Legacy of the Dragons Crystalline Caves Guide

Legacy of the Dragons Crystalline Caves Guide by Inouva

There have been guides written on the Crystalline Caves, also known as CC. I do however feel that each guide explains only a certain aspect or covers one ground of CC. For this reason I will try to make a large comprehensive guide to CC and what it involves as well as what you can expect, mixed in with a few unwritten rules that should be followed.

Both were well written guides and where Lil Magmara focused on the rules, Apocalypes focused more on the role of each member. I will try to incorporate both guides in this one as well as adding some of my own thoughts.

1st Time into the Crystalline Caves? What to Expect.

CC is the largest of the 3 battlefields. It can be seen as a large underground PvP arena and should be entered mainly by level 4s. You can expect to be placed in a team of 9 comrades against 9 of the enemy. The 1st thing you should do upon entering is to move to your respective crossroads(Southern for Magmars and Northern for humans). Open up your instance map to check where you need to go and follow instructions by more experienced players.

After this you should switch to your ‘Raid Channel’, which would be the last icon on your list of channels. This allows you to communicate with everyone on your team currently in the crystal caves with you. People should then alert you to whatever quests they have available and whether they will be mining or fighting. Strategies are also to be discussed in the raid channel. Groups which entered the CC together should remember to rather communicate in Raid channel and not in group channel as teamwork is essential. When you enter CC you should be prepared for a fight, whether you’re a miner or a fighter. A general rule of thumb if you get lost is that any northern passages from the crystal caves will lead towards humans base and any southern passages eventually lead to the magmar base.

Do NOT enter the CC if you know nothing about it, if you are severely injured or if you intend to go grab something to eat while the rest of the team works harder to have to win(Known as AFKing).

Be ready for CC
If you are reading this guide, as a newbie or as someone who has gone in once or twice, it shows that you are willing to learn more and will probably be a benefit to your team. I’m not going to tell you what kind of scrolls you should pack or how to use different elixirs. Fighting strategy is very much up to individual gameplay. Keep in mind though, to always be prepared with at least a few healing scrolls and potions. Don’t enter CC with nothing to keep you alive. You will end up handicapping your team.

Purpose of CC
Why would players want to go into CC? For quests? Valour? Scalps? Or simply out of curiosity? The answer would be all of the above. Curiosity is the worst motive for going into CC. You should always have a proper goal and stick to it. The main reason for CC and battlefields in general though, is valour. Killing the enemy will result in valour, completing Underground Knight quests will yield valour(lots) and enemy scalps will eventually be traded for valour.
Valour is in turn used to gain ranks suck as fighter, warrior, elite-warrior, champion and more. These ranks will enable you to buy rare items, amulets, weapons and armour from the Arsenal (Sponsored by the Underground Knights).

Crystals are what need to be gathered by miners for purposes of points, quests or both. Once they are collected they are taken back to the main base and deposited. Each crystal mined will take up one slot in your backpack. On rare occasions you will receive crystalline coal which can be used for quests or can be sold.
Green and Blue crystals are worth 2 points each. Red crystals are worth 3 points each. 500 points are needed to win a CC, or whichever team has more points than the other after time runs out will be awarded a victory.

Rules of Engagement
•Do NOT attack enemies as you see them. Check 1st to see if anyone else is fighting them, and if so, only join if asked to join. DO NOT join whenever you feel like it.

•Level 3 players should generally stay out of fights. They should have around 15 free bag slots and be ready to mine hard and fast.

•Level 4 players which intend to fight should be well geared with at least a defined character class (Dodger, heavyweight or Bonecrusher). Check:
Legacy of the Dragons General Guide for Lv 1 to 4 for more oon character classes and armour.

•Listen to experienced players who know the rules of CC and have high ranks. Work together and do NOT argue on the raid channel. Keep personal arguments in private.

•If experienced players ask you not to do something for one of their quests, listen to them. I will explain the quests shortly.

•Be well prepared as a fighter or miner. Especially if you intend on finishing a Feat of Agudar.

The Alters Explained
Alters are made for miners and fighters and should be taken only if you are wholly devoted to either mining or fighting.

An Alter of Power boosts hit-points and strength, making you hit harder and last longer in a fight. The drawback to this alter is that transfer times between areas is increased by 30 seconds, resulting in transfer times of 1minute 30 seconds per area. Pure fighters should take this alter.

An Alter of Lighting boosts transfer times by 100%, meaning that your transfer times between areas will only be 30 seconds. A major drawback to this is that during any battle you will lose 5hp every 5 seconds. Only a protected miner should take this alter.

The main roles of Different players on a team
A player can choose to help win a CC in many ways. Here is a brief description of the main roles.

Miners can be any level and do not have to be very well geared (although it helps). They should have at least 15 free slots and be prepared to mine quickly and efficiently. Miners are an essential part of a CC as they are the ones responsible for accumulating points. They do need protection though as the enemy will try to kill any miners they find. Miners are usually vulnerable due to low levels, bad armour or an Alter of Lightning boost. If a miner dies he/she will lose all crystals they are carrying.

Fighters can choose to block the enemies’ crossroads and tie as many enemy players as possible, defend allied miners or their crossroads, or hunt down enemy miners in other passages of the crystal caves. Fighting styles are up to individual fighters. Fighters should pack scrolls and potions in abundance in line with their style. Summons/Amulets are useful and are usually used in a CC. My personal preference is not to use amulets unless one is used on me. However this is solely up to individual needs of fighters. If amulets are used the best would be Amulets of Attack to be found in the Arsenal as these can be summoned on other players even if you are in battle.

Once a player dies he can make a quick run around the caves to check where the enemy is located and where other members of the team should go and will be needed. Ghosts should try to resurrect as soon as possible after scouting around as every able bodied teammate is always needed.
A CC should always have a well balanced team. Too many miners could result in a lack of protection and too many fighters could result in crystals not being gathered quickly enough. Fighters and Miners are therefore 2 sides of the same coin and both are essential for a good CC.

Underground Knights and CC related quests

Please remember that if you are on a starting quest to rather let those with Agudars Feats finish their quests first. They are much harder and require optimal teamwork.

Pre-Initiation quests for the Underground Knights

Quest 1: Gather 30 green crystals
Quest 2: Find a an underground knights signet within the Crystalline quests
Quest 3: Gather 35 Red and 35 Blue crystals(Does not need to be in a single run)
Quest 4: Win 3 CC engagements in a row

After the completion of the above quests you will be accepted into the Underground Knights and be given 5 of Agudars Feats of Valour to complete. Only those relating to the CC will be mentioned.

Agudars 1st Feat of Valour: Win 6 engagements of CC in a row.
Agudars 2nd Feat of Valour: Gather 113 green crystals in a single CC run
Agudars 3rd Feat of Valour: Destroy the guards in the enemy base camp and bring ‘Imonyan of Cave Sentry’ (10 pieces) to the keeper of the underground knights.

Agudars feats are a challenge and are much harder than the 3 quests required for initiation. If members of a CC are busy with one of these quests you would be well advised to follow their instructions.

I hope this guide helps and leads to a better understanding of The Crystalline Caves. Best of luck to all!

This is my 2nd Guide, please check my 1st guide for a general look at everything:
Legacy of the Dragons General Guide for Lv 1 to 4


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