Legacy of the Dragons Money Guide

Legacy of the Dragons Money Guide (lv 3 – 5) by Lizardmen

Even if there are very fast methods to making money by paying,majority of players don’t want to spent real money in game.So here are some ways which any player can do:

if you are lvl 3-4
If you are level 3,you should take the experimental armor from Tungur’s Blacksmith@Ancestral Mountains.The armor lasts just 3 days,so be fast.Try to kill as much ashen spiders/demon hounds you can in 3 days,use elixirs ONLY if you really need them to win.However,if you need to much elixirs,try killing lvl 3 creatures with low hp,you can make even more than 3g in these 3 days and maybe some good drops.And don’t waste your time!Every minute is precious.I recommend to take the experimental armor in weekends,because than you have much more time.

If you already toke the experimental set(both lvl 3 and4) take the blessing of the warlord and an amulet of destruction/scroll of rock skin/elixir of wind(if you have some pieces of green(more probably)/blue armor) and try to hunt ashen spiders/demon hounds without elixirs of scrolls(keep some scrolls/elixirs in belt in case of joining of more monsters).Be careful at your combos,most of times use thirst of blood.

To make more economy you can hunt ashen spiders/demon hounds in groups,that will make you to don’t use elixirs.You can hunt in groups more powerful creatures,like veteran demon hounds,but you will need elixirs and scrolls(I recommend to use scrolls,they are much cheaper than potions)

Ashen Spiders/Demon Hounds:298hp,1-3silver and drops green weapons and chess pieces
Veteran Demon Hound/Veteran Berona/Ice Kakurt/Purple Zigred:451hp,3-8silver and drops green boots and chess pieces

if you are lvl 5
It’s very essential to do restoration of verstida statue first,it will require to hire someone with battle zorb for killing golems and the quest have 2 parts(so you must make 20 magic clays),that can cost more than 3g.And after you will need to pay for rage.But after paying this you can make even 10g in one rage!When you are in rage,you can drop evil eyes which are needed for hexes and BoV blessings,EEs are sold for 1g!Hunt weak monsters as Zombies,you can get eyes and if you’re quickly you can also make 3g only from monsters money drop!Btw. Bless of the warlord+amulet of destruction/scroll of rock skin/elixir of wind+rage are making a lethal combination!

Don’t waste your time by killing lvl 5 monsters with 400hp,better kill lvl 4 powerful monsters like vet.demon hound,you will get more money.For lvl 5 monsters with 400hp you will get around 3s,but when killing lvl 4 monsters with 451 hp you can get even 8s.

Orc Skeleton/Cave Athsi Bat etc.:400hp,2-4s and drops green boots and chess pieces
Veteran Demon Hound/Veteran Berona/Ice Kakurt/Purple Zigred:451hp,3-8silver and drops green boots and chess pieces

Derelict House
Do you have an item like a green weapon and are short on money?Visit Derelict House and get one worn,but you can make the money problem by selling your transferable one.Don’t forget you have to spent around 2g to make a raid in DH.There are also stashes which can drop good things.

Kretch Lair
Forget about bosses of Kretch Lair,they are very terrifying,Kretch Butcher have around 3800hp and the Spider have around 11000hp.The most useful thing in kretch lair is the corpse stash from the patriarch cave(forward->forward->Butcher Lair->Patriarch Cave).It drops good things:piles of papers,tarariquons,rare scrolls and the best you can get there are ragtikron leather and bubbly metal.Rag leather and Bub.metal can be sold for 1g.The hardest part reaching there is to pass from butcher lair,where are 80% chances to be attacked by a sentinel(451hp,lvl 4).To can pass from kretch lair you will need an elixir of speed and amulets to call.In Butcher Lair select a lonely sentinel and attack it(to avoid like others sentinel to attack you).If more sentinels join in fight,use your summons.

Temple/Crystalline Cave
If you want exp and valor here fight and do your objectives,but to make money you don’t need to win.Try to mine as much crystals as you can,there is a chance to find a crystalline coal which can be sold for 1g(for lvl 5 is needed at a quest which will give a rucksack and 3g/30 seekers rep)

It’s good to be organized,so choose some days when you work only on your profession.The highest profit will obtain alchemists,but they also need to invest some money in dusts.Sorcerers can also obtain a good profit.Jewelers and Fishermen can make money,investing only time by selling fishes and dusts.Always when put in auction sell your products at lower prices than you see normally in auction.

Tower@Plateau of Silence
Verify it daily it can drops good thing,such as bubbly metal and rag.leather,but most of times it drops useless thing.For players who can go on fay-go exists also another place which work like tower from plateau,Ruins@Haunted Place.

Invest in items
When you see a cheaper green armor buy it,when prices are higher try to sell them.You can also try to buy cheap items from trade chat and sell them for a bigger price in auction.

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