Neo Steam Online Evoker Guide Part 2

Neo Steam Online Evoker Skills Guide Part 2 by FMBailey and Sade

Recommended Premium items for Evokers

Siren hat : Def 5, Atk 10, M-Atk 6

Devil horn : Atk 10, M-Atk 6, MP Regen 5%, STA Regen 5%

Sharp horns : Def 10, Atk 18, M-Atk 14, HP Regen 12%

Gas Mask : Atk 10, M-Atk 6, Con 2

Hunger Spirit : Atk 8, M-Atk 6, Max HP 120

Police Shield : Def 5, Atk 12, M-Atk 8

Devil Wing : Atk 10, M-Atk 10

Illusion Tools : Atk 10, M-Atk 8, Con 2

Rocket Pack : Atk 12, M-Atk 10, Max HP 80

Steam Pack : Def 5, Atk 8, M-Atk 6, Max HP 120

Evoker Ethics

Aggressive Mode as I’ve stated promotes nothing but lazy AFK summoners and should be taken away. It’s not hard to make use of Defensive and Attack modes, I’ll lay it out for you to actually be able to understand how to utilize the two modes properly since it sounds like you don’t know how to use them.

Attack Mode, while sending the summon on it’s own little quest, will put it into passive mode once it’s killed the mob yes that’s true. But if you’re paying attention then and you get into a bind then you switch to Defensive Mode to which the summon retreats back to you and picks all targets hitting the summoner. Aggressive Mode is merely a bonus mode that automates the two modes at once and DOES NOT in any way compensate for the ability to survive. If you can’t play without Aggressive Mode on your summon then I’m sorry but you chose the wrong class and you need to pick a different one or learn how to use the other modes.

Another problem with Aggressive mode is that if another target is out damaging anything that is damaging the summoner then the summon will NOT return to aid you. The summon will in fact stay and continue to attack the target that’s attacking it. I have tested this multiple times and found it to be true. Aggressive Mode really isn’t that helpful and is nothing but a crutch. Mobs will go down faster if you use Attack Mode and target the next mob as the current target is about to die. Don’t claim that we need this because it’s not something a good summoner needs and can easily do without.
While I don’t agree in any way with Bailey’s belief that we should have summon commands taken away, it is a better discussion for ethics and what is the right way to do things. There is no excuse for laziness in a game (as you don’t have to physically do anything but press a button) and as a healer you should never have a moment where you aren’t doing something. For example if your not healing you should be buffing, if everyone is buffed loot or use blaze wall to aide in the attack, by this time you should be healing again. There is no reason a healer should be idle and to my experience and opinion that a good party should always be in need of healing, if theyre not in there killing mobs and geting hurt theyre just not doing it right.

I do agree that there should be an end to afk grinders as they simply give all healers a bad name no matter what nation they are on. And if you see or know of afk grinders, don’t party them full stop as easy as that. In the long run they level slower without a party supporting them, get bored, smarten up or they start a new class (or quit which doesn’t matter to game as we don’t need afk healers).

Now I know healers are seen as a support class but there is more of a relationship exchange that you should follow in parties. In truth the healer supports the party with buffs and heals and to a lesser degree damage from the summon attacking, yet the party also supports the healer in doing the damage for them while the healer takes care of them. A symbiotic relationship if you will.

It is true also that it is useful to make use of the different summon commands however not always practical to have to be telling your summon what to do every second if you are in a well organized party the healer will be too busy healing and buffing. In the case of grinding it is best to use aggressive mode in normal circumstances. If the party is aoeing large numbers of mobs then defensive or passive is recommended. If pk/pvp defensive or attack is best. On raid in the other nation’s town surrounded by the enemy use aggressive. Of course there are variations to what I said but thats a rough guide. Use your experience as you go for what works for you in different situations. But in the end the healer needs to be contributing something just as much as the other classes.

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