Planet Calypso Basic Mining Guide

Planet Calypso Basic Mining Guide by Alice

Mining divides into ore and enmatter mining. Mining isn’t cheap to skill, but if you got some knowledge in it, like where to find what, you can compensate the “luck”-factor a bit.
The basic stuff can be bought at the trade terminal. Mining skills will give you a higher detection radius and better depth, increasing your chance to find deposits.
Skills in mining, will allow you to find the more rare stuff. So, the better you are skilled, the better is your chance to find the really rare and expensive stones.

1. The mining process

In both cases you need a detectonator
the tt one for ore

for enmatter

and an excavator
tt one for ore

for enmatter

And you need the “ammo”.
For ore mining you need bombs, 1 bomb per ped

for enmatter you need probes, 2 probes per ped

Theoretically it means that you have a better chance to find something for the same costs if you mine enmatter, but enmatter findings are usually smaller than the ore findings.

The mining is in both cases similar. You go out in the wilderness (but people also found deposits in or near towns) take your detectonator in your hands and use it. A bomb/probe is planted on the grounds and detonates (you won’t be hurt). After a couple of seconds a window of your detectonator will pop up, with 3 possible results it can tell you:
– “Found x”
That’s nice so far, if you have found something the detectonator will show you with flashing arrows where you have to go.

As soon you are close enough you print the claim automatically, a loot window will pop up with the claim deed (if your rightclick at the deed, the map will open and mark the place of the claim). A claim rod appears, a deed for the claim is placed in your inventory and you can extract the ore/enmatter with your excavator by aiming at the claim rod and using the excavator.
To extract all the ore/enmatter use the excavator until the claim rod disappears.

Just the owner of the claim deed can extract the ore.

– “Strange signal found”
That means a robot spacecraft has landed quite close to you. To the good things, it contains usually 50 ped, sometimes with a beacon, which is much more worth.
The bad thing is that it’s guarded by 2 drones usually. Be careful if you come close.
You have to press a button at the ship to examine it. This can be done by everybody, so, if you are killed, and someone else reaches the ship before you do again, he gets the price.

– “No resources found”
no success, well, try somewhere else again.

Mining tactics
Mining tactics depend more or less what mining theory you believe in
– Some say there are “veins” of ore, means some deposits near to each other.
Means rather cover the area were you already found a claim with more bombs (take care about the radius then)
– The others say it is irrelevant where you mine, you will get a certain amount back, so it’s self correcting. The money you lose you will get back more or less for 50-100%.
Its hard to find THE mining theory, cause all are more all less true for certain situations
– It is usually better not to mine in the areas near tps, because quite many people are mining there and don’t want to run into the wilderness. Although some high deposits have been found very close to Teleporters. Depending on what theory in mining you follow your chances are either equal, or better if you mine in the wilderness. So at a tp area mining has not many pros.
– True is that you can find the same minerals/enmatters in an area.
Means if you find permanently oil in one area this isn’t pure chance, this area has oil, and it will keep spawning again. Maybe (most likely) not at the exact spot you found it before, but in the area for sure. You can’t be sure when it spawned again. Sometimes it takes 1 day, sometimes 4, so you can never be sure. But if your skills are too low you maybe won’t find everything, so you can’t be that sure if this area doesn’t contain a different type of ore/enmatter.
– In the end your mining style is depending on your pocket, and how you think mining is working.
Either you mine absolutely random, more following theory 1.
Or you try to cover an area when you’ve found something
or you just ran in a line, dropping after you run twice of your mining radius
(53m for tt finders, means 106m running)

Depending on what theory you believe it either has absolutely no effect or is the Holy Grail.

– Carry at least one refiner for the ore or enmatter (depends on what you mine) with you. You will be over weighted if you have too much stones or enmatter with you.
You can refine your ore or enmatter to lighter, refined forms of your stones/enmatters.
This won’t decrease or increase the tt value; it will just reduce your weight. Another positive side effect: refined ore/enmatter has usually a higher value at the market (better %).
– You should check your skills and your stats with finders quite often.
Mining equipment offer learning bonus, so, maybe you could purchase a new finder with learning bonus and even higher search depth.

2. Mining Amplifiers
Mining amplifiers raise the size of the deposit you may find.
For example: you would find a deposit worth 4 ped without amp, but get 6 ped with (quite low, but imagine, 40 ped to 60 ped).
Using amplifiers is a quite high risk, if you find nothing, you spent a lot more, and even if you find more with it, it is still questionable of you find enough to cover the cost of the amplifier.
Best tip here would be, if you know a good area where you know you can find stuff with a nice mark-up (around 150% market value at least), it starts to get interesting.
For this more requested stuff you are happy about every stone you find more, and an amplifier could raise this drastically.
As long you are not skilled enough, to find the stuff with bigger mark-up (usually quite rare) or no good area, an amp is not recommended.

3. Mining Deed
The deed can be found in your inventory, under “docs”. When you rightclick at the deed

You can see

-the depth
-the size
in words, and in a roman number, this gives you a rough estimation of the tt value of your deposit
-the resource
-the time left
in this time, you have to extract the claim, after this the claim rod disappears, and the not extracted ore/enmatter is lost
the bigger the deposit, the more time you have
-the position
this is especially interesting, when you were killed, and you have to go back
and to make this even easier, a map with the marked position of your deposit will open when your rightclick at the deed

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