Legacy of the Dragons Derelict House Guide

Legacy of the Dragons Derelict House Guide by Arjuna

You can get the key for the Derelict House by completing the quest on Lvl 3. The Derelict House consists of five bosses, all of which are guaranteed to drop green, or occasionally blue, armour or weapons every time they are killed. There are also some stashes, which may or may not contain loot such as elixirs, bubbly metal, ragtikron leather, efril, rare scrolls of healing – or may contain curses or worthless items.

You need to form a party to enter the Derelict House of between 3 and 5 people. Not all the party actually needs to enter the House. You can re-enter as many times as you wish within a 12 hour period. After that, you can’t get a new instance for 48 hours after creating the instance before (ie when you entered the House).

Each door, with a few exceptions, in the Derelict House is guarded by door guards. This means that when you attempt to move into another room, you will get attacked by a group of four/five monsters. The door guards in the first few rooms are skeleton wraiths, at L3. However, they have over 600hp each. You can also get jumped during the transfer times at any place except the very first room, by regular mobs – resurrected skeletons (600+ HP) in the first rooms, then vampires of differing levels later on. These mobs can also join the door guard fights, and do so, regularly.

Once killed, the door guards do not respawn. But if you go back through a room, you might still get jumped by the remaining mobs within the room.

The easiest bosses to go for in the first trips to the Derelict House are the Cursed Knight and the Dead Wraith. You need several tigers to help kill them, depending on the size of your group and your strength.

The key to a successful house raid is organisation, communication and preparation. You need to get a good group together, everybody needs to understand that they are required to be at their computers for at least 2-3 hours, and you all need to agree in advance who gets what from the bosses. The Hunter’s Book tells you what bosses drop what items.

Be sure that everyone in your group takes sufficient resources. Agree this in advance. For a lvl 4 group (4-5 players) killing 3 bosses, each should take 10 tigers, 80-100 scrolls of healing, 9 scrolls of poison (for use on bosses) and 3 amulets of resurrection, to resurrect jumped members of the group.

The group leader needs to co-ordinate movement in the house by using the Instance Map and making sure all players know where they are going next. Move through doors all together at a ‘Go’ command – otherwise you will all end up fighting different mobs at the same time.

Make very sure the Leader changes the group settings to Leader distributes, so that the items dropped can be distributed to the player who needs them.

It is very difficult indeed to be successful in the House at Lvl 3. A full group (4-5 players) of Lvl fours can do the easiest 3 bosses without any need for restocking – assuming they can all summon tigers. It is very difficult to do the House with Bears.

If you disband the group while you are in the House, press location and you will all find yourselves at the exit. This is a useful way of getting out when you have finished without getting jumped. Make sure there are no undistributed items though!

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