Neo Steam Online Rogwel Beginner’s Guide

Neo Steam Online Rogwel Beginner’s Guide by Xamilech

I’ve decided to compile a list of various questions and concerns that are frequently asked on the World chat (or by PM) by my fellow Rogs who play on Runeshaper (Battleforge now I guess). Hopefully this will significantly reduce the amount of confusion for new players and prevent me from going insane… I’m not going to provide too many extensive details, as people who have these questions most likely already know of them.

Prepare for your crash course.

  • You get a megaphone from the NPC item vendor, it costs 50k and ya need to be lvl 15 to use it.
  • Material items like Gressid leaves and iron ore are dropped by low level enemies, just go outside and start killing things, you’ll have plenty in no time.
  • The Embezzler quest is NOT bugged, you just need to pay attention and have common sense. If you collect any more receipts than the one that you need, you will fail when you try to turn in the evidence.
  • The gambler for The Embezzler quest is BEHIND the lumberjacks house, not in front where the flag is, BEHIND it.
  • The lvl 20 quest you get from Isaac in Greticos IS bugged, he doesn’t offer it for whatever reason.
  • Crafting and Disassembly can only be done by Machinist job tracks. Enhancement, Alteration, and Refining can be done by ALL classes.
  • Galvanists make melee weapons, armor, and materials like pistons and gears, Tinkerers make ranged weapons, steam cores, accessories , steam tanks, and materials like engines and widgets. BOTH can make RvR siege engines and can only Disassemble items they can create (ie: a galvanist cannot disassemble a gun and a tink cannot disassemble a sword)
  • Evolve your pet by talking to the pet trainer/shop owner found in each major city. I’m not gonna force your hand, but the Gear (Healer) is invaluable. Seriously… hands down the best option.
  • If somebody is sacking a town and you’re below lvl 40, you probably won’t even be able to scratch them. They can’t attack you unless you attack them, so don’t feed them free Prestige.
  • You get Prestige from killing players, I’m not 100% on how it is distributed but I think you get more if the player you kill is a higher level than you or your party.
  • Prestige can be exchanged for items at the Quartermaster in Riall. *EDIT* This feature is not yet available, and the Quartermaster NPC has been removed until it is.
  • You get to Riall by taking the subway after you have specialized your class at lvl 10.
  • The Riall zones are hands down the best places to get experience. Sorry quest lovers, grinding is still the way to go. That’s why Elerd has us out lvld on Rune, they’ve all been grinding since day 1.
  • Evokers are not invincible. Their pets soak up damage for them, HOWEVER attacking the Evoker directly is still the best tactic, the Evokers have less defense than their pets do and thusly more damage is transferred onto the pet from attacking the Evoker than attacking the pet itself. The pet is still quite strong though, often 10 lvls higher than the Evoker, so it is always recommended to take on an Evoker with a group of people.
  • Don’t get Evokers confused with Templars, they both have pets but Templar pets don’t take damage for them.
  • The Premium shop is not open yet, ya gotta earn your items like everyone else until then. Deal with it. It’s open now
  • If you can’t find a place you’re looking for, check you map and click on each individual area to zoom in. This makes the individual regions such as WILD VALE become clearly labeled.
  • If you attack someone in a PvP zone, the Debuff Call to Arms is placed on you for 2 minutes. For as long as it is on you, you are not safe anywhere, even in the safe zones.
  • If you’re looking for Xand, he doesn’t spawn where the flag is, he’s up in a corner Northeast of it.
  • On that note, almost nothing spawns directly on the flag. Branch out and look around.
  • Mole Magnets do indeed drop off of the Steel Moles, but at a RIDICULOUSLY low rate. It’s not a bug, it’s just annoying.
  • You put steam cores in socketed items at the crafter by using the Enhancement option.
  • You can’t put sockets in an item that doesn’t have them. Ya either receive items socketed, or ya don’t, nothing ya can do about it.
  • You do indeed have more bars for skills, hold SHIFT and scroll the mouse wheel to get to them.
  • Battlefield is now open, accessible from Garendine… don’t go in unless you go in with a group. RvR is open every Saturday… in the Rope isle Battleground, accessible from the Save NPC in Steel Stronghold ONLY ON BATTLEFORGE SERVER.
  • You’re gonna be stuck with that Junior Explorer title til around lvl 40, get used to it.
  • Quit complaining about the WASD.
  • Your job specialization is permanent and cannot be changed. Think before you choose.
  • You can reset your skills in Greticos square, there’s an NPC called the Skill Master there, right next to the Save dude.
