Neo Steam Online Arcanist Guide

Neo Steam Online Arcanist Guide by Valt


Fireball- AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!! Only use is before you get your class change and if someone has that shield move that allows them to take 0 damage from an attack.

Mystic Surrender- A god send, saves you so much so that you do not rely on pots. Try to keep it close to max, if not maxed.

Blaze Wall- At first glance it might not seem useful but there are times when I was in CB that I would have loved to have 2 AOE skills, and it also has a cool down time of 0 so, might be good to lvl it up when your at a higher lvl.

Burning Hands- MAX IT!!!! This is your main PVE attacking skills, casting time of 1, cooling time of 1, you will be spamming this like mad, even in PVP if (for some reason) your main PVP skill (I will tell later) doesnt kill them rogs just use it like once or twice and it should kill them.

Force of Will- Put 1 point into it and max later when you have skill points to spare, its nice but putting points only increases duration. *Edit* ok it increases dodge at lvl 4 or 5, so if you want the dodge, increase it to that.

Ruinous Zap- Try to max this out, it is VERY useful in PVP and PVE, PVE it seems the root works almost all the time if maxed and does a nice chunk of damage, PVP the root doesnt work all that often I noticed but when used with after Astral Flare it will usually kill people if they are not already dead, it has a casting time of 0.

Flame Cyclone- Try to max this one out to, very useful in PVE and PVP, it slows enemies and attacks a group of enemies, whats not to like?

Astral Flare- MAX IT, IF YOU DO NOT MAX ANYTHING MAX THIS!!!!!! This is your main PVP skill, if you can try to sneak up on your target so they do not see you and cast this, or use Bind (it has a casting time of 5 second ouch) it will either kill them outright or bring em down so that you can finish them off with a Ruinous Zap. In PVE it is very useful, see a strong enemy? cast it and BOOM, they dead. But it tends not to work on higher lvled enemies unless maxed, and even then they like to fail.

Affliction-this one I am not that familiar with so any info will be helpful.

Envenom- Do not bother unless you have skill points to spare and cant find any real useful skill to put them in.

Sap- Optional, in PVP might be useful against warriors and scouts to slow them down so they cant reach you quick enough, but I would stick with Bind for that.

Enfeeble- Ehhhh not really sure on this one, if your a debuffer it would be helpful but if you like to make things go BOOM like me, probably not that useful.

Slumber- I am not sure about this one never used sleep, if anyone has let me know how it works.

Bind- MAX THIS!!!!! useful in both PVP and PVE, use it on someone and they cant move or do anything while you cast Astral Flare, PVE its useful if you accidentally take on more than you can handle or just do not want to take damage.

Corruption- Like enfeeble, might be useful if you like to debuff your enemies, but not useful to others.

Curse of the Flesh- The one non-Bind debuff every Arcanist should get, at earlier lvls it does not have that much of a noticeable difference, but at later lvls it will increase your and your parties damage ALOT!!!!


Rejuvenate- Ehhh, nice if you do not want to use healing potions all that much, and works nice with Mystic Surrender, but its an optional skill, you make things go BOOM, not heal things.

Teleport- Nice to put a couple of points so you can get to places you frequent quicker, maybe add more points as you get a higher lvl and have them to spare.

Mystic Veil- Ok, it has come to my attention that this is actually a useful skill, it will break a combo and you can cast Astral Flare with it on, this has gotten better in my opinion.

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