raised with crafting skills and the blueprint quality rating. Special thanks to ETOPIA, who allowed me to use this picture, showing the chances at the cos bar; there is a lot of work and cash involved to get this data

This is just the chance that you get something, with higher skills you can move the quantity/quality bar to the right, means your items will have a higher value, so the payback becomes better with high skills, even if the chances for an item will stay the same.
To throw some numbers in, an ore finder 102 has a max tt of 30 ped, and even with 42% this can pay off.

1.2. The quality rating

The quality rating increase your cos and therefore rise your payback.
With the permission of Dark Darky Star (special thanks here again) here some numbers how the quality rating increases, and how the increase will slow down over time.
The blueprint is a basic damper, and a batch is a 5000 lysterium and 10000 oil, a basic damper needs 1 lysterium and 2 oil per attempt.
3 basic dampers blueprints are raised until 100 quality rating.

Batch No. From To
1 Blueprint QR: 0 44.5
2 Blueprint QR: 44.5 58.6
3 Blueprint QR: 58.6 65.4
4 Blueprint QR: 65.4 73.6
5 Blueprint QR: 73.6 80
6 Blueprint QR: 80 83.9
7 Blueprint QR: 83.9 87.4
8 Blueprint QR: 87.4 90.1
9 Blueprint QR: 90.1 93
10 Blueprint QR: 93 96.6
11 Blueprint QR: 96.6 98.6
12 Blueprint QR: 98.6 100

1 Blueprint QR: 0 44.4
2 Blueprint QR: 44.4 56.7
3 Blueprint QR: 56.7 67
4 Blueprint QR: 67 73.1
5 Blueprint QR: 73.1 80
6 Blueprint QR: 80 83.9
7 Blueprint QR: 83.9 87.5
8 Blueprint QR: 87.5 90.9
9 Blueprint QR: 90.9 93.9
10 Blueprint QR: 93.9 97
11 Blueprint QR: 97 100

1 Blueprint QR: 0 44.7
2 Blueprint QR: 44.7 59.6
3 Blueprint QR: 59.6 67.8
4 Blueprint QR: 67.8 73.8
5 Blueprint QR: 73.8 79
6 Blueprint QR: 79 82.7
7 Blueprint QR: 82.7 87.2
8 Blueprint QR: 87.2 91.2
9 Blueprint QR: 91.2 93.3
10 Blueprint QR: 93.3 96.1
11 Blueprint QR: 96.1 98.6
12 Blueprint QR: 98.6 100

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