  • You get 10 resets before lvl 31, but once you hit 31 you get limited to 1 final reset. Make sure your skills are to your liking at lvl 30.
  • Resetting your skills refunds all of your SP and TP, except for the one that is automatically wasted on the lvl 1 skill.
  • Don’t put any points into the lvl 1 skill. They’re not even worth it before 30 when you still have resets available, and after 30 if you have any points in these useless skills you’ll regret it forever.
  • You can’t attack enemy NPCs (Such as the ones for the Base quests) by right clicking on them. You need to use the shortcut key ( ~… or Z if you tweak your settings) to do it. Yes, I know it’s a little annoying.
  • Your opinion does not matter nearly as much as you think it does.
  • Don’t neglect your potions.
  • Don’t neglect you pet.
  • Neglecting quests is fine.
  • Riall zones like Garden 1 and Garden 2 are THE SAME PLACE, 1 & 2 are just different doors at opposite ends of the same zone.
  • If you ever feel like raiding the Elerds for once, hop on the Zeppelin in Garendine and fly over to the Elerd continent.
  • Unfortunately you can’t mute people who spam the World chat (yet… they’re workin on it) or the Maestros who keep getting attacked. It works now. The commands /mute “Name” or /ex “Name” both work. Still can’t do crap about the Maestros though… short of letting him die or fending off the attack.
  • If a lone Elerd likes to run over and antagonize you by dancing, kill stealing, or attacking you, and then running away FOR THE LOVE OF DOUG DO NOT FOLLOW HIM OR YOU’LL GET GANKED BY THE 20 ELERDS HIDING AROUND THE CORNER!!!!!!
  • Making up new derogatory terms to describe Elerds is an easy way to become cool… but not if you do the creation process on World chat.
  • Don’t go through individual stages of PvP attacks on World chat either, Speak, Party, and PMs work fine. I mean sure, there’s nothing wrong with asking to form a party for Garden on World, but don’t be like “We need Party A to group on the west side and party B…. blah blah blah”, seriously gets annoying after a while. Additionally, there are people on Elerd who have Rogwel alts that spy on us, so don’t announce detailed attacks on World unless you want all of Elerd waiting to ambush you.
  • Never forget that Rogwels are 100x cooler than Elerds and we smell much nicer.
  • The NPC for the Trophy Hunting quest disappears for 20 minutes when somebody makes him pop Skelexion. He does not reappear when Skelexion dies, you have to wait the whole 20 minutes.
  • You get the old buggy from the quest “Save the Terrawhales” [lvl 18], unless you’re over-leveled you will need a party to kill the boss. Upgrade it to a mining buggy at an NPC next to a crafter. Upgrading the buggy increases the lvl requirement to use it, so make sure you can still use it after you upgrade.
  • If you don’t know where to find a quest, there are NPCs in each town that list the quest givers, their locations, and levels needed for each quest.
  • Reading the quest log will resolve any confusion 90% of the time.
  • The quest markers don’t update all the time. We know. Where to go after you’ve collected X number of drops off of enemy A is usually in the log. If it isn’t then you probably just need to go back to the quest giver with the items. If you don’t remember where he is, then sucks to be you, it’s your problem not ours.
  • Sure, you can solo most things. But partying makes everything easier and more fun.
  • I’m writing these down as they come to me, in no specific order, I don’t plan on ever organizing them. Deal with it.
  • Nobody is obligated to help you when you spam World chat, remember that.
  • Whining at a faster pace in caps will not improve your chances of getting help.
  • Never, under any circumstances, are you the leader of the Rogwel army. Don’t spam World chat demanding help or trying to draft people into your little crew of attackers. Just make a message on World chat requesting help at X location from X jobs/members, and wait for them to show up. It’s more likely to work than “All Rogs under 30 get yer asses to Garden NOW!!!1!1!”, and then calling everyone noobs when nobody shows up .
  • Jerkasses don’t deserve your help, even if they are your fellow countrymen (unless they’re really elegant in their jerkassed-ness like I am.)
  • If you have a question or have found a bug, ALWAYS ASSUME YOU ARE NOT THE FIRST PERSON WHO DID!!! We have WAAAAAY too many repeated questions and bugs both in game and here in threads on the forums. Search function. It works.
  • Guilds will have warehouses eventually. They aren’t available yet. Guilds have warehouses and bases now. Want em? Gotta be in the top 10 Guilds.
  • Fierce Jellies for the guild quest spawn on the Rusty Coast far to the south, near what looks like a shipwreck.

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