Ikariam Finances and Gold Guide

Ikariam Finances and Gold Guide by Liarya

Each citizen gives 3 per hour. This means that you will need more citizens if you want to earn more (You get more citizens through more satisfaction. You can get more satisfaction through a tavern or a museum)

Each scientist costs 9 per hour. Some researches like letter chute reduce the cost of scientists.

Each worker costs 3 per hour. (The actual reason is that you loose a citizen who’s paying taxes and so you’ll earn 3 gold less for every worker)

Each military unit costs hourly – how much depends on the type of the unit. You can find more information in your barracks.

*IMPORTANT*: The upkeep of your units will be divided among all of your cities – proportionally to the population-size. Relevant to you is only the entire finance result -> it will be shown if you click on the gold icon in the top left of the game

